Endgame is unintuitive

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Rolled ravager of souls, playing acid dervish (my first level 100 character). I was staring at the “scythe” status and my health bar the whole time, AFKed more than I was fighting. Looked at the “ravager made easy” guide but I didn’t want to change my gear and devotions, which is capable of doing SR70.

I’ve tried to optimize the build by getting more tankiness, but despite that, the second phase was crazy especially with the life drain, even though I’ve upgraded rebuke - life reduction resistance. Then I took my time, ran in and out of the fight, and finally killed him. Mad queen’s claw is bad without crit, imo. Now I’m absolutely clueless about how to fight callagadra. Potions don’t help when you are getting two shot, with the exception of resistance potions.

I have the vileblade set but I really want to make mad queen’s claw work. How do I improve my build, because it seems impossible to max both oa and da to 3k? A bit of a rant, but I genuinely want to git gud.

Calla does a crap ton of debuffs, iirc you need something like 180’ish pierce/bleed resist to cover her multiple forms of RR since she also does %reduced Callagadra, Scion of the Sands - Grim Dawn Monster Database
this is then a nightmare on physical dmg of hers/against your phys dmg mitigation, and is why you can see some builds “cheese” her by stacking absurd amount of armour and phys res to counter her high RR, Fluff’s old belgo BM Calla specific setup is a good example of this []Belgothian's Sands of Slaughter - 105 Cunning DW Blademaster


You have 400 worth of OA debuffs on your guy + occasional Resilience. I don’t think you need more.
And you can use pots on top.