[Tool] GD Stash

Infinite stash tool for Grim Dawn.

GD Stash is written in Java and stores all items in a database, so it truly is unlimited. It also reads the information from database.arz into its own tables, so it does not always have to decode them after the initial setup.


Download Version 1.6.0k from ModDB
Download Version 1.6.0k Windows 32 bit executable from ModDB

Download Version 1.6.0k from Nexusmods

  • Import necessary information from Grim Dawn’s files
  • Mass import items from the shared stash and characters to the internal DB (upload a directory with many stash and characters files at once)
  • Transfer items between the shared stash and GD Stash
  • Transfer items between the characters and GD Stash
  • Export and import all stored items in a custom format for backup purposes
  • Overview of collected / missing items
  • Custom crafting of items (select item, prefix, suffix, etc.)
  • Editing of some character information



Transfer items between shared stash and DB

Edit character data


Collection Overview

Different Looks


Version 1.60

  • New screens added to edit a char’s skills or analyze the masteries of a mod
  • Improved handling for mods with a custom campaign (e.g. Reign of Terror)

Version 1.52

  • Support for items with two damage type conversions added

Version 1.51

  • Riftgate and shrine of GD added

Version 1.50

  • New Set Collection page added

Version 1.44

  • The shared stash cannot be edited while GD is running when using cloud save to prevent corruption
  • Minor improvements & fixes

Version 1.43

  • Displays additional set completion info

Version 1.42

  • Minor improvements & fixes
  • Changes to ARC extraction logic to accommodate Grimarillion / Grim Quest

Version 1.41

  • Support for illusion file format

Version 1.40

  • Support for Forgotten Gods added

Version 1.30a

  • Support for the latest FG char format
  • Cataclysm’s potion template added

Version 1.30

  • Item selection can now select by bonuses for / modifiers to any skill of a mastery

Version 1.29

  • Support for char file format
  • No longer allows saving of cloud chars while Grim Dawn is running

Version 1.28

  • Search for soulbound / non-bound items
  • Copy to clipboard copies selected items from the result table only, if any are selected
  • Support for JTattoo Look & Feels added

Version 1.27

  • Projectile Pass Through attribute shown and searchable
  • Im-/Export page allows the selection of stored items for export
  • ARC loading logic has been improved, uses less RAM

Version 1.26

  • A mastery can now be completely refunded

Version 1.25

  • Item search by damage type can now combine the types with AND (items need to match all types) or OR (items need to match at least one type)

Version 1.24

  • Read support for te GD Item Assistant file format

Version 1.23

  • Items can be searched by skill modifiers

Version 1.22

  • Items now show set bonuses
  • Blueprint export fixed

Version 1.21

  • Support for the upcoming GD char format
  • Search items by energy cost reduction
  • Item skills show what triggers them

Version 1.20

  • Support for vanilla stashes and chars created by the expansion added
  • New setting on Config page to hide Crafting and Char Editor pages

Version 1.19

  • Blueprints can be added to the formulas file

Version 1.18

  • Fixes and improvements

Version 1.17

  • Export collected uniques to clipboard, for trade forums posts

Version 1.16

  • More support for the expansion (skill modifiers)
  • Minor improvements

Version 1.15

  • More support for the expansion (illusions)

Version 1.14

  • More support for the expansion (rifts, shrines, factions)
  • Minor fixes

Version 1.13

  • Basic support for the upcoming expansion, the expansion data is now being read
  • Reworked the data import logic due to this

Version 1.12

  • Support for the upcoming GD stash format

Version 1.11

  • Support for the upcoming GD char format
  • Minor improvements

Version 1.10

  • Some rework of how the tool stores GD data
  • Minor improvements

Version 1.09

  • Search screen: New parameters for item skills, Chance to Avoid Melee and Chance to Avoid Projectiles
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.08

  • ‘Configuration’ screen: New setting ‘Total Conversion Mod’, skips processing of Grim Dawn’s database.arz during import
  • Search screen: additional search criteria added (Resistance Reduction, increased max. resistances, damage conversion)

Version 1.07

  • ‘Char Editor’ screen: Some stats Grim Dawn tracks for achievements are now displayed
  • ‘Char Editor’ screen: When entering the level and pressing <return>, the XP and available stat and skill points are adjusted
  • ‘Char Editor’ screen: When entering the XP and pressing <return>, the level and available stat and skill points are adjusted

