Expansion 3

Is there ever going to be another expansion beyond Forgotten Gods? It has been some time since that came out and I’m beginning to lose hope!

Lol, they’ve already stated many, many, many, times the game is done and will not have any more expansions.

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You find more details on Crate’s plans for GD in Grim Dawn FAQ - Compilation of Dev Feedback - #2 by eisprinzessin - your enthusiasm is appreciated though.


I almost never visit the forum so I didn’t know. I didn’t mean to offend anyone’s sensibilities.

I wish they would. That city builder they’ve moved on to is really not that great (and I am BIG fan of city builders, especially Banished which was meant to be the inspiration). It’s not a patch on Banished.

GD is content complete, devs stated that a while back. Only balance patches now.

They also working on a horror survival game as well as an RTS game which will be set on Cairn in a pre-GD era. The RTS will use the new generation of the GD game engine that Crate are working on and they’ll probably use it for most, if not all, of their other games in future.

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