Shokk - the badass dual wielding Stormrend Axe with double Primal Strike lightning fiesta

Build Link

I was always intrigued by the Stormrend axe ability that allows you to use the Primal Strike skill with a one handed weapon.
The other factor that came to light that if dual wielding 2 of these Stormrend’s then Primal Strike activates off BOTH of them. I tried a few builds around this and all were very lackluster, until this one.

I chose to go the Elementalist route for my build,
My initial attempts were a little hit and miss as an Elementalist can be a very squishy build at the best of times.
The base damage for the Primal Strike on the 2 Stormrends is initially very impressive, but without decent Resist Reduction it can fall very flat, especially against enemies that have high Lightning resistance and the Elementalist does not have that many survival skills to start with.

I ended up using combinations of the below skill base …


Primal Strike : No brainer - MAX out to take advantage of dual weapons triggering the skill.
Stormcaller’s Pact : Usefull lightning damage booster.
Wind Devil : MAX out as a much needed enemy Resist Reduction.
Mogdrogons’ Pact : No brainer - best health and survival skills of a Shaman.


Blast Shield : MAX as a circuit breaker to prevent most one shot or extreme damage hits.
Stun Jacks : MAX for increased damage and stun ability.
Vindictive Flame : More stun and attack damage to health conversion.


As you can see the DPS is very high, but beware of enemies with high Lightning resists.

This is a very fun build that fills the screen with extreme Lightning damage using the 2 Stormrend axes. It is not a tank and discretion of when to kite or stand your ground needs to be managed. ie. “Fight or Flight”. I do not play Crucible or SR and have only run in Campaign.

I am sure this build can also be optimized as well. I am not the worlds best theory crafter and am very open to suggestions on improvements to the build I may have missed. My build is all self found, I do not use GD Stash or any other tools to create items.


seriously? 2300oa & 2600da & 22physical resist???

The OP already said this is his “fun” build not endgame build, this build only do main game strolling. He even did say that he doesnt do SR or Cruci. I dont know how is your day today but keep being a dick around people build post, suggesting weird shit and correcting people ( some do really have good infor ) not gonna make you a superstar in this forum


Does indeed look fun. That’s the value I rate highest in a build - FUN. I’ve only got one of those axes in stash, I was actually waiting to get two to do something similar to this. Please post a video link if you have one, I’d love to see this thing in action.

I agree, the name of the game is FUN. I have 41 toons will all sorts of combination builds of which 75% are level 100. While it is nice to run around like Iron Man or the Hulk, sometimes it is fun and more skillful to play like Dr. Strange or Daredevil. Not sure if these video links will work. I tried Dropbox in the past, but it has a limit. I have just done 2 short ones at the moment using Kapwing for the first time. Training dummy and kill Cronley.

If these work okay I can post some longer ones against the bigger bosses in the campaign.

Some new video posts using the Kapwing site.
If this works, then this may be an easy way to link game recordings to Discord.

To dispel a few comments about this toons’s assumed underwhelming DA and OA and abilities, I have attached a Fleshworks run.
He can survive and also deal a bagload of damage.

Entering the Fleshworks …
Shokk handles those notorious Aetherflame regenerateors and other big bad boys with ease.

Theodin 1
His first phase is also easy - your Blast Shield will kick in and he just dies to shock.

Theodin 2 and 3
Second phase is easy, it is the third phase that becomes a threat.

The third phase can be very dangerous if you are not attentive!
In this phase it is best to use the “Fight or Flight” mechanics of this toon.
Charge in and deal extreme danmage and then when you are taking strain, do the sensible thing like “GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THERE”.
As you watch in the links my health went down badly a few times in that last phase.
I was focusing on the recording and my attention was distracted, but no excuse, the Blast Shield was on cooldown, so no other option but to kite and chug a few potions.
Normally this toon just cake walks Theodin in seconds in the 3rd phase.

This build is obviously not complete yet and as you can see from the videos that my Devotion skills are still increasing and the gear I have is not the optimal, but it the best self found stuff I have so far.
I know some players use GDStash to design and max out a toon to be virtually unbeatable in both SR and Crucible. While I have no issue with this, I prefer the classic self found method as opposed to “LET ME USE A TOOL TO CREATE A GOD CHARACTER”.

All in all Grim Dawn caters for Classic, Theory Crafters, Casual Cheaters and any other combo you can think about,
Grim Dawn is yours and you can play any godamm way you want to.