=DTM=Sammy (Samurai) here

Hi folks, hello Elders.

How is everyone?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Do we have any =DTM= elders here, such as =DTM=Ace, =DTM=Gnatrat, =DTM=Deman, …?
How can I get in touch with them, please?

I miss the =Dragon Talon Marauder= bunch, looking to re-establish contact…

Before forum switch to Discourse there were ranks based on number of comments. In this forum you can reach status of forum regular, which unlocks few things like creating new tags for example. Also there’s different category for forum developers, staff and testers.

PS, welcome to the forum from me!

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That has nothing to do with his query Nery. There were never such titles on the old forum. I assume they’re from a different game and he’s trying to connect with old players of that game - which may or may not be similar to GD. No one here using DTM except for the OP.

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Old accounts still have the ranks but new ones can’t get? LoL I was wondering why still I don’t have them. Like you have ‘‘Herald’’ near your name.

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Yup, Discourse don’t support them and apparently they can’t be removed easily enough, so old members are stuck with these titles.

@medea_fleecestealer sorry for the comment, apparently I misunderstood the question, my bad.

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Thank you all for the info.

I ended up here due to a specially named person: DTMAce.

I was hoping to get in contact again with the old bunch.
And =DTM=Ace… could be the link to the old clan…

I hope you can bring me in contact with Elder Ace… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no, because they haven’t joined up to the new forum here. We changed platforms in May last year due to some hackers causing problems so everyone needed to log in again. There’s no trace of him under DTMAce or Ace so I don’t even know if he ever posted anything other than that intro.

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Thank you very much, good sir!

If you see System as the username then that indicates that the original poster hasn’t joined the forum since the move.