[Dual-Wield Lightning] Amarasta's Savage Assault - Lightning based Savagery/ABB Trickster

With Crate finally adding support for Tricksters via Korba Set, the concept of Lightning Tricksters got overshadowed greatly. This guide is meant to present that concept. This build has changed a great deal since vanilla days, for the better I might add.

Grimtools -

Trickster - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p2554qx2

*Screenshot with Pneumatic Burst, Lethal Assault and Tenacity of the Boar


Why not go with Tempest?

Tempest probably is better than Leviathan. I just wanted to retain the Lightning Whirlpool from vanilla days so went with it.

How does it compare to Maelstrom?

I personally prefer the Maelstromover this. Mainly because I personally dislike temporary flat damage buffs on auto-attackers.

Why not use Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth?

It’s a sheet DPS increase (boosts sheet DPS to 100k+) but to me it felt slower in terms of performance. I lost a considerable chunk of attack speed slowing down my overall build performance which is weird tbh.

Why not use Mythical Light’s Defender gloves?

Purely for the proc on the non mythical one.

In Closing -

I like the idea of Cold to Lightning conversion but the lack of attack speed on crucial conversion weapons is rather disappointing to me personally.
I personally enjoyed this build quite a bit, hope you guys do so as well.


Reserved for later

try hosting pics

love the concept of the build, also nice to mention the other possibilities, sure it will give us some cool ideas :slight_smile:

I want to but which hosting service?

And TY :slight_smile:

I add Concept extension to most of my builds or mention something in “In Closing” section

www.hostingpics.net :stuck_out_tongue:

its the service name actually xD

Oh :slight_smile:

I will try it out. It’s in French let’s hope Google translate doesn’t suck

I can recommend imgsafe. It’s what I use and never fails me

Great concept. i’m particularly keen on dual spark of ultos for this and even other build combos. Good stuff:p

i wonder … could you explain why not taking stormcaller pact ?

Oops, GrimcCalc mistake. Sorry half my attention is on images, there could be other mistakes. Give me some time to fix this.
I hate imgur now :furious:

This is what I like to see on this forum! builds with damage converting item, hehe

but, why no stormcaller’s pact?

NVM, I’m a little late :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Fluff

And also and especially for the image service cause Google translate on that other website was a little tedious for me

Thanks Thrasheur and Argur for the website i will keep it in mind in the event if imagesafe fails me as well

Surprised no one noticed this is my first guide that i updated right away :slight_smile:
Rather than making you guys wait “5 minutes” :rolleyes:

oh ok xD sure its np man, aint in rush :wink:
and thanks for (another) great build, how many now ?
i mean we should call you thousand builds guy xD

I suggest using 3 pieces of Light defender… gloves, helm and shoulders for better DA and defensive in general, also plus skills in shaman

Why would i need more defense? :eek:

I suggest you wait for the screens. Stupid Image safe says my file size exceeds their max capacity when the individual file limit is 20 MB and my file is 2 MB:furious:

I’m testing it… looks good cause u don’t lose that much damage for the exchange…
But I’ll keep tuned here to see the pics, for sure :cool:

Guide updated


I think this is my 19th build

Thanks for your suggestion of hostingpics.net


Guide updated, Pics added and GrimCalc fixed

79% chaos resist…fail build :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Just kidding…

I don’t have any of the good rares, so my OA and DA are lower and damage too, but it´s working, also my devotions are yet level 1 but I’m having no problems, this guy is very tanky… I’ll update when I find more good stuff

Interested as well, cause i’d love a non-Ultos lightning shaman. They require effort but are totally worth the effort