Version 1.06

  • Lore Notes now show their text
  • Crucible Token Points can be edited

Version 1.05a

  • 32bit Java VM supported
  • + to all skills added as an item search criteria

Version 1.05

  • Bonus XP added as an item search criteria
  • + to Skill / Mastery added as an item search criteria
  • Bugfix in support of editing Devotion skill levels (Healing Rain)

Version 1.04

  • Editing of Devotion skill level added
  • Fixed display of skill bonuses for items where the skills have several levels (e.g. regular epic vs. empowered epic)

Version 1.03

  • Support for modded stashes added

Version 1.02b

  • Adds support for char save format
  • Improved support for ARC format

Version 1.02

  • Improved mod support during database import. Entries to import are identified by their template, not path.
  • Collection screen now has scrollbars

Version 1.01

  • Improved database import to require less memory, still requires a 64 bit JVM (due to a bug in Oracle’s 32 bit JVM)
  • Bugfixes in support for Spears and Staffs

Version 1.00

  • Mod support: A mod can now be specified on the config page. Each mod needs to be imported separately and stores its items separately to avoid conflicts
    [li] Mod support: a stash now retains all items and an item retains its attributes (e.g. prefix), even if the currently loaded database does not support that item[/li]If the item is unknown, it will not be shown. If an attribute of the item is unknown, the attribute will not be shown but will be kept.
  • Items now have a transparent background, which allows them to be colored by rarity
  • Support for the current format added

Version 0.99g

  • minor bugfix, fixed the two swapped rift gates
  • minor fix, if the stash to load cannot be found, the first stash in the list is loaded instead

Version 0.99d

  • Char Editor: faction reputation added
  • Modded chars and stashed are being read Only edit them if you know the mods are compatible with the vanilla game as the mods cannot yet be loaded
  • New config setting, copy/move items from the DB to the stash / char
  • The tool’s data is now stored in the user directory, not the program directory, to avoid conflicts with Window’s restrictions
  • The tool’s configuration is now saved in an ini file (before it was in the tool’s database), part of ongoing work for mod-support
  • Char Editor: the +/- increments are now read from database.arz, part of ongoing work for mod-support

Version 0.99c

  • Shrines can be edited
  • New button to delete all items from a page added

Version 0.99b

  • bugfixes for editing attribute points

Version 0.99

  • Riftgates can be edited
  • minor tweaks and bugfixes

Version 0.98

  • Equipped items are now also displayed and can be copied to the stash (not moved)
  • Fixed two issues with loading chars
  • minor tweaks and bugfixes

Version 0.97c

  • bugfixes

Version 0.97

  • Transfer of items from characters to GD Stash now possible, except for equipped items
  • Some character data is editable
  • Program saves which shared stash (SC / HC) was opened last and opens that by default
  • Item categorization updated to logic
  • Celestial blacksmith bonuses supported
  • minor tweaks and bugfixes

Version 0.96b

  • bugfixes
  • Transfer page: new buttons to import an entire stash page

Version 0.96

  • bugfixes
  • search item for pet bonuses (all bonuses at once, no distinction)

Version 0.95

  • bugfixes

Version 0.94

  • Transfer page: Search has been improved, for this additional information needed to be added to the internal stash table. The table is being converted as part of the next DB import.
  • Transfer page: Stackable items are now being stacked. Items already in the stash are being stacked as part of the next DB import.
  • Buttons now have hotkeys (press ALT + hotkey)

Version 0.93

  • bugfixes

Version 0.92

  • [li] bug for components, relics and some other items created on the Crafting page fixed, they should now be fully recognized by GD[/li] This is retroactive for items imported to GD Stash from an older stash format which did not have this information in its file format
    All items of the current format imported to GD Stash were already correctly passed to the shared stash
  • stacks and partial components now show their count
  • image of partial components now is the partial component
  • German translation, thanks FOE !
  • Transfer and Crafting page: when hovering over the image, the item is automatically selected and its details displayed

Version 0.91

  • stash format version 3 now also supported (read only)
  • relaxed stash loading checks. If an ID is not found, it gets removed (e.g. prefix, suffix, completion bonus), or the item is removed in case of the item ID
  • localization zips now work correctly, some database fields have increased in size to accommodate the longer texts. This means you will have to import again to create the tables in their new format.
  • search and filter popups now retain their selections and have scroll bars (for users with low resolution)
  • Transfer page: components are being shown in the result
  • Transfer page: when deleting an item from GD Stash, it will also be removed from the result list
  • Crafting page: when filtering affixes, the selected item affixes are kept, even when they do not meet the filter criteria
  • Collection page: the table now is sortable
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Been stuck in the moderation queue for a bit, so never made it to the ‘latest topics’ sidebar.

Do want !

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This looks amazing mamba!

Ooh - looking forward to this. TQ Vault made a huge difference to my enjoyment of TQ as I tried in vain to collect 100% of items.

Lovely and thank you for the effort in developing this!

Prepare for a mass of whining over that crafting feature though :wink:

Java, really ???

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If I get it right custom crafting is that you can make an item with prefix and affix that you chose to? Well than in this case this option is bad… as it is almost equal to a cheat because you can simply wish for and item and simply get it without any effort. :eek:

it has already begun :wink:

Yes, prefix, suffix, blacksmith bonus, completion bonus, as applicable

I see no difference to hex-editing (simple up to B24, file format still is supported too) or the longer approach of mass-crafting 1000s of items until the right one drops.

It makes it faster than the mass-crafting and simpler than the hex-editing, but it is not doing anything that is not already being done today.

At least I am not allowing any bonus on any item (uniques, 2h bonuses on 1h weapons) yet, something you can do with hex-editing :wink:

I mean at least change the ui to the windows one --
anyway, looks cool except for the ui, its larger than my laptop screen .

I wonder if the devs will stop converting b24 transfer files into b26 ones now… :stuck_out_tongue: (thats why they changed it, after all)

I’m guessing this won’t get released? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: wait this can’t read B26 format – correct?

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Oh no, you shouldn’t have shown something that would add convenience to our game play. Now some dev going to go and change file formats again :eek:

god forbid someone might end up with something useful >_<

then I might as well change everything to C# :wink:

Java UIs are not inherently any bigger than Windows ones though, the same UI would have the same size on Windows too. Admittedly it currently is a bit larger than I would want it to be, but it fits in 1920x1080 without too much hassle. I can also still squeeze out some space by not having everything align for symmetry reasons (will probably have to change that a bit for the larger screens).

Worst case the screens get scrollbars or are broken up into more than one, e.g. have a popup for the selection parameters and result list and only once you have selected an item, go back to the previous screen.

As to why Java, because I know it better than C# and I am certainly not going to use any other than those two. As Java also comes with a DB built in, that was another point in its favor.

I wonder if the devs will stop converting b24 transfer files into b26 ones now… :stuck_out_tongue: (thats why they changed it, after all)

I highly doubt it

I’m guessing this won’t get released? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going back and forth on that, as i cannot read B26, it currently would mostly be for the crafting part, which I do not really want to be the primary feature

edit: wait this can’t read B26 format – correct?

not yet, that is a matter of time, not of principle, might take a while though (ie after the official release)

Nah, the devs are cool with that, just look at the trade and savegame threads

Then why are transfer files encrypted as of B25?

I think some people did some edits and then reported bugs?

I assume this is more to not have issues from failed hacks during beta testing.

If they were not, then why would they offer to help me with the format once the game is released ?

then I might as well change everything to C# :wink:

how come? changing it to windows look is one line of code, it is basically free. do you think swing looks better than the windows UI, on windows? in that case, go ahead, otherwise the cost of changing is small (maybe you’d have to move elements a few pixels)

Java UIs are not inherently any bigger than Windows ones though, the same UI would have the same size on Windows too.

I think the opposite is mostly true(i.e. windows ui elements are bigger than swing) I think are almost the double the height. but the point is, it looks nicer since it is the same theme with rest of the OS :stuck_out_tongue:

as for the ui, it doesn’t have to be this big. item information could be tooltip, search results can be displayed in the same way as your inventory etc., but the worst case its just a fullscreen app and I can live with that, didnt mean this as a big thing :slight_smile:

Great work mamba!

ah, that is what you meant, yeah, I might do that. The layout is dynamic anyway, so there is nothing I have to layout differently either way

I think the opposite is mostly true(i.e. windows ui elements are bigger than swing) I think are almost the double the height. but the point is, it looks nicer since it is the same theme with rest of the OS :stuck_out_tongue:

might as well make it configurable :wink:

as for the ui, it doesn’t have to be this big. item information could be tooltip, search results can be displayed in the same way as your inventory etc., but the worst case its just a fullscreen app and I can live with that, didnt mean this as a big thing :slight_smile:

it is a little bigger than I wanted, so the buttons might become a toolbar etc. All of that is simple anyways.

Search results are a list already (a table). the table takes up as much space as there is available, so as far as size is concerned it is the UI element I have to worry about the least :wink: