Eldritch Nemesis-Predictions

Any thoughts on its powers, looks. Will it look like Gargabol? Crate is known to reuse assets a lot. Looking at you Kravall :eek:

The final nemesis has to look badass and kick some of our ass. No nerfing please cause we know even with a power level over 9000, the paladin can still handle whatever this nemesis will bring to the forgotten table:cool:

Sounds like crate employees are recidivists of some kind lol

Totally off topic:) ^

Anyway FG is not a small addition like a Rogue dungeon. It’s an xpac. Crate employees work on new art for environments, gear, enemies, all. Including Nemeses as it has always been the case. Not a single Nemsis is like any other in all aspects

Yeah sure, because only glorious paladins need to be able to clear content. Who cares about other classes, they are second-rate anyway :rolleyes:

I’m not sure it’s possible for you to guess what it looks like. But heck, good luck trying :rolleyes:

Today we have 3 humans and 7 monsters as nemeses.
What if I suppose that eldritch nemesis should be human?

in all aspects? you cant ignore how close the nemesis look to the existing ones right? At least they have cool powrs! Mybe eldritch nemesis will be a snake?

Oh snap, fluff openly commenting it means he still has not seen and tested the nemesis? FG release Dec 31 2018 11:59 pm confirmed! :eek:

Yes. Makes sense. make it an unholy warrior so it would become an epic thematic battle against the light.

Nemesis being a snake sounds like a cool idea. Crate, please :rolleyes:

Maybe the Eldritch nemesis is an oversized Rylok-Xenomorph hybrid … err … I mean … Gargoyle!

5 stages and many annoying moving crystal shards surrounding him.
Would be cool…

You mean like every studio on the planet? :rolleyes:

Grava said worm like monsters are hard to animate

Are you telling me current nemeses look alike? Any any way?

Don’t we have those already? Deepdriller Garbs or something.

Can’t you see Iron Maiden is just Grava with tits?

Yep, cannot remember the name, but we do have the large worms coming up from under the ground and attacking :wink:

Yes yes. A snake. With horns, and wings, and legs. And scales. Lots of scales.


That got a laugh out of me, now my coworkers are looking at me like I’m off my rocker.

If we’re talking about the stationary worms that pop out of the ground in places like Mountain Deeps, I think those are the only worms in the game right now. Maybe go with a basilisk? They’re kinda snakes.

sorry Super F. I mean nemesisises are based on normal monster designs just improved and better version maybe.

anyway back to topic. just what does eldritch really mean? sorry but i think they are the most varied of all faction species and it gets me confused?

though something tells me that since the faction is named horror that we will get a foul - smelling slimy ugly dude with a bad breath:eek:

not really totally since this is a prediction thread, I can forsee that death will befall anyone who dares to stand face to face with the holy ones even a nemesis or a super boss

I’m also curious what the new super boss or secret quest boss is going to be :rolleyes:.

Well, atleast it’s been confirmed by zantai, that there is indeed going to be a super mega hyper ultra boss like clones of b :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, he gave those as an example, but it would be difficult to make more complex animation/movement for them

At this point I imagine you saying “paladin” randomly during unrelated conversation with people

I`d like something more wyrm-like