DW build so low damage

I know from before that pierce and cold Nigthblade build with weapon pool skills was not great, but now is so bad. Except from physical damage with cadence you can’t make melee build. What’s on earth cadence with one hand weapon make triple more physical damage.
My blademaster with 11k health and with pneumatic burst, blade barrier and 3 devotion skills for health restore die so easy and make damage so little 4-5 average, has The Deathmark set and has 190% attack speed mainly is pierce and cold damage base. How will I play hit and run, but how with so little damage, it is 100% nonviable solutions for end game, blade spirits kill faster than me:furious:.
Devotion I choose: Giant Blood, Gloulish Hunger, Turtle Shell, Tree of life, Ulo the Keeper of the Waters

you devotion set-up is also pretty defensive. Go more offensive and you’ll kill faster. Also once lvl max you will most likely have night’s chill maxed to reduce ennemies resistances even more.

I forgot to mention I die like joke 2-3 heroes in one room I will be dead in no time

Why didn’t you spec into Oleron’s Might? Seems the logical thing to do.

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Defensive devotions (which you dont need at all), Night Chill dont maxed, no Whirling Death, no Oleron’s Rage, no ADCTH and probably low OA too.
Why do you wonder?

BTW. you’ve choosen the most gear-dependant build.
If you want not so gear-dependant DW build - choose Saboteur. Or WitchHunter.

Since you have the full deathmarked set, look at one of the many blademaster guides on this forum for an idea of what your build should look like. The three HUGE things that stick out for me are: no olerons rage, nights chill not maxed, and you picked defensive devotions when you should have chosen offensive ones.

Is gonna help Oleron Rage because I don’t have physical and trauma damage at all, I only have pierce and cold damages +%, I have around 2000 OA?
Night chill how the -% resistance work, is it mean from all resistance lets say my enemy have 200% cold resistance and night chill is -50% resistance at end my enemy will have 100% cold resistance or my enemy will have 200%-50% = 150% cold resistance. If it mean the second case that is not will be a great help, I think but I will try to maximize.
And I don’t know how to help with defense, it so easy to kill me.

I don’t know exactly how resist reduction works, someone else can answer that, but I do know it provides the biggest damage boost in the game. Take everyone’s word for it, and max night’s chill. Oleron’s Rage is for offensive ability, so keep it at 12. Also, what is your attack damage converted to heath at? If you need to, put two haunted steel in your weapons.

As far as the devotion set up goes you could try something alike that :

You could start there! And move things around as you like or as needed. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve taken Owl devotion, mainly because of the ‘‘reduced reflect’’, but i guess you could go with Harpy.

Resistance reduction depends on the wording, -XX% (these stack, like night’s chill and Assassin’s Blade Devotion ability) and reduced by n (here only the highest instance applies, but stacks with -XX%) lower the resistance of your enemy by the stated amount. So if you have -33% from night’s chill and -33% from assassin’s blade + the reduced by 25 from Black Star of Deceit and your enemy had 80% pierce resist before that, he now has -11% Pierce resistance. If you now also have a source of reduced enemy resistance by X% (here also only the highest instance applies), like the Essence of Ch’thon Augment, this applies after the two other ones. In this case it is 15%, so you would have to multily the -11% by 1.15 for a total of -12.65% Pierce resistance. If you enemy still had positive resistances, you would have to multiply them with 0.85.

For your survivability issues, try to get your resistances as high as possible, put points in War cry to reduce enemy damage and get more offensive devotions. Dead monsters don’t hit you back.

That’s what i am using right now, but i guess there are more optimal setups in the Forums. Try out what fits your playstyle and have fun!

Dual blade pierce and cold damage is so weak, I am really frustrated, I can’t make a lot of damage and I can’t face tank them, like the final boss, I begin to hate this game.
My blademaster has 2000 OA 2200 DA 11k health all resistance close to 80% except aerther and 17000 DPS and with Loghorrean I have major issues, when all proc kicks in to heal I have 1800 health regen for sec and it’s not enough.

A DW blademaster is one of the best single target damage dealers in the game. You said before that you have the full deathmarked set, so you are doing something seriously wrong. A well geared blademaster (not counting MI or well rolled greens) normally has over 3k offensive ability. I have no idea how your OA can possibly be that low. Here are two guides that work well, compare their builds to yours and see what you can change.


