(Eye of Storm) Blueprint, where?

I am building a Shaman Storm Totem build.

Eye of Storm seems like an awesome damage relic for my build.

Where can I get this blueprint? I also need Focused Prism crafting material! :frowning:

Looks like it can only be dropped and not found with a faction vendor.

You might have to farm treasure troves, nemesis or bosses to get it or ask someone to trade one for you. That or use GDStash or another program to get it right away.

Focusing Prism is sold by Devil’s Crossing Faction Vendor.

Yeah, relic recipes are a gigantic pain in the ass in this game. The obvious fix would be to make the Origin of the Slith and The Depths of Old Arkovia check for duplication (like normal random drops do…), but if Crate was going to do that they would have done it long ago.

Unless you’re willing to cheat it into your possession with GDStash (and in this case I think that would be entirely justified, though I didn’t do so myself), what you’ll have to do is get your first character to level cap and farm Crucible a couple dozen times. Doesn’t really matter what tier; for a first character, Aspirant has been all I can do and it still drops a couple blueprints per run. But expect to spend quite some time grinding RNG to get the relics you need. Note that you don’t just need the Eye of the Storm blueprint, you also need blueprints for all of the relics used to make it, and all the relics used to make them.

Definitely make a point of doing Origin of the Slith with every character in every difficulty, but expect 90% of the blueprints Kasparov gives you to be duplicates of ones you already know. Opening every dynamite chest you find can also help; at worst you’re trading a dynamite for an Ancient Heart or equivalent, which is worth doing regardless.

Good luck!

Could you kindly refrain from suggesting to cheat as first best option when someones is missing a blueprint? Thank you.


If you are on steam, add me as tsuelue, I´d happily craft you the relic, all I need is the required materials and the iron bits for the smith.



Well, it is no different from trading tbh. You are simply eliminating the need for another player. Unless someone wants to avoid such things for their own personal reasons, nothing wrong with it. It is a single player game and as such should be left entirely to the player to play it as they wish.

Refer to this post for blueprints: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=66314

The blueprint you seek is from table A so your best bet is to farm Nicholas Balthazar; Allostria, the Mindthief (AoM); Dreven Cole (AoM); High Priest Rolderathis; Naxen Shade (AoM) and Wraith of Sorrows: all of these give 9.9%+ chance to drop blueprint but there are many possible ones, so it may take a while.

There are other possibilities with under 9.9% chance (some as high as 9.6%) but the biggest issue is that there’s overall only a 0.13% chance to drop Eye of the Storm relic.


Other tables also have this relic but table B has much smaller chance to drop (0.068%) and, while table C has a much higher chance (0.765%), the monster drops have a much smaller percentage of giving blueprints, with Galakros the Mountain (AoM) having the highest with 6%.

Nope. Could you kindly refrain from telling me what to do? Thank you.

As Maya said, I see no moral difference between GDStashing and trading. It’s a single player game, so either way it’s “cheating” if you care about such things. If people would rather have their first character at level cap for months using a mere level 35 relic while they grind blueprint drops, they certainly can. I do not recommend the experience.


The only reason why I mention GDStash is because I usually rely on it for end game gear due to having over 3k hours with GD (been here since Alpha + Playtesting the game results in many new characters and playthroughs) + with every expansion the loot pool increases dramatically making the chance in getting what you want rather unlikely in a lot of cases. This kinda works because generally while you are playing one character you are realistically building up itemization and options for other future or previous characters - however at some point it can be rather daunting trying to get what you want.

Yeah, farming Blueprints is a pain this game. Not only do u need to farm the receips but you also need to farm the blueprints for them.

By the way, I just finished the Norm Storey… completed 6 Acts.

Can I access the Crucible? I am lvl 60

You can access the Crucible from lvl 1 without ever touching the main story if you prefer :smiley:

Trading isn’t the same as GDStash. You still have to put in some effort to collect mats or items for trade. This is also why don’t advocate ridiculously low prices in the trading community (yes, Mad_Lee, I’m talking to you ;)). If you don’t feel like you put in any effort into obtaining your gear then the sense of achievement and satisfaction is reduced.

I’m not against GDStashing especially for mats when you test and optimize builds (if I was to farm blooms and seals to craft new components everytime I change sth I’d never get anywhere). But it should be said, everytime someone recommends it to new players, that it kills the game in a way once you start doing it. I don’t recommend even looking at GDStash before you’re 1000 hour old.

You can probably reach Aspirant 100 or a bit higher. I remember my first character tried Crucible at around character level 55 or so, facerolled the first 98 waves, had a real fight against Sentinel in wave 99, and lost to Valdaran in wave 100. My third character had a pretty easy time with all 100 waves around character level 66 or so. As long as you have resists capped you’ll probably be OK at level 60.

I haven’t tried waves 100-150 before level 78ish, but it’s always been pretty easy by that point. Maybe a low 60s character with Crucible buffs (once you have a supply of tributes) can do it; I wouldn’t be surprised.

Aspirant 150 gives one legendary and two blueprints, though the blueprints are not always relics. I don’t recall what I got for those Aspirant 100 runs, since I was doing them for a change from the endless cycling of the story quests and every character needs to do that much anyway to open up Challenger Crucible.

Different people with different opinions, I guess :rolleyes:

I advocate for people giving away items they don’t need to people who do because this is a game. There’s no real “achievement” to punching the skinner box 5-5000 times until you get the right purple thing. If that’s how you get satisfaction, you’d be just as satisfied by playing Progress Quest.

Gear is the gateway to playing the game, not the game itself. Making it harder to get doesn’t help anyone.

No it shouldn’t, because it’s dumb. Just because you, personally, have a hangup about mods in a single player game does not mean everyone else does. And as a single player game, the way I play has exactly zero bearing on how much you enjoy the game, and vice versa.

I don’t even use GDStash, but this ridiculous idea of “earning your fun” has got to stop. If someone uses a mod to skip the 900 hours of cutting themselves to get the set they need to make a build work, it’s no less “legit” than grinding out 50,000 Alkamos kills or whatever except for the fact that one person has significantly more time to enjoy their build (which, as an expression of skill and game mastery, is something actually worth taking pride in).

For what it is worth, I just found the blueprint for Eye of the Storm (one of my most anticipated relic drops for my Storm Druid) a few weeks ago (v1.0.7.1).

It dropped for me from Valdaran’s (Aetherial Nemesis) chest after I defeated him on Elite difficulty inside Port Valbury. I was slumming it with a Lv100 character, as the relic is actually a relatively low level and I wanted to boost my chance of “suboptimal” drops. Seemed to do the trick.

That being said, I’m sure that is totally circumstantial and I just had some lucky RNG. Still, it was pretty rad to finally find the blueprint I was craving, and getting it as loot from a Nemesis that is all about lightning damage anyway seemed appropriately thematic. Good times.

As for the component, you may already be able to craft it. There are quite a few components that never drop as loot, but can be crafted. Check with your smith to see if it is in there. If not, that means you’ve got another blueprint hunt on your docket.

Happy hunting!

Whatever, man.

Now, this is dumb, plain contradictory.

I feel like I am getting blueprints much faster since I started playing Crucible. Nevertheless, obtaining a specific blueprint is not an easy task.

A bit off-top: are all the craftable items could be dropped? (except for relics)

To add to my post earlier: in order to boost the odds of getting the blueprint you seek, so long as it’s of a low level, suggest trying either Elite or even Veteran, so that you eliminate the higher level possible drops from the list of possible drops, therefore increasing your chances.

I’m surprised i don’t see it mentioned because if i know this, all the more experienced players here probably know it too, but after you rescue Hiram for the Malmouth resistance (quest to rescue 2 groups of scavengers in Steelcap district) he opens a shop in the resistance outpost. He sells relics recipes (usually he has 2) and some components. Using the merchant reset trick (the game only remembers the inventory of the last 2 merchants visited so if you visit a merchant, then visit 2 other merchants and come back to the first one his inventory will have changed) it would be possible, in theory, to look for a specific recipe.

Regarding “cheats”, i think the only person you can cheat in a single player game is yourself. Ultimately everyone has to know how they want to play their game and whether they can resist cheating more than they would enjoy. Even if someone has fun cheating a level 100 char to normal difficulty to squash everything that moves why should i worry about it. Grim Dawn is not a competitive game. There’s no ladder, no reward beyond the fun you have playing the game and since fun is different for everyone, as long as nobody’s hurting anyone else, nobody should judge anyone.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for all relics.

I lost all my blueprints due to a stupid mistake so i bought all i could from all the vendors, and even with the aid of crucible, i couldn’t get the Squall relic.

Managed to get it by doing several Gollus, the Deepdweller runs in Veteran difficulty, using my main level 100 char. Squall relic belongs to table B (see my 1st post in this topic) and there are other monsters that have good odds of dropping it.