[Dual-Wield Lightning] Amarasta's Savage Assault - Lightning based Savagery/ABB Trickster

thanks man, will check this one asap, i have a (lame) sleeping trickster somewhere ^^

best part here is getting rid of that big ugly head of ultos:rolleyes:

cant wait to put my magical touches on yours and have fun with it:p

I really like your idea about using a couple of Ultos spark to dot conversion.
Can you tell me the biggest dot damage from this character that you observed?

I wish we saw build with Aetherstorm Amulet and Temporal Tempest)

Yeah it makes the character look like a hobo

You just had to make it weird, didn’t you?

No idea

Sorry i don’t really pay attention to DoTs. How do i check it on dummies?
I mean flat hit is sometimes too high.

Is there anyway to get Raging Tempest into the build for even more reduced resists? Or just not enough points to go around?

Raging Tempest is a newb trap, never go for that skill on any build. It is a flat debuff like Elemental Storm so it will never stack with other flat debuffs. And the duration of RR is too low, they need to buff raging tempest or remove the modifier it’s a joke of a skill

Oh I didnt know it didnt stack. I assumed the duration would be offset by being applied so often, but I guess not. Thanks for the advice.

This build needs better base OA and DA. Its pretty fragile and even a small group of mini bosses can kill it. Damage is good but not amazing.

-Savagery is my LMB and ABB is my DPS source. Savagery Charges and ABB are supposed to remain up all the time. And i care more for the effective performance.

-What small group of mini-bosses can kill it, i am genuinely curious. Cause besides the Queen’s shotgun none of her attacks could kill it and i facerolled Fabius so i am sure you’re doing something wrong here
Not claiming this build is unkillable but kinda curious what Mini-Boss team can kill it

-Damage isn’t amazing, yeah sorry couldn’t hit 200k on an unusual build with little to no actual game support :slight_smile:

Here are 2 videos. The first one I do not die to the mini bosses but I get darn well close. I had to use bloodthirster for this. Shouldn’t really happen with a good build to be honest. I show all my MI gear so you know that I have the same stuff as you. The second video I get wrecked by Loghorrean before I can even react. In both videos I keep the uptime of ABB and use wendigo totem.

Vid 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrrybpeCrSA

Vid 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3rNdasrtww

I’ve been taking heavy damage even from trash mobs at some points in the game as well. Not saying this is a bad build. It puts out good damage, is pretty fun, but is very fragile. Suggestions?

Have you considered maybe you don’t know how to play the build?

Cause there literally is something with builds and that is called being familiar with them and i doubt you are

Booting up a test character doesn’t really make you an expert on a build

And trust me none of the builds posted here by me are straightforward

LoL you are trying to face tank his puke attack which will melt you pretty quickly. I mean you see he’s about to do the puke attack and yet you still run right on it and bath in it.
And on the 1st video that’s 1 of the 2 hardest shrines to complete.

You have real good internet i give you that.

Fuck me, I can’t watch that stuff so quickly

Whose puke attack? Log’s acid shotgun?

yeah, you see Log do the animation showing he is going to do it, and then he runs right in anyways

That’s like trying use Targo’s Hammer (pre-nerf) to shotgun yourself against Rashalga

@wordlife sounds to me you have an issue with your hp bar moving

I’ve face-tanked that “puke attack” on other builds with no problem. And by not knowing how to play the build…how hard could it be other than pressing buttons and knowing the abilities? I play other builds with the same abilities, and i know how to use them and in what situations.

Yes there are builds that can face tank the puke attack, but they are built to be able to. You waited to long to drop wendigo totem so it never actually healed you. You didn’t use blade barrier even tho it was off cooldown.
And to make it worse you used Pneumatic Burst as you were walking in while Log was doing the animation letting you know the puke attack was coming.
This was just horribly played all together.
This dual wield build isn’t a tank and you wasted/didn’t use all 3 of your healing abilities, yet expected a different outcome.

Sorry but this is on you, not the build.

I used pneumatic burst before going in for a DA boost, but that’s besides the point. Yes I could have played it better, but I shouldn’t be using blade barrier against Log, hes not a monster I have problems with. I shouldn’t be using bloodthirster against mini bosses. Those are signs that like in my initial post, means that this build is flawed and needs work. It’s just too fragile. It’s not a top tier build.

you didn’t need to refresh pneumatic burst it was still active, could have waited until puke started falling.
I haven’t played this build personally but from watching your video it would have easily killed Log if you would have played with half a brain.
Health regen is only 297 on this build which means you didn’t have the defences to face tank the puke, especially when Pneumatic Burst is on cooldown and you wait until right before you die to drop wendigo totem.

Not all builds are going to be super sturdy face tanking machines, especially DW in patch as alot of their tankiness was nerfed.
I’m sure when you use the tools properly this build is a bit more sturdy then you made it look.