Endgame balancing problem

As much as I agree with Dmt and the entirety of her post, it is difficult and impractical for Crate to be able to do this all the time. Zantai and his team can’t play every strong endgame build posted in here, and they’ve got other work to do. Same thing with the praets as the current testing system IIRC is voluntary. The praets have their own discretion of where and what to test. The only way the OP can ideally be achieved is to revamp the Praetorian system and make them test what Crate wants them to test all the time, so that we can get an average metric of build performances, even if it’s just on a small sample, it’s better than just the builder and john smith’s runs as sample. However I think that would require them to be Crate employees so that’s not happening.

Best we can do is to post these kinds of threads to remind Zantai of these sentiments and hope he considers this when balancing.


You need nerf whether you like it or not.
Similarly, you need a buff. For that reason, it is misplaced to refrain from posting or to prevent someone from playing.

The only thing a non-playtester can do is give feedback. And pray for proper adjustment.


What exactly is defined as “overperforming”?

if the vindicator nerfs (totem, maelstrom) are any indication, then farming ultimate roguelikes with budget gear semi-comfortably.

I wonder why people still continue measure the balance by Crucible run time but not for example by SR progress? Why to call crucible builds “fast” or OP if banners and blessing are used in runs (or even with potions) to achieve better results? For example some builds used to feel Ok with energy regeneration in Crucible, but had problems in campaign.

Sub 7-8 minutes.

So, erm, how can I put it…? We nerfing 95% builds? :joy:

Not with high priority.

People like mad_lee would say because SR can be cheesed/sr spawns is too much RNG and you only need defenses blah blah blah but honestly it’s just because majority of builders post cruci builds instead of the others. Whatever personal reason that builder might have for that is irrelevant. Personally, SR isn’t just fun. Cruci shouldn’t be the only thing to influence balance but it’s not like people playing mainly SR or celestials say a lot of stuff to contribute, which leads to this bias. Tho I don’t think main campaign outside of celestials and SR should be heavily considered unless it’s for buffing really fringe builds. If, for some reason we all started posting SR only builds pretty sure SR would become the measuring stick for builds.

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It’s not outside the realm of possibility for SR to be indicative of something being broken. See: Cyclone.

Well, if I remember correct the original idea of introducing SR was to grant a challenge to make stress testing of your build and find out build true power. :grinning:

Yeah, sure. But Crate still needs feedback and we don’t get any (public ones) from those SR guys. No established standard results as well except just clearing whatever highest shard they get.

I mean there’s a way to achieve that. Absolute no sub 7. All you gotta do is to remove legendary gear from the game. And T3 devotions.

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Generally speaking removing content isn’t within the purview of balance.

IKR? You know all those freaks constantly accusing Crate of lazy game design? If Crate were to “balance” things by subtracting items from the game then THAT actually would be lazy game design.

You should ask Zantai about it.

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There is no balancing, it’s just “season”. :innocent:

If you treat it that way, GD will become a lot more interesting to you.
You will be waiting for the new patch with high anticipation.

As long as ppl still measure and compete in 170 cruci, Sub 6 minutes build will never disappear.

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Because one cannot by definition measure luck.

For this there is a math statistics. :wink: