[]Belgothian's Sands of Slaughter - 105 Cunning DW Blademaster

Both versions have been updated for the latest patch. Focus was on max dps possible and the most fun part is using lowly Polished Emeralds (among other things) to achieve this.

This version also has more AoE on belgo with the new Ring Orissia and Akrakaa Relic that has been quite underestimated. While not improving the best kill times by a lot, but increase the likelyhood of getting good kill times. The cummulated AoE from Ring proc and Wind Devils provides very stable runs.

To this I added capped Blade Spirit. A strange choice however, it adds up with the rest of the AoE and I’ve done better times with it than overcapping WPS

Crucible Purple Belgo << GT - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlbvkoN

Video - 5:01: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQx7PT6W0jE

Stats with procs up

Crucible Green Belgo << GT - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV19m8MV

Video - 4:09: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3ML8Pe73L8 - 2x Zantarin lost me some time

@romanN1 better run- 4:05: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZT3lKHCZIg


Callagadra purple

Full purple/blue facetank 5:38 (non glitched - meaning she uses her arsenal of debuffs and must gear accordingly )

Calla Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ENeoAVGZ1M - Got greedy at 4:05. In second phase. if you are out of heals/procs and below 50-40% HP jus tuse Blade barrier

Been inspired by @Ziller to attempt a full purple setup vs Callagadra after testing it last year with my green version (the old one not the current updated one).

You can use Salvation relic with %DA completion to get used to it. Massive regen and armor. But Belgo relic means more War Cry and Healing rain etc. and also helps you with OA increasing your kill speed by a whopping 1:30 min. I might test other setups but i’m pleased with this one for now and love that it use Obsidian ring for armor

You can also use Valiant amulet for the amazing proc it has. Shoutout to Ziller again for reminding me it’s not a set completion buff

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy5B7kZ % armor crafting on Amulet, Belt and Medal. You can alternate with %slow resist since the slow res from Calla is pretty brutal. Something I’ll be experimenting with without using Azrakaa Amulet and lose dps

Naked Crucible - for fun (green version )

Naked green Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8G2vqh9wFnM - 6:10

Since patch is coming with some changes, decided to make this video public that I recorded back in December. It as made just for fun, after doing hundreds of runs with green/purple Belgos I thought i’d try a different challenge. Scales of Ulcama made this run possible for me combined with War Cry. Once you get used to it you rarely die. But you have to practice … a lot.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVv7rYjZ

Naked Crucible -(purple version)*

Naked purple Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnqhqe-TmQw - 7:27 - v1.1.6.0

Had to make a purple version out of it too. Since it has less dps and HP than the green version, lack of crucible buffs increases the performance/survivability gap between the two and so this version had to increase it’s defenses a bit at the the cost of more dps for it to be viable in fun. After having tested yet again countless runs, I have no issues finishing with it in a fair amount of time.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD9DxBN

These Pants are amazing here. Fixes purple belgo low HP, gives a proc that is basically Ulo devotion for 8 seconds which lets you push through 160, 169,170 and has some % pierce on top of it. Avenger medal overcaps aether, maxresists, gives DA. Use it with % armor crafting bonus if you can. Azrakaa relic was buffed so in game DA is over 2900 which with Veil of Shadow is enough

You get a feel on how and what to tank. At 154 for example it’s situational. I can use Mobility rune to either dodge Kaisan leap, or boulders. In this case I chose not to but I dodged Kuba’s stink breath. This stuff you decide on the spot, no two naked runs will be the same :slight_smile:

Some final Notes:

The end result is what I feel is best after doing hundreds of runs with both green and purple version. You can still use Belgo Relic for example. I got a 4:46 with it. But it’s less reliable than the AoE for Azrakaa. belgo relic Comes on top in shorter fights only.

Maxing Blade Spirit is worth it imo in Crucible. The damage adds up with the other AoE you have, even the dots. But if you don’t like the idea, jut max the WPS of your choice

I am pleased with how my favorite DW melee build turned out and love that it uses overlooked items like Polished Emerald. I hope you enjoy it as much I did. If you feel it’s too squishy and can’t get used to it just take the points from Blade Spirit and max War Cry. It will be very easy with it.

Happy slashing!


That armor remind me to Shredder.

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An awesome build, as always

Can you post the infiltrator variation of the build?

You can assign offensive devotions to the Seal of Blades aura? That is awesome.

Wouldn’t Mythical Reaver’s Claw be better?

I tried both with same Results really. Epecially since reaver loses proc. Redeemer is very well rounded and Belgothian shears hit up to 170k Crit in cruci with that mod.

Redeemer of Malmouth gives 30% crit damage to Belgothian Shears and the build has such high OA due to 100% cunning.

That DA tho.

Feel free to invest in physique:p. I’ve done so many recordings with 50-50 investment. 30 cunning rest physique and full physique with Alxeander MI pants amassing 16K base hp and 23 hp 2900 DA in cruci…not worth it. When i got back to full cunning I felt like I was playing Belgothian again. It’s how it’s meant to be played, fast and reckless, tanky enough to quickly dispose of mobs

Nah, not for me. I get nervous as shit when i know at any point i’m going to get bursted down by some enemy to due my low DA. Looks cool though.

The Seal of Blades and being able to assign offensive devotions to it thing though. My crappy 2H Pierce Forcewave Tactician will enjoy that quite a bit.

I agree with Norzan.
I’m not a risky and reckless person in real life, I like it to be nice and slow, heh. So this mirrors in Grim Dawn too. Even if the character is based upon more offense than defense, I always tend to make it well-round, incorporating counter-panic measures. I can have less OA, but at least my heart will be steady.

Excellent build though, Fluff, so kudos to you! Also, Belgothian Set looks like shit.


Amazing builds as always Fluff :smiley:


I did it with 3k DA too. It’s doable but slowish. And if you don’t kill fast enough in crucible you can also die from that. Personally if i want slow and steady I play something else but not this dude:p

Nerf hammer incoming! Build so ridiculously op that you even forgot to add last devotion point to get Tier 3 proc - Living Shadows :slight_smile: (and it didn’t matter, but why don’t you add it, don’t play with people’s OCD, man)

I am also guessing you just added gear in the editor to test the build?

Anyway, top notch build, Pierce BM op as hell.

Thank you. No i have the gear from xpac testing period. And others. Tested this build extensively.

But I forgot nothing:p. I chose Uclama node instead of shadow cause builds needs health with all that cunning. Living shadows last as long as a shy fart in the final waves of cruci:rolleyes:

Man, those testers amassed some sick wealth :slight_smile:

I am not sure how 5% health is relevant to your build, but you can remove yellow nod from crossroads to have that proc.

Love the grim tools. Sorry but new to this, is there way to see the skills from this?

Edit: ah NVM I found it. What a great tool thx for making it!

They don’t live :D. But you can play with them. Until final waves they kinda help

nice to see the “Really Great Pants” in action, definitely the highlight of the build… thanks fluff

Without really great pants this build is kind of okay :rolleyes: