Elemental Cadence Battlemage - Teh Thread

Teh Build:

Thanks to Gnomish_Inquisition I feel this is finally in a semi-good place, though it’ll probably wind up being solely SR70-71 as SR75-76 can be “fun”. But yeah, this needs it’s own thread for feedback/criticism/asking wtf I was smoking when it comes to those gloves etc. As I did kind of make this while being run over by insomnia and sleeping-pill side effects. Also the greens aren’t BiS prefixes and suffixes wise, just what Gnomish came up with to cover resistances and not be insane.

Performance is what you’d expect with only ~20% physical resistance and not good enough ADCTH, can do SR75-76 with pots and decent piloting, but does need to hit and run (or have cover with Aleks) when circuit breakers are on cool down. And also AOE ground effects are not your friend. Morgoneth was not facetankable, but the MQ was in ultimate campaign was. Going to run the rest of the dungeon’s today to check performance.

Damage wise in campaign can spike to 250K+ in dummy testing, can crit okay, just not all the time due to not stacking OA as much as possible. Actual DPS is obviously different due to the WPS + enemy resists

As for celestials, I need to unlock them as the tester save doesn’t have all of them unlocked and then try and fork this save so I can make a Tester+ save for the community with all Superbosses unlocked + potions/elixirs. But Crate’s a no, as is Cally, others are potentially doable with my mediocre piloting skills, but due to the less than 100% RR, lower physical resistance plus low ADCTH it’s going to be semi-painful.

Crucible wise, need to take it out for a spin, but that’s a 1/2 day thing to get the standard set up done with all the usual CR things enabled. And I am not a good CR piloted either :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, it’s viable, it’s not a total meme or requiring perfect GDstashed stuff, although I recommend it for Scion of Arcane Forces to get a good conversion/attack speed role as that’s key to DPS. Though for SR75-76+ you are going to want as much physical resist as possible on all gear.

I also think I know a good levelling way for this build for a solid level 74 version, as physical BM’s are easy to pull off, though elemental is also doable with the right gear, namely Iskandra’s set.

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I love how u dared to invest in all 3 - murmur, soalel witchfire & widow alltogether. Maybe it does pay off as you say.

The only thing I don’t like is lack of healing… sure there is menhir’s will, then there is Ghoul aaaaand tiny bit general life steal. That’s about it. What you could do about it you may ask? Well, I usually don’t take 3 RR devotions to begin with in that sense in order to afford at least one of healing deotions - Charriot, Giant, Dryad, heck even scales of ulcama.

Crate isn’t even that bad, like u can possibly kill it more that Calla due to how much damage u take and piloting u make. The more time u fight Crate the less chance u will kill it and honestly Crate is subpar easy as Lokarr, exception with it is that he has immortal cloning boxes.

Another thing I don’t like is ur chosen chest while Illusion white one exist. Not sure if gloves half-overwrite the damage or it gets ignored when dicord is taken place but honestly that’s a good idea if it does work how u imagined, that 40% weapons damage might come useful.

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why on earth would you want that? it brings nothing to the build
don’t need the conversion, don’t need the CC res, does mess up your actual resists, less dmg, less armour, the health is lost because you now need to use other affixes on the remaining greens to fix resist/makes affixes even more tight while having less items for them


It has +2 cadence, it gives some DA and evade chance I think, ok maybe no need for that aether to elemental conversion I suppose. That “Galakros Dread” chest, since you mentioned it, looks decent now since overlord exists there too.

Over exaggerate things tho is a bit far stretch

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the green gives +3 (base, not from affix),

“100%” useless imo
aside from the DA amount being sorta low, i personally don’t like to “invest” purposely for RNG defence, sure 10% dodge might save your butt from an attack or two or even 12, but it might also not save 90% of the times
so since it’s that unreliable, i’d rather have cold hard “fixed” stats, phys res or something, “anything” reliably nice i feel (actually thought at first Illusion robe were the caster chest with phys res, but looking it up it was not/it’s Fateweaver :sweat_smile:)

edit, oh wait, it’s not even dodge, it’s just deflect/projectile avoidance, which is even worse than dodge


Well, since patch will exist sometime in future we could together suggest to buff that shitty white coat up to standards - +5% moar physical, 50% more DA and last but not least armor increase duality. :laughing:


yes :smiling_imp:


I did look at that chest piece when I was theory crafting this around Scion of Arcane Force, but it just doesn’t add that much compared to either Ascended Vestments or Dread Plate, which adds much needed +3 to Cadence.

As for the healing stuff - given how hard this can hit (hello 500K crits) and the fact it’s landing crits over 50% of the time that small life steal does actually help more that you’d think. Though I probably should move some points around to Menhirs will to make it more effective. And due to the lack of RR in either mastery that can stack with Scion of Arcane Force’s modifier to Cadence, I really do need to go with all 3 -RR% devotions to manage enemies with high elemental resists. So can’t grab other healing devotions without sacrificing Elemental Seekers or RR.

As for the gloves - replacing them has a definite drop in sheet DPS and the flat 33 RR Scion gives to Cadence + Eldritch Fire proc means the chaos damage isn’t wasted. Also the resists those gloves give are very useful in the current state of the build. Since it doesn’t have anywhere enough Elemental resists.

vis Crate - I suck frankly at dealing with Crate, probably because I get sensory overload issues due to all the bloody crates (autism ftw!) and loath the maggot hunt. And due to sleep debt + ADHD etc I’m prone to making unforced errors when facing superbosses/SR/CR ;-; So I prefer to avoid facing superbosses that I know I don’t have the skill to deal with. Saves a fluff ton of frustration that’s burnt me out before facing Cally.

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Just fyi: it probably does crit quite a bit, but you are likely over-estimating… If you look at the numbers, even an OA of 3400 vs typical trash mob DA of 2k is just 30% chance to crit.

This will reduce vs most bosses, that typically are over 2kDA.

tqFan’s calc site is useful for this: tqFan crit calc

It’s crits more due to DA reduction from the WPS and Blitz skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, both Clones and Lokarr defeated, Clones were slightly harder, if only because it’s safer to break them up resulting in less DPS against the horde.

Current standing of the build:

Added more points to Menhir’s will to provide a bit more sustain, originally took them from MSoP, but that turned out to be a bad idea. As that 2% difference in absorption actually matters in SR75-76 ;-;

As for SR75-76 testing - ugh, died due to stupid mistakes on my part. Korvaak spawned in the boss room on 75 too. Died to Alek, Iron Maiden (trauma stack I think) and Korvaak. Still haven’t run into Grava though. But testing a Witchblade Scion of Arcane build last night, I suspect he’s going to be very, very painful due to his stupid fumble pools which need a nerf into the ground. Reaper was a piece of piss though, as Nullification solves a lot of problems :3

Oh and ingame OA is higher, as I rolled everything with OA boosts with GDstash for max OA (secondary to conversion/physical resists). But sadly not enough OA sources really to push the OA to crits all the time territory.

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