Expansion incompadibility mode?

I’m hoping this is a bug and not a game design. I just got the game started playing multiplayer with a friend. Everything was fine and the game was great, so I bought AoM expansion. So now I can’t join his game and he can’t join mine. We both get AoM incompadibility mode errors. Is this a bug, are we missing some in the game settings, or is this by design

Think it in this way: People who owned only vanilla Warcraft 3 couldn’t play with people who also owned the Frozen Throne expansion.

So yeah, it’s by design. But not by intent, of course. It’s a limitation for anything that it’s not an always-online game with server-sided content.

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Yes, it’s by design, but there are a couple of ways you can get around it. Either do this

or use this

Note that any of your characters who have been in the expansion can’t go back to base game. So it’s best to keep separate characters for multiplaying with your friend.

He could also buy the expansion or you could gift it to him of course.

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