Education Options

‘I must study war and politics, so that my children shall be free to study commerce, agriculture and other practicalities, so that their children can study painting, poetry and other fine things.’
–John Adams

Would it be possible to add a set of ‘Courses’ option to the School, so that we can tailor educational needs to current Village requirements?

Farming, Animal Husbandry, Mining, Smithing, Forestry and more, could all be selected areas of study in different Tier levels that could improve the production levels across the board.

Like in general or what? Because I can’t imagine myself looking for a “specific” citizen to assign him to a same spec production building.

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Not necessarily for individuals but when X number of Villagers Graduate, their general course of study in early stages, like agricultural or forestry could help improve production of wood and food items.

Later tiers could see Smithing, Engineering, Mechanics, Landscaping and other courses as precursors to building certain new structures or improving skills and production again.

It would be nice to see farmers, builders, laborers or anyone attend school, rather than wander, unable to work.

Only another one, or two, hundred … thousand … lines of code.

NBD… :thinking:

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