[] Noctirn Infiltrator - Pierce SS Vanilla vibes :)

Before Belgo was even a baby in GD, there was pierce SS, one of, i not the most satisfying DW build in GD a very long time ago in 2016. That died along the way.


Today, enter Noctirn, Belgo’s big sys and a dedicated Pierce SS weapon with AoE support. With Belgo relic proc and Blades of Wrath bound to SS, this weapon is capable of deleting the main target and surrounding mobs. It does not have dots, but if played correctly, can make up for it with raw damage

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbvRXzQJLD0 4:45 Vanguard and 4 buffs.

You don’t need Ulzuin for DA or energy. I get roughly 4:50-55 with or without. My goal was to push max crit as much as possible and vs humans, it kinda worked, although racial was toned down

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRgA0jN

You can hard cap BS or Nightfall or both and invest less in Deadly aim or Anatomy. This was balanced for me

As a huge fan of piere SS pre Belgo era, the fact that this build exists, let alone that it performs very nice, makes me so happy that SS transcends into other games even

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. You can expect a couple of coop vids with it made just for fun!



Is it possible to build this without MIs?

sure. Although honestly I would get any murderer chest with decent Resists. They drop often enough in act 2 Cronley area near the forges. It doesn’t have to be exactly like mine. You just want resists and +Dual blades and Shadow strike. It’s worth it

As for Shoulders, Belgo shoulders will do

Lmao I just said on that private chat that noctirn infiltrator posts will come.in a few days not knowing you already posted it.

Anyway, I wondered how you didn’t have skill point issues when I had it on BM and damn. The balls on one pointing word of renewal.

2700 DA is more than enough on this. You fly around and kill stuff fast.

I’d balance WoR and Shadow dance and Seal more if going to SR or Calla or doing a naked run. Otherwise it’s fine

BM don’t have any of those :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah without the absurd phys res of infiltrator I went up to 2850 DA on BM, but it was just first draft and maybe going lower is better without losing much DA benefit.

This looks awesome fluff, great job!

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i keep 2700 on BM Belgo as well since he kills pretty fast with buffs. I’s not having buffs that may present an issue.

For green fantasy Belgo, all that was needed, for my taste, was War cry, and got 6:10 quite easy with same DA

Purple belgo, because his dps threshold is lower, that will be made even worse by not having the cruci buffs which are so strong that they blur out part of the gap between green and purple.

So for purple I had to lower my DpS a bit in order to be able to survive and that resulted in a greater difference in completion times but still pretty good. I’ll put the purple video up today, I had fun with that one.

Calla ofc had it’s own setup

Thank you!

Just saw this, 4:45 is great time, now how I can beat that :smile:

What ya think about Night’s Embrace amulet?

You can use SR set.

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You want the % ratio. Even at max roll 42% you still don’t convert everything. This one has quite a bit of RR already so i don’t know how much it is worth losing that.

But that’s not to say it would perform poorly. Pierce SS has a lot of umpf behind it now

Easy. Use 4x T1 beacons :stuck_out_tongue: even after the nerf, I get an average of 5 seconds more per run with them(which at below 5 min means somethting)…I tested it in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

But since i don’t support it i won’t post a video of it. I still think RR should remain as it is now on T2 and T3 and remove rr from T1. I’ve done T3 runs and it’s reasonable

Sorry if this is a stupid question (am on mobile and can’t see the stats on the items).

Is it possible to make something similar as a Dervish?

Dervish would be far better with Acid SS. You can Check out @Neryhttps://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-5-2-silent-assassins-deathguard-acid-dervish-cold-morgo-spellbreaker-shadow-strike-glass-cannons/96232 build with Deathguard set for that

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