Falcon Swoop builds

I really like how this proc looks and have never used it before. Please share your builds with it.
I don’t have much experience with Bleed and am looking for inspiration. Can be super meme.
The builds I’m doing atm end up being fantasy Crucible dps frankensteins that are not suitable for normal gameplay.


  • in a Physical / Bleeding hybrid
  • when it’s not added artificially,
  • Shaman, Oathkeeper, Occultist, Soldier masteries
    • if Nightblade you’d most likely go for Pierce too which I rather not do

but I could look at others too.

You want actual builds or theorycraft ideas? If latter counts;

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDBmLw2 S&B Physical&Bleed Blademaster meme idea.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jnDYq2 2H Vitality&Bleed Blade Arc Warlord. This can work if some vitality&bleed item suggestions become real in

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoaQDz2 2H Vitality&Bleed Savagery + PS Conjurer. Another meme with bad stats and it’s too piano for me to pilot.

This one I tried and didn’t like it; https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk7mqQN S&B Bloodrager Warlord. No Falcon but it can be implemented easily, it was tanky and had great bleed stacking but no lifeleech. Though I think it can be adjustable to hit & run style.

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I have tried building bleeding specs and always use it. For physical it’s the opposite, I haven’t tried it before.


I used it on my phys rune pally… on rune of kalastor means the projectiles shotgun out from the rune

i don’t think i’ve ever used it on anything but bleed builds, too expensive/low dmg on pierce, flat phys obviously not good, and for trauma the WD isn’t enough for its application i feel
and lately i’ve been going “greedy” bleeds without Falcon, trying to get ex Mogdrogen+soldier or oleron+mogdrogen/soldier

it’s an awesome leveling devotion tho, but the cooldown kinda bums me out on endgame builds, often finding it a “hassle” to pair it with a decent proccer

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It works pretty well with Briarthorns and Primal Spirit in Pet builds. It deals massive damage as a shotgun and gives these Pets a decent AoE in a cone.

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Haven’t used it in ages, but i remember how broken it was at one point. It was around the time i started playing and i remember it having around 90% weapon damage and that caused it to deal disgusting damage. I think it also had more projectiles, not 100% sure.


Here’s what changes I could find from the patch notes: - Falcon Swoop: reduced % Weapon damage to 60% by rank 20, increased cooldown to 2s - Falcon Swoop: reduced % Weapon damage to 30%, added 65 Physical damage - Falcon Swoop: reduced % Weapon damage by 5% at max rank, increased Physical damage - Falcon Swoop: reduced % Weapon damage to 20%, increased base Physical damage


Thanks for all the builds. I’m going to return to this thread while gradually playing all those Bleed builds.

I’ve made some no-green meme: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23OmK72
Falcon Swoop is bound to Storm Totem so it will be procced well.

Just theorycrafts are fine.

Can you correct this link - it doesn’t work for me.

Yup, that’s it, i started playing a little before I could swear that it had a couple of projectiles removed, but i’m probably confusing it with something else.

Fixed it 10/

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If I’m not mistaken, you can open grimtools with web archive type website and look if the site capture the grimtools link prior to the game update.

The captured link surprisingly have no problem with opening and putting devotion point on the past grimtools, and I believe it can also share the link. I remember I use it that way earlier this year when checking the AoM/pre-FG devotion bonus.

Has anyone tested similar fantasy version of Bloodrager https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk77xbN ?

  • Bleeding + Physical support
  • based around Bloodspill Cleaver
  • 4555% Bleeding damage with procs, base and Cunning :laughing:

I haven’t played Bloodrager and wondering whether to GDStash / is it different enough to what has been already tested.

Not exactly a build, but was one of the best and most flavorful elements to my HC unarmed build, Boris Tsarevich.


Great pictures! It was worth sacrificing my middle finder to scroll through all of them :slight_smile:

Yep go back to 1.0 launch and destroy the shit out of everything with it. Struggled to fit it into any physical builds recently and I’ve never actually tried bleed

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I like the name :ok_hand: Boris Tsarevich is the mirror of Tsar Boris.

I am a stupid American, but I did have the courtesy enough to at least read up on some Russian names and brief history behind it. I chose a Russian name for the build because build is tough and a bad ass. Also Russian names are awesome. Like Boris, or Jeff. lol its a no brainer. Boris all the way!

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As a Bulgarian I like the name since it originates from Bulgaria (Wikipedia have entrance) and tsar is the Bulgarian monarchy title, means Caesar. Tsar Boris is also Bulgarian Tsar, so you nailed the name on accident.

Sorry TqFan for swooping the topic :sweat_smile:


Allowed only if having a birb in one’s avatar.

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