Evening from Finland by an old fart :)

I’m an old fart gamer and been playing since year 1980. Currently 47 years old and I mostly play Fantasy ARPG or MMO games. But basically any RPG game goes pretty well, scifi/cyperbunk included. Also some strategy games interest. I’ve played mostly every MMO and ARPG there exists in history, currently still playing WoW (Since 2004 :slight_smile: ) I also currently play Diablo 3 and yes I am waiting for Diablo 4 too. Witcher 3 is ongoing also atm (after watching The Witcher TV-series which got me hooked up)

In real life I am a programmer, agile sw expert/architect. Been doing programming as hobby since 1983 and as a profession since 1995.

I am an old member of the GD community but I had some pause with the game and since Crate moved the community to new platform my account disappeared for some reason. So this is a new account.

So I am back to GD and having enermous fun with it.

Keep up the smile, and everyone say Ni!


Hi and welcome(back) at the forum!

Since you’re not entirely new no point of telling you’re at the right place. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Careful… you can get banned for that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Rofl, I was thinking about that before I typed it but what the hell. The truth makes you pure. :upside_down_face:

It’s like saying that you have an alt on Horde side in WoW if you are playing alliance, will most propably get you kicked from the guild atleast :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, I am still playing Titan Quest games too so I guess that tells me that I am not a traitor. heh

It’s ok. You gave lip service to Witcher so you’re forgiven. :wink:

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Welcome back to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: Iirc accounts that hadn’t been used for some time were automatically deleted when we moved platforms.

What you play is up to you - at least you didn’t mention PoE. :wink:

As for old fart - I’ve got 20 years on you. You’ve got some catching up to do. :laughing:

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Currently ? Most yesterday (and today too I think) I spent with GD of course. I made a new battlemage, she’s now lv42, trying the Conflagation relic with her and it works pretty well. I have read that the Conflagation relic is not very useful in higher difficulties, but atleast now it works like a charm. Some complain that it uses too much mana. Well, I run to the middle of a mob pack hit flash freeze and apply the laser beam (conflagation) and rotate my mouse around once, all dead :stuck_out_tongue: Almost no mana used and my BM is full health even standing in the ex-pack. Since this character has soldier in her, I can face-off a hero mobs too without any problem. Bosses, they I do have to kite tho, atleast for now. So far mana is not a problem, if I run out I can use potion or just stand off and melee them, I can hit freeze again in a matter of secs. Oh, I also have Dreegs Infinite Gaze from item for added AoE potential.

Anyway, I also play Witcher 3 and WoW and some Xbox One games (active is Mass Effect: Adromeda). I just maraton watched the Witcher TV-series and I just had to reinstall W3 again, it was a fricking good series. TQ sadly has been on pause for a bit because GD has basically all it got, but I love TQ feeling anyhow. D3 has been on hold for few months now, propably will be since I have done everything there. Waiting for D4 like most of us ARPG fans, even they do not admit it here :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought Pagan Online in Steam too but I do not like how it’s laid out. It has got everything game should but it’s not an adventure, it’s more an Arena fight.

Now some coffee and back to my GD Battlemage.

Thanks for welcoming me.

There is no such thing as an old fart gamer, in fact recent studies show that gaming promotes a healthy wellbeing and a longer life as it slows down the aging process thanks to having more active brain functions. you’ll become younger and feel stronger the more you play video games… It promotes healthy living.

Have fun and may you be a good example to all of us to game even moar regardless of age, cause age is just a number.

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I know, it is just a saying here in Finland. If someone is above middle age, he/she is an old fart :P. Age is just a number as you said. And I agree, games keep the mind on going, I could just watch Netflix on my spare time and put my brains into zero mode, no thanks.
Besides, I am not that old. In my WoW guild there are persons over 60 years old! :kissing_heart:

Welcome i play arpg and mmo too no wow at the moment but still playing D3 and waiting for D4 .
And for me your young lol i am 63 year young :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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OMG You’re ancient. :innocent: Just joking. Nice to see that we seasoned people play games a lot still. I will propably myself play till the bitter/happy end. :rofl: Besides, you should never ask age from women, or say that they are old.

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I seem to never get rid of WoW. It’s been with me since the beginning (2004) and I have already bought the upcoming expansion Shadowlands. It will come sometime this year, no date given yet. In that expansion they will change the whole leveling up experience. Max level will be set from 120 to 60 and current lv120 players will start from level 50.

They also want that people play the content (meaning expansion areas) they want, you can choose pretty much any area to play in after the initial questline is done. I really like it. Currently people just rush to the area with the latest content (Battle for Azeroth) and all the excellent old content is just skipped through as fast as possible.

Myself, currently, when I level up an alt I try to choose a different zone each time to experience the existing content as much as possible.

For example, currently, you outlevel e.g. the Legion or Draenor area before you have finished the questline in the first zone of the expansion continent. Of course, this is partly due to people using XP boosting means, like heirlooms and war mode (PvP mode gives bonus xp) and other buffs. The game also rewards incredible amounts of experience at the moment. And the word is that in the expansion it will be even higher.

Can’t wait it!

I know every WoW zone and leveling up has become a kind of boring Maybe i buy the new expansion too , not sure yet what i don’t like is that you still have to pay to play .
I play elder scrolls too at the moment a bit less .

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Same here, I wonder if it’s possible for someone who has played since 2004 not to know the areas. BUT, I just talked in our discord with a person who has racked up 17k hours for GD in it’s life time, I mean, 17 thousand hours in 4 or 5 years. Thats like 1.5 years 24/7 playtime.

I bow to him/her, the person in question knows who I speak of :stuck_out_tongue:
So we all do what we do.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

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Spock references never die!

Live long and prosper!

Btw speaking of longevity of GD it’s always amazing to see how many hours some players are putting in. And when/if you’re bored from leveling characters, boom end game possibility approaches. :slightly_smiling_face:

Heh, I have an unnamed person (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), who has racked 15k hours in the game. I just have 250 hours. Meet us in our discord.

I bet the RNGoddes has had her opposition once or twice or so :stuck_out_tongue:

And, Spock, never, dies, his, words, always, carry, on!




Well, it’s 13.8K… and most people around here can guess who you mean :wink: Tho I’ll probably hit 15 this year sometime perhaps.

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blush I did not name you, you did dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He’s not the only one with a high playtime for the game. Dikkiedik also has around 12k iirc.

Omg you guys. Joking, if you love something, you tend to spend time with it, right? It’s like having a first girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue: