[TOOL] GD Switcher v1.2


  • Read and download currently from my post here below.

What It Does

  • Lets you easily set and change launch options and fire the game up
  • Enable/disable expansions to more easily play with your friends
  • More in-depth features are being worked on (saves/stash/mods management and other related tasks)

How To Use

  • It’s a self-contained .exe file, no installation needed
  • Download and place it wherever you like (I prefer pinning it to the Windows taskbar personally)
  • Fire it up and press some buttons. If you have custom installation paths, set your paths

Concerning Your Antivirus Programs

  • Note - do keep in mind that if your Antivirus program freaks out and blocks it, this is a false-positive and it is up to you to make the judgement call to allow it or not. If you do, please register it with your Anti-virus provider as a false-positive so they can do what is necessary to pass it as “clean” in the future.

    Please do not bother reporting such occurrences to me here since there is nothing much I can do for it directly and I am in no way responsible for the heuristics detection of your antivirus program making bad calls.

    This is an issue that even a relatively known company like Crate has to deal with as well. Grim Dawn still consistently gets harassed by AV flags during updates to this day.


    Many users of AV software barely know how to use the software they’ve installed or had pre-installed upon their system. If you don’t understand what you’re doing then know that Google exists (and other search engines like it). Use it, educate yourself. The collective knowledge of the world is at your fingertips, please don’t waste it.

More Random Info

  • Right-click on the “Steam” or “GOG” buttons to access the “Set Paths” screen for each of the game clients, the options on each of these pages will be greyed out/disabled if Switcher already detects the default paths or otherwise has already attained this information

  • Switcher creates a folder for itself here:
    C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\Documents\My Games\gd-switcher

    It uses this folder to create token .txt files here that it uses as its “memory” so that it remembers the various settings you choose from session to session

    This is also where it stores the shortcut files it uses to launch the game

  • Delete the above mentioned folder and the ‘GD Switcher.exe’ to uninstall the program if you need to. Deleting just the folder is also an easy way to “reset” Switcher



Special thanks to @JMD for making Switcher’s icons and for testing the “other” version I was working on. Don’t worry, I’ll get the Python version up to that point :slight_smile:

To everyone else, be sure to check out JMD’s amazing UI modification: Grim UI

Need to know how to move your saves from the cloud to local saving (or vice versa)? Then check out my visual guide that shows you step-by-step, nice and easy: Visual Guide to Move Your Cloud Saves to Local - and Vice Versa


This is really great, thank you for working on this. I was asking for any tricks in the discord that could achieve this without needing to re-install the expansions. When I need to play vanilla or AoM I will be trying this out for sure :smiley:

Glad ya like. I’m still working away at it… slowly but steadily. Been working on finishing up getting the save switching built-in then I got a lil bored of that and started doing some UI redesign work on it.

It’s coming along :cool:

OP has been updated with v1.1 of GD Switcher

  • The 1.1 update features a completely redone UI and includes options to launch 32 and 64 bit GD, toggle DX9 on or off, and the ability to launch the game with Grim Internals if you have it installed to your games installation folder(s).

  • If you use GD Switcher I would recommend that you disable any launch options you have set thru the Steam client directly otherwise they may override any toggles you set in Switcher.

Interesting utility, I would use this to play with someone who has not buy a dlc.
Only one question - does my loot from dlc are disappearing when I turn on dlc back after I disable their?

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How the game handles your characters

  • FG characters will not show up in the AoM and Vanilla menus.

  • AoM characters will not show up in Vanilla.

  • If you use a Vanilla character in AoM (or FG) it creates a Vanilla backup of itself that is displayed whenever you run Vanilla. The one that you brought into the expansions is thenceforth converted and cannot go back.

  • Expansion items cannot and will not show up in the base game. Likewise FG Items aren’t going to be appearing in AoM and Vanilla, and no AoM items in Vanilla.

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Thanks for clarification

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Virustotal analysis of the files:



They scan positive for malware. Careful, folks.

I trust @powbam is not distributing malware via the forums.


Hello and thank you for this tool. Rreally neat and handy.

Question: Will it ever be possible to control which loading screens & character selection background are visible? I would love to have the AoM screens only, as i so very much enjoy the eerie aesthetic of Aetherial green.

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Thank you and glad someone out there likes it.

  • Note: there is actually a new version of Switcher currently in the works that I’ve rebuilt from the ground up and will have many more useful features

Loading screens I do believe can be be changed via modding. As for the main menu backgrounds… to my understanding that particular trick might require Crate. I actually know very little concerning actual “modding” of GD as I have never tried my hand at it yet and my tool focuses primarily on elements “outside” of the game that I can access and control.

Oh neat, when will the new version be ready for download?

The loading screens are pretty simple to replace with the "Settings’ directory “trick”.

The mainmenu on the other hand, well, I’ll see what can be done. It’s possible that the same trick can be used for this, but don’t take that written in stone. I’d have to play around with it when I get some free time.

How does this settings directory trick work? Do i simply remove a file, and the new FG loading screen will be absent? Could this cause problems? I am selectively tech dumb so i want to be careful and not break anything. Thanks for any info <3

I am unsure but if I were to wager a “guess” I would tentatively say perhaps within the next month. I’ll post some screens here for ya once I get a little further along and some details on new “features”.

If this proves to be true then that raises the potential to possibly program a function to rotate image backgrounds in and out on the fly. With FG it already has 3 max backgrounds that you can potentially change at a time. If you could manage to easily rotate the 3 backgrounds with 3 different ones every X amount of minutes, randomly grabbing from a folder of backgrounds, then the question at that point would be if GD would “allow” it and “see and use” the new files appropriately in real-time. Hmmm.

That sounds like it has all kinds of implications for adding new images of your choice . . . for now i just want to remove the FG loading screen, if possible. Are they just image files somewhere in the directory?

Well, the “Settings” trick is pretty simple. You can either use the one created by the game “…Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings” or you can create one in the Grim Dawn installation directory, where the “Grim Dawn.exe” resides. I prefer the latter personally. Once you do that, you can “replace” files such as textures, fonts or meshes, for example. See my thread [REL] Grim UI for a good example of this. :wink:

So, let’s say you create a “Settings” directory in the game install folder. After that, create another folder inside “Settings” called “UI”. Once you do that, extract the .zip file I’m giving you and put that inside “UI”. This will “replace” your loading screens with 1 Grim Dawn and 2 AoM screens. No more FG screen as you requested. :+1:

(Download removed)

I won’t leave this up for too long, so please let me know when you get it.

Don’t worry about breaking anything either. This trick is pretty harmless but really cool.

It works like a charm, sir. I do it all the time as I am no fan of the default images. The images themselves are kick ass, I just find it too much for me in-game, so I use the Forgotten Gods logo for all three.

I have no idea if you can exceed three, but, what you’re suggesting sure would be interesting.

i’ve gotten the zip thingy, you can go ahead and take it down . . . . i may return shortly with questions!

thanks again <3

Thanks for letting me know.

If you have any questions, you may want to ask in my thread mentioned above. I don’t want to clutter powbam’s thread with graphics stuff. :wink: