Farm grouping

I would like to group farms, and assign different workers to each. I have farms on each side of my town and it is very inefficient to have people moving from one side of town to the other.

Grouping your farms is beneficial and will save travel time.

Be sure to leave at least one empty space between fields.

This will keep your Farmers from confusing crop assignments, losing crops to Field Rot, will help check the spread of disease and give you room to place Apiaries for Bees, Honey and Wax.

Grouping your Farm Fields also helps cut down on the material needs for your fencing and it’s build-time.

Each Farm will have specific assigned workers, but the workers will service any Farm or Apiary in need of planting or harvesting.

I think you missed the point. I am asking for a change.

I have 5 or 10 farms to the north of the city, and the same to the south. I want farmers to stay north or south and not travel between.

Then you are out of luck.

Farming is a group assignment tasking the same way harvesting wood is a group assignment tasking.

I posted this as a future idea. I think it will be needed if we get beyond 1000 people.

Getting beyond 1000 population will require much more than assigned farmers.

The number of polygons this game generates means that, even after optimization, the number of gaming rigs that can successfully run this game is on the short, high-end side of the spectrum.

Populations in excess of 1k create so much lag that you’d need a Cray to get a decent framerate.

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