Dual Hound Vitality Pet Conjurer

What if a vitality pet cabalist and an elemental pet conjurer fell in love and had a baby? I think it’d look a little something like this toon… :stuck_out_tongue:

As mentioned in this thread, I’ve tried the Lost Souls set on a bunch of combinations with conjurer (and Death Knight and Ritualist and Pyromancer, and Defiler, and… :smiley: :smiley: ). The other somewhat decent combo for a conjurer (imo) is vitality dmg.There are very pet-friendly conversions that work for any of the big three pet masteries that convert phys and elemental to vitality. I use the rings, arms, and belt here to do just that.

All in all this build is middle of the road. It gets the job done, can farm SR, main game is no issue for it. But, there are certainly better ways to build a conjurer, still, this one is fun, capable, and a little different.

Under 4 min to drop Ravager, nothing special but not too shabby either.

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