Excelent work,Now farming is even more borring

I understand that people on Twitch could play 10-16 hours per day, I can’t and won’t. So I have a suggestion
to solve the endless farming; new vendor for people who finished a game on the Ultimate level. Because there are thousands of combinations of how to play the game let’s make it simple. With endless farming,
you’ll never make it, even more, you’ll start to hate the game. I left Diablo 3 because of that. So, a new vendor, please. Let’s enjoy the game without the pain of farming.

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Hey how about we also remove the player’s health bar. Because dying is boring.


Not sure where’s the problem. This is precisely when you start GDStashing - to attempt to experience those thousands of combinations in your lifetime. Or you can have two saves for both ways for varied experience.


So how is it more boring now ? I understand that there are a few more items to farm if you wanted them all, but don’t see how the act of farming got more boring.

If you don’t want to farm, there are plenty of builds that do not need MIs. If that is still to much hassle, use a mod with much higher drop rate or GD Stash to outright give you the item.


Not to mention the fact that one of the staples of aRPGs is farming for better loot.


How about just work for your paycheck and pay someone to play the game for you. Sounds good to me based on your demands.




I quit legit playing and started to GD stash builds because farming was too easy, all gameplay started to be about leveling for 10 hours and then few hours of ugdenblooms farming, build is done and I can start another one because got already all items. Rush for some solid build like Dark one caster, spam 75-76 sr for 2 weeks and you should be able to make almost every existing build. The only painful farming is for components and dungeons MI because drop rates for them are too low and going through one unchallenging location over and over again is boring.


I do farming, sure. My stash is full of useless lvl50 and 75 items.

Not me, i still make characters all the time, level them individually, and also farm items in endgame content. And that’s after four years and nearly 4000 hours.


Likewise, every build I have posted was levelled by me from 1 to 100. Even my failed/graveyard characters were fully levelled with gear farmed/traded for. I’m sitting on playtime of about 3.2k hours at this point.

The key personally is that I take breaks and play other games when I start to get burnt out, usually after I finish 2-4 characters. I still enjoy interacting with the community and some light-hearted theory crafting even when I’m not actively playing the game but I only really come back when there’s a character idea I really feel compelled to try or something I really like the look of/looks fun, something I don’t mind levelling with the end result as something to really motivate me to get there.

Playing the same fun characters I highlighted above is what keeps farming fun for me, and new characters keeps things fresh, as does returning to old characters I haven’t played for weeks or months.


3400ish and don’t find it boring…but I will say that my definition of completing a build isn’t or doesn’t match Crate’s and as such has caused me to play less.

I have still to load certain legendary MI’s (More specifically the vit to acid magi ring) despite increased drop rates and slamming my head into the farming wall.

So rng frustration and GDstash will just invalidate things (for me only) so haven’t gone that route.

Other issue would be perfectly rolled rare MI’s but it’s does have some problems as sometimes you want a yellow suffix but because of the lean towards certain mods based on damage it makes it hard to roll the item.

But it is also important to point out the number of obscene double rate MI’s I found during the most recent farm binge was quite shocking. However, none of which I will be using in the immediate future.

As such I can’t complete a build and it leads to burn out which I can sympathize with the OP but placing a easy mode vendor in the game won’t solve anything…not to mention that GDstash already exist.

WoW’s justice badge system during BC was a good example of how to supplement drops with a vendor…would be nice to at least buy my ring if I can’t load it and I have done enough theoretical runs to load way more than 2.

In addition, even with the component drop changes and the change in cost to Badge of Mastery, I still can’t load a proper +5 one and I blew through millions of saved bits and over 2000 crystals which was like everything I saved for the last 6 months and not a single badge was useful…this is painful :disappointed:. The only +5 one I rolled was to war cry…

It seems like you are going for extremely rare rolls, e.g. specific +5 BoM, rare legendary MIs, and double rares. While some enjoy farming to perfect their gear to the final percentage point and “completing” their builds, for many–including you it seems–it can eventually become a recipe for tedium, frustration, and burnout. There are, however, other ways to play, if you are willing to accept that your build may never be “complete”.

I, for instance, rarely concern myself with getting specific BIS drops in order to perfect a build. Rather, I enjoy the challenge of making the strongest character I can with what I have available to me at the moment. I have 5 or so end-game characters that I play regularly. I use the strongest ones to farm, and when an upgrade drops for another one, I switch to that other character. If I get a good drop that none of my characters can use, I create a new one. I recently found a really good Lucius’ Blade-Arm, so it looks like it’s time to make my first aether melee character. For the record, I have been playing this way since early access, and I am still thoroughly enjoying the game.

P.S. I would say that the transmute feature is, in a sense, a vendor mechanic for set items. We have it good compared to the days when you had to actually drop each distinct part of a set.

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Mmm no thanks. I’ll stick to my definition. Have a great day!

I see how many of you have no life.Problem is this: if your gear is good enough then you don’t need new item.Trasmute helps only with lesser builds if you could keep up with money and materials. I will not go into
multiplayer and buy what I need.GD is for me the best game ever but beacause is so big it became the problem.On Ultimate there should be more drops and only ultimate gear.That’s my opinion.

I think I found your problem


Between level 1-90 you don’t need to farm, you only need to leveling and reach to ultimate or at least Revered with Malmouth faction to buy the 1 hour exp potions. What about the gear? Well the faction gear are a dedicated leveling support and the final level 90 item version can carry you in farming the SR. I believe there is many beginner build in this forum that only use faction gear or easy to get MI regardless of affix.

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You can play wolcen if you don’t want to farm

Because you will quit that game before you even start farming


Like arivus said, you rarely if ever need to farm gear while levelling. You can buy gear from faction quartermasters at 35, 65, 70, 90 and 94 that in some cases will last you a good 20 or so levels and for the 90/94 equipment are good enough to use at end game.

If you have reached end game and you’re sick of farming for gear and don’t want to trade. As mentioned above, GD Stash exists to give you any item you want.

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I’m talking about farming on LVL 100 Ultimate and the game finished.

At that point farming is entirely optional. If you don’t like it, don’t do it, no one is forcing you to…

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