Enemies disabling all Toggles/Buffs/Auras? Honestly?

The way you word it tho comes heavily across as sounding like you are making the assumption that ALL people (or an imagined “majority”) must hate the mechanic. I’ve seen no evidence that this is true.

Game developers can’t please all of the people all of the time. They can only ever please some of the people, some of the time. As is true for most areas of life.

Sure, you could call it the one-legged patch


oh, please, make a poll, lets see how that goes.

Go right ahead. Make it. Your poll, however, will get annihilated on this forum. Pretty sure the majority in this place are FOR Arcanes. Good luck.

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People’s inability to learn a simple mechanic doesn’t make it bad though.
My suggestion would simply prepare people for arcanes and maybe in the future they wouldn’t hate them that much, because they already know what arcane balls do!

My idea is based on Shigeru Miyamoto’s game design philosophy, so thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Even the devs know the players hate it. Unless off course you think Zantai is pulling that opinion out of his ass.



He said “I know people love to hate” - which is true… there are people that love to hate it. He never said “All you motherfuckers hate it”.

Again… feel free to make your poll. Should we do bets on how it’s gunna go?

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As discussed before in previous million arcane not and for posts, the most problematic part is in Shattered Realm where it’s a clusterfuck and can’t see a damn thing. I agree with that.

Other than that arcane foes are good as it is. Even in the crucible, I heard they have been disabled for this particular reason, why not disable them in SR… I don’t really know. But if they do I got no complaints. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should we poll this topic?

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i’ll tell you the secret behind arcanes, developer decisions for nullification and other annoying/player disliked things that are in the game, and the reasons which Zantai wont admit:

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All it would take is giving the Arcane projectile a distinct sound effect, similar to what Grava gets on his dispell and “problem” is solved. Arcane is one of the few hero abilities that actually throws a wrench in the fight (alongside maybe Frozen and Diseased). The more the better.

No, being overpowered as shit compared to anything else in the game makes it bad. I cleared Dark Souls 1 up to NG+5, im well verse in the learning mechanic process in videogames. Heck, i farm Atziri in PoE daily. Clearly mechanics isn’t the issue. Is the game itself. The engine isn’t well suited to that mechanic because of the lag in both input and execution of commands, plus the amount of commands needed to counter it. Removing one aura might not be an issue, removing 5 simply kills the character, because the game can easily take more than 5 seconds to execute all the commands to apply them, with the added insult to injury of having NOT A SINGLE WAY to counter it. Even reflective has items, devotions and skills to reduce it, but Arcane is an all or nothing situation that gets exponentially worse the more enemies there are, because they are harder to see, harder to escape, and harder to reaply thanks to the lag input

You forgot the part where he is actually good at it.

Strange `cause last year I made a tutorial video on how to counter it.


I can itemize against frozen and diseased. Tell me one item, devotion or skill that counters arcane.

“Move to” skill.

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I think I should be impressed by your achievements, but it only made me cringe that you still struggle against such simple mechanic. Arcane heroes > Atziri lol :rofl:

Well my suggestion is budget friendly, just add an additional attack to some hero monster. I don’t expect devs to suddenly heavily change the base campaign this late in game’s development.

You’d think someone as great at Dark Souls would be familiar with kiting.

please, just tell me, wich item, devotion or skill counters arcanes?

Look up.

I guess kiting is hard if reading is, too.

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