Enable Cursor for Controller in main action set

Currently, ‘Cursor’ function is only enabled in ‘UI’ action set for Steam Controller configuration, resulting in players not able to pick up items efficiently, e.g. not be able to pick up interested items only easily.

Current options are only either use D-pad to move though loots (got worse in 1.17 because it cannot scroll through all dropped loots now) or pickup all items.

So enable Cursor function on the main action set would be much helpful for players to pick up only desired loots.

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It’s kinda like Controller movement with open map impossible?
but he wanted Move in UI Action Set.

Nevertheless, I’m for more things in all sets.

It would be ideal if these could be edited for the player to choose. I do miss being able to move with the map open, kinda difficult to rift out of dangerous situation if you have to.

The controller isn’t great for shadow strike builds that ideally need to target a hero/boss, or even a particular hero in a pack.

Might just be me but I do feel like my character is also more prone to stopping, or being blocked by things compared with a mouse.

I have not yet tried playing a piano build but overall though, I really enjoy playing with a controller.

Because when you move with a mouse, the character moves around the blocking things automatically. Whereas with controller you try to move through it which is not possible. For example this invisible pillar which hasn’t been fixed yet:

For piano builds I like to use Big Picture features to autocast multiple skills:

Yeah, that is what I figured was going on. I don’t know if there is a way to make it more fluid, but the controller movement being the equivalent of a series of mouse clicks would be nice.

Wow. Nice thread. I don’t think I would auto-cast, but I’d definitely rebind health and energy potion to liberate buttons for skills

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