Dual Talent

Hi I would like to ask or advise that for the developers to implement the swichable talent tree system like in the WOW or any other games.
I really like this difficult tallent system but the two different caracter type allow as a tons of possibility to play.
For example I have a Battlemage (soldier\archanist) When I play solo, I like to play as archanist and DPS but I often play grup and I must be a tank.
I do not want to grow a new Battlemage to play as tank so I need to retallent all the time but I have problem with the mastery also. That is why I can suggest you to implement this features.
There are tons of Support\DPS tank\DPS combo.
I hope this idea will be useful.

The thing is the game ISN’T an MMO with tank / healer/ support classes, has never been designed as an MMO based around these class styles and will never have this complete change of game unless someone else makes a complete mod for the game.

This game isn’t WOW or any other WOW type clone and for that I’m damn glad as I wouldn’t have supported this at all.

Please if you want to play some WOW clone then please go and find one, don’t expect Grim Dawn to reverse its entire design principle just to become yet another bland boring MMO…as it was NEVER designed to be an MMO with these classes and support classes.

Basically if you want to play a WOW style game…then please go and find one and don’t expect GD to change its entire design to become yet another faceless WOW style clone.

Hack n’ slash rpg’s existed way before WOW and copying WOW isn’t a good way to make your game interesting and stand out

You can use GD Defiler to make these changes to your character. I’m not sure if GDStash can do that or not - but you can read the thread.

Also, check the Utilities and Resources forum and see if other tools might do this as well.

I highly doubt the devs would implement your requested features.

THX MR captain JACNET obvious, I know it is not an MMO I just want to give an example. I know about the tool to modify my skills and masteries but I really do not want to pay an hour to switch role when my friends come to play multi.
My personal opinion is that you are wrong. This game has roles and really funny to protect your squishy friends with a tanky character who has lower damage than full dps’.
Its a hack and slash ok I accepted, but I think it is not an extreme feature which kill the spirit of the game.

I couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:

You still can build different characters(thats the main thing of GD anyways) and then use which one you want to play at any time. It’s just not the same char then…
And I disagree with the last sentence, imho it would be a HUGE alteration of the game mechanics.