Elite void edge boss unbeatable

Hello people, ive got a little problem in my hands i have question about ^^ See, I’m facing that midact 5 boss (on Elite difficulty) in void edge and i cant get past him :frowning: im lvl69 & have 11k hp, 40+ in all my res minimum, playing some necro/occultist with 600% pet dmg and YET he two shot me before i can even remove 1/10th of his life ><
So is this dude intentionally hard(er) or i suck at games ? should i farm gear ? is there any strat ? should i get PL’ed ? how do people get past him ?

Are you talking about Ekket’Zul The Harbringer of Darkness?

He is weaker than Loghorrean, atleast Log can shotgun me if I ain’t careful. This guy isn’t strong. Post your build I think someone with knowledge of pet builds should be able to help

Also, your resistances might suck. He has damage spikes but never life threatening ones

First time I fought him in Ultimate, he was a bit scary, I had to kite him several times because of the volcano at my feet or bad positioning due to waves of fire from every direction. And this was with a very tanky character.

However now I just sit and engage him and don’t move at all. He’s very easy after some gear and levels. Positioning is also extremely important, try and tank him away from the crystals as much as possible.

No offense but This is nonsense as he most certainly does have life threatening damage. Almost Every boss in Act 5 does, especially for people who are not twinking their characters.
To the original poster Aether Clusters drop so much more now, so don’t be afraid to use them. Always try and kite him away from all his fire traps or what ever they are when you need to kite.
As for pet builds I can’t help much as I don’t play them.

Dont get hit by fire balls ( they hurt at 80% fire res, maybe some other damage type as well ) keep going round the thing near the door, summons drop pretty fast so you need to reset him by going to door and summoning a pet and then running to the opposite edge. The pet will die but he will just stand near the door allowing to resummon your pack. Repeat

During testing I removed everything I had. All my recipes, all my saved up gear, all my characters. Started fresh and still somehow managed quite easily. People just need to learn how to play :rolleyes:

Ekket’zul is piss easy.

I want a clarification on this since my experience on my Retaliator Warder at Ultimate was different. Given that like most Retaliation Builds I had 20k+ HP & High Resistances, my HP never dipped unless I’m walking on environmentals. He’s the first critter that got my HP to half, mostly through degen.

Granted that I haven’t faced the Ravager, Mog and the new Nemesis yet, I found this encounter really surprising.

I was watching my buff upkeep, HP and resistances the whole fight. Even with lowered resistances on his debuff, almost all of my resistances are in the high 80’s save for poison, which was at 68 (not exactly a terrible number).

So where is his damage coming from? And what type is it? I need to know for future runs on non-tank builds.

Well he hits pretty hard with melee, but vs a petmancer he shouldn’t pose a threat at all. You should probably tune your build a bit or something.

I think it’s the volcano. I assume it has some sort of a huge damage spike, which sometimes can decimate you even with good resists.

I heard Norzan is an expert in beating that boss, you may PM him.

avoid the volcanoes and dont tank… he hits hard but fortunately not as hard as Sharzul. keep your resistances high if you can. let your pet deal with him and dont aggro him, if you do just kite him to death… his hp is not that high

just a question since I did not check him thoroughly… does this guy have any elemental debuff powers like Sharzul?

Yes he does, and not only elemental all primary resist go down including your Physical resist. I’m normally at 27% on my Tank Warder and it becomes -3% on Ultimate. This is crazy, as I am imagining how I should deal with this guy on my casters.

I ran this guy 4 times last night before grabbing Ulgrim just to figure out what was causing the degen dips.

FYI, I’ve already done Sharzul, the guy can’t even chip me… Which is why I was surprised in this fight. I was eating a burger on one hand but saw my HP burn fast… panic activated Menhir’s Bastion relic and aether cluster.

This might be a big part of your problem, especially if you are lacking 80 fire res (minimum) and perhaps also high chaos? Does he do chaos?

Also those ground volcanos he spawn hurt real bad after a second or two (I think they take a second to start spewing out magma?) so make sure not to stand on them.

While I didn’t find him super hard with my new caster he was a cut above most other bosses - as act 5/6 bosses tend to be. I actually found him harder than the new final boss or log.

I remember he dropped my 2-hander around 3-4 times times when I tried to face-tank him on Ultimate. He has a linear attack which I believe has a shotgun effect, I’ll have to try him again later on.

You right now

“Unfortunately” you mean, he’s a Rylok Overlord at the void’s edge who is meant to signify the end of Act V and guards to the path leading to Ulgrim. He should hit harder than Shar’Zul

I know right, that should be the case but since his part of a mandatory quest, our character has to succeed somehow and immediately we obtain some kind of plot armor making him hit less when in reality he looks a lot more intimidating and stronger than Sharzul

If this is the best you can come up with for a reply, please don’t bother. Not only is it useless to those who are struggling, it’s downright insulting.

Uh, what kind of logic is this? He’s a MANDATORY story boss that you have to kill to progress through the story and Shar’Zul is an OPTIONAL final boss of a rogue dungeon that is part of the endgame. Why in the fuck should he hit harder? This logic is complete ass backwards.

After killing him a bunch of times, the volcano seems to no longer one shot like it did me. Seriously, i stood on top of it with a caster character and my hp didn’t move much. I still suggest getting out of the way when he summons it.

Only hard part about that boss is hes volcano like spell he casts that does shit ton of damage, lost 1 hc char to it but after that just been avoiding it. Killed it on elite with 7k hp necro/occultist summoner so yours should be easy :smiley:

The biggest pain in the ass here is having to run back after dying. This is a solid fight @ the Ultimate level and you can die a few times on a lightweight character till you figure it out. Running two levels to get back to the action is just not on imo. Kind of the one thing that pisses me off with this game. I lose patience with the “getting back to it” part