-Beware of Dogs- Dual Hound Chaos Pet Conjurer (these dogs bite!) ~3 min Ravager, ~20 sec Lokarr

Some that play with me know I have an unhealthy obsession with making this set work on a conjurer. :smiley: I’ve tried a lot of different combos, dual wield fire, dual wield elemental, vitality, chaos, and some in-between’s. Is this better than a proper dual briar Nature’s Call Regalia build? Nah. But, it is farmable, and it isn’t bad at all. Easy SR75 farmer, though the toon is too squishy to go for deep SR by itself. The pets are like, “Go Go Go GOOOO!!!” The toon is like, “Let’s take some breaks…” :slight_smile: Though, things do change a bit if I use a unicorn DR on the feet (Stoneplate Greaves w/Taskmaster and of the Wild affixes… aether, chaos, and elemental resist for pets, this allows me to go nuts with Mog Blessing’s on the jewelry), but I wanted to a realistic version to post, so here it is:

Pet resists

A couple of fights:

Doggies vs Lokarr

Doggies vs. Ravager

Just trying something different. :slight_smile:

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lol, I cant see shit with all those numbers and texts floating around your screen.
You know that you can toggle all that shit off, right?

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