Easier Respecing

Maybe there is already, but a cap on how much the cost increases for redistributing points would make the character building much more user friendly. After having leveled 10 or so to level 30 the idea of trying new things is starting to wear thin. The cost per point balloons to unattainable numbers and coupled with the fact that you cannot back points out of a mastery bar it just becomes a hassle if you later decide you are not liking your character. Having already spent a few dozen hours leveling up characters in the early game the last thing I want to do is make that long slow run on the warden again.

Ideally one would need to level 6 characters to have the flexibility to try any builds. Points invested in the primary mastery bar, the first one chosen, can be fixed, but the skill points and those in the secondary mastery bar should be flexible. I really do not wish to start again to try a new idea after a certain point.

From a gameplay standpoint there is no reason for this not to be possible. If the goal is to have fun, the restrictions of endlessly inflating point cost and locked in secondary masteries seems like a mechanic perfectly designed to inhibit said goal.

It’s been discussed and asked for before. We’ll see what the expansion has to offer, as it seems that Crate is adding in a way to respec stat points.

But the devs stated intent for respecing is to make up for a mistake or an error or something just didn’t work out - aka minor things. It was never to allow players to do major respecs.

If you want to do that use GDStash or GD Defiler.

I hope so. From a game play standpoint I can’t see a reason for it or how it would break the game. It has been a layer of frustration to me early on, dumping too many points in a mastery and wanting to try a different route. The early game is just too long, and it takes too long to get access to the fun early gear. Whats the purpose of having to do it all again to try a different setup in a game about trying different setups? At least let them be flexible as long as they are veteran and once Elite is started in can become fixed. That would be nice.

There is a cap. 20,000 iron per point once you’ve respecced 200 points. Same applies to Devotion.

That is steep. Or maybe i just don’t know how the iron scales yet. Problem is on some of those characters i was at 2000-3000 very early, at 300 it becomes impractical to do much respecing on veteran if you ever plan to purchase stash space. I just never understood why games that allow it deter it also, you aren’t gaining anything by respecting, it is a lateral transition, so it affects the game balance in absolutely no way at all.

Maybe in an totally online game like TES online, endless respecting would cause hoards of people to spec to the nearest exploit, but here, its solo, or when online it is desirable to build heroes that work together presumably, but i have never done it so i’m not sure how it works.

so you give your build some thought

The main reason why limits on respeccing exist is because it limits min maxing. If you had much more easily available respecs you could much more easily change your build to the best one for the content you go to complete as apposed to making a build able to take on all of the content. I’m not going to say whether that’s a good or bad thing since that’s just a matter of preference, but it still results in a fairly different game, one which the developers clearly didn’t want to make.

This has always been a very strange concern for me because 1, who cares, and 2, it pretty much never happens ever. I would be genuinely shocked if more than a tiny minority of players bothered to carry different sets of gear for different encounters, let alone rebuilding their entire character from the ground up on a regular basis.

I know you, specifically, weren’t arguin for or against this, but it’s one of many specious arguments that get presented whenever these threads come up.

This system is Very generous imo. 20k is steep yes but why would you ever need to take back 200 points unless you just covered your eyes while spending your points. Plus leveling new characters great in this game