Editing textures

I’m dipping my toes into modding. First I assure you I read the guide and plenty of forum posts.

It seems I have an issue with the Asset Manager. It does not create TEX files using the method in docs. The only way I could create a valid tex file was using a command line someone posted.

Am I missing something?

Thank you for your help!

If someone is reading this and has the same issue, in your tool folder (default grim dawn install folder) run the command line

TextureCompiler.exe yourfile.tga yourfile.tex -format tex 

Edit: Answer: Need to build, duh :stuck_out_tongue:

Hard to say what you are doing wrong, when you dont say what error you get.

If I had to guess, you have not set up the asset manager. Have a look here and see if it helps

No I followed the guides but thx.

When I convert a .tga file into .tex using right click / auto-create asset it creates a .tex file of 1 KB that is not valid.
Only using console

TextureCompiler.exe yourfile.tga yourfile.tex -format tex 

do I get a valid tex file (usable, which opens in the tex viewer)

What gives?

Don’t know how else to formulate this question. BTW configure the asset manager is not the only answer there is…

Edit : As this might be suggested, I run Asset manager in administrator mode to the same result

ofcourse not. Seemed reasonable when you said something works on the command line and not in AM.

In either case. I checked a few .tex files I have created. They are all 1KB in the “assets” folder in the mod ( probably a reference). And the actual .tex files seem to be stored in the “resources” folder.

Maybe you have the same and they will compile with Archive->build

Has to be that !
Thank you for your help