DW Melee Vitality Battlemage theorycraft... anyone wanna help?

So I was screwing around in Grimtools when I noticed an elemental to Vitality conversion mace/scepter thing… not bad at 45%, then I remembered something Zantai said about the skill point based conversions, they actually called in a new skill with the modified attributes… which reminded me of Cadence and it’s elemental conversion… which reminded me of my old DW Battlemage, which ultimately lead me to this… mess.


I’m still working on it, mostly it’s just a thought experiment at this point to see how far it can be pushed… I’d love suggestions, though I’d like to keep the class as a Battlemage simply because it’s the core of the idea… taking something that isn’t built for it and pushing it to the point it fails… which is likely to be fairly soon after take off… but I’d like to try rather then not try and never know for certain.

you misinterpreted whatever zantai said. damage cannot be converted twice so you’re not getting any vitality conversion on your cadence it will just be elemental

also vitality build can’t t work without at least 1 mastery providing vitality resist reduction, you simply won’t do crap for damage no matter how nice your items are!

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Well that was a bust… Spent a few attempting to search for the post in question then decided I’d be best suited to just refit the character and use GI to confirm or deny my belief with in game work… damned thing didn’t convert… very annoying.

I was under the impression based on the conversation that I read that skill point based Transmuters were fundamentally different from the item based X Damage to Y Damage conversion… Oh well live and learn. Just means Cadence is a bust… perhaps firestrike… that’s still ‘elemental’ at least.

even if it did work, I would not go vitality damage if not both of the classes has lots of vitality rr
battlemage, you have no such rr.

Vitality is the most resisted damage in the game.Battlemage is bad idea,if you want that gameplay,why nit Savagery Ritualist?

do you have any ritualist build (maybe can afford with both classes RR) melee/ vit oriented

Here’s my old build thread https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-0-7-1-dark-ones-dw-ritualist-g2-c-vid/48907

Note,there are some new items available,like faction recipe weapon,with attack speed and lightning to vitality conversion on Savagery.

and faction ring

perhaps something like this? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvJdbzV
“new” revenant gives flat rr and lotus is perfect for vitality builds not using off-hand or dagger or scepter

Sadly I learned a while back that like chaos, vitality is barely functional and often nitch… requiring hoops to be jumped through.

The idea was one that popped into my head while screwing around at launch. I’d not gotten any gear with elemental to Vitality conversion via random drop. I don’t really play for the grind and would rather walk away from a game then grind. But, this game also draws on the mathnut in my head so I keep looking around for those strange niche builds. For a while it was Chaos, then that stopped when I found a Chaos build that used piercing conversion to be fun and I couldn’t ever beat that.

To answer the questions about the Ritualist… nope, never could enjoy that combination. Probably because it felt too much like a caster. Nearly had a pet build for a while till that got boring. I’m half tempted to roll a toon and GrimStash them to 94 just to try the builds Nery and Malawiglenn just suggested.

That’s just not true. I’d say vitality melee is dependent on items, but it’s a lot more than barely functional if you got them. Vit casters on the other hand are VERY good even with shit/faction gear whether it’s conjurer, cabalist, or ritualist and are totally beast mode with items

Perhaps it’s just the way my mind perceives the available information and my general dislike of caster style game play… but to me it feels limited.