You must be doing something incredibly wrong, specailly when you have a full Deathmarked set. Are you using Oleron’s Rage? Your OA seems to be too low, so i assume you are not using it. Oleron’s Rage increases pierce damage, OA by a lot and the extra movement speed is awesome.

Leave but one point in Squad Tactics and put those points in Field of Command. Also max Night’s Chill, the pierce and cold resist reduction help a lot.

Last, don’t max DW skills except in very specific cases (like Whirling Death in bleed builds). Put enough points to have the max chance of them proccing. Also, remove a bunch of the points in Dual Blades and put them elsewhere, you don’t need all those points in that skill.

Agreed you are doing something very wrong, been awhile since I killed Log but I could kill him in like 25-30 seconds? Had no trouble surviving even with much much less DA and poison res than you :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out the 2 linked threads as well as GeneralCash’s thread.

I am heading out the door soon so I’ll just say ou should more or less copy the skill/devo setup from one of those threads as they are all very similar. Your skill setup is not close to ideal and to be frank your devotion setup is awful. Even on my hardcore bm I use those very offensive devotions hell even before I had the god tier gear I did, offense is a great defense for blademaster. You kill things super fast and even small amounts of lifesteal on top of dryad+pneumatic/shadow dance result in great survivability in almost all situations. Even considering that I can’t imagine not facetanking log with 11k hp 2200 DA and 1800 regen and those healing devotions even though you can’t lol dps your way out of the situation.

I die like million time, his minion block me and I die from poison instantly, I have 80% poison resist at end I succeed to spent his all energy after 2 hours trying.
Something is wrong but what?
Now I am using Oleron Rage instead of Fighting Spirit, 2000 OA is with Oleron Rage :D, I am full defensive with devoutions :smiley:
Instead of OA I try to maximaze the attack speed I have nearly 200% to proc more weapon skill.
I have all best gear I can make with Grim Dawn Stash.
If someone have time to try to play with my build I can upload
I will try this build next

What’s wrong is mostly your devotion setup it’s really bad as well as very poor OA plus your mastery setup needs some tweaking. I have like 2500 OA without buffs up and you can easily cap attack speed without minimal or no sacrifice elsewhere =x Having high level OA is a HUGE buff to your damage due to high crit % chance and higher crit multipliers. You also lack all the glorious flat damage among others things offered by a real devo setup. High damage also = a lot of survivability for BM due to lifesteal

I am about to play GD I will show you how Log fight should look :stuck_out_tongue:

These guys have already given you many great hints, so there’s not much left for me to say. But i want to remark one aspect that is crucial for your BM’ survivability:

  • Get some adcth (not life steal). Put an haunted steel on your main (left in the equip screen) weapon, and try to get some adcth from your items as well. The Crimson Spike is an easy to find, albeit not ideal, solution. Try to get your Adcth to at least 15% for your main hand.

  • Get Oleron’s Rage -> link to Beronath’s Fury.

  • Get your OA to at least 2600, and ideally around 3000. You can do this easily.

This setup help immensely, and scale with the number of enemies that are around you.

PS… I just read that you use the “stash” to craft items??? Can it be that the problem here is that you just arrived to this game and went immediately on ultimate with the craziest items but without any practical knowledge of the gameplay???:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not judging you in any manner, just saying that, if this is the case, you simply have to play a lot more.

Maybe is my gameplay I can’t play casters because I will go straight to the enemy and try to kill them, that mean if the character is really squishy I will die easily, but my blademaster with this health and this health regen and this resistance and this DA is not squishy and I forget I have 30% to dodge attacks.
I play this witchblade
I don’t have any problem at all, Loghorrean is joke even the poison is not kill me and it make more damage then dual setup.
The game is not balance properly.

That’s because that build is easily one of the tankiest builds in the game. It can tank Mad Queen in melee range, that alone means it’s really tanky.

This is not a personal attack, but i still think you are doing something very wrong with your Blademaster. Blademasters aren’t exactly very tanky, but they are much more tanky than what you make them out to be.