Farming Compendium [Statistics]

Hello everyone,

first of all - please excuse me if my english is not perfect, it’s not my mother tongue.

After I started to gather data from my farming runs I decided to post the Twin Falls results in this forum for those of you that are interested. Now that I’m done with Twin Falls I thought it might be a good idea to have results from multiple runs in just one thread. So here it is :slight_smile:

The idea behind it is to…
…gather somewhat reliable data to be able to rate and compare the efficiency of farming runs at a certain patch
…keep the effort to do so as low as possible to A: sustain the fun and B: to make it more likely that other people decide to gather data too to compare the results

The Results
Unless otherwise noted, all runs are done on the ultimate difficulty

The Twin Falls Run []

Average time per run (out of 10 runs): 119s


[spoiler]- Loot: green and above, all materials

  • Tactic: focus on killing heroes and bosses, kill trash when it blocks the path
  • Difficulty: easy, no Nemesis afaik, weak mobs, not a lot of danger except if you run into a 5 heroes-pack and have low defenses
  • Reliability: 200 runs -> reliable
  • The time is different to the one in my first Twin Falls post, because I am now farming with my Witch Hunter, that is achieving faster clear speeds. Also I only included the route that is including the tower, as it appears to be the better option[/spoiler]

The Cronley Run []

Average time per run (out of 10 runs): 143s



  • Loot: green and above, all materials
  • Tactic: focus on killing heroes, bosses (including Direni) and the occasional Fabius, kill trash when it blocks the path
  • Difficulty: Killing Fabius might prove difficult depending on your build and equipment, other than that it’s rather easy, avoid Cronley’s Molotov-Aether-things and kill the spawning crystals
  • Reliability: 200 runs -> reliable[/spoiler]

The Kilrian Run []

Average time per run (out of 10 runs): 181s



  • Loot: green and above, all materials
  • Tactic: focus on killing heroes, bosses on the way to Kilrian. A lot of running so gapclosers & movementspeed helps. I did NOT kill the occasional Moosilauke as it would have taken me too long, drop rates might be better if you can kill him quickly
  • Difficulty: Killing Moosilauke might prove difficult depending on your build and equipment, I always ran past him. Kilrian himself can be easily killed if you learn his rotation and dodge. If you facetank him he can be bursty. Also he seems to sometimes spawn with reflect damage.
  • Reliability: 50 runs -> not 100% reliable[/spoiler]

[spoiler]1. Teleport to Broken Hills and enter the Arkovian Undercity just north-east



4. Enter Kilrian’s room, kill him, done!

Attachment: twin hive results with tower.jpg
Attachment: Twin Hive tower 1.jpg
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Attachment: kilrian results 1.jpg
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Attachment: kilrian run 1.jpg
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Attachment: AU1.jpg
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Attachment: cronley results 1.jpg
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Attachment: royal hive results 1.jpg
Attachment: royal hive results 2.jpg
Attachment: royal hive spawns.jpg
Attachment: royal hive inside.jpg
Attachment: royal hive skittering den.jpg
Attachment: boc first floor 1.jpg
Attachment: boc first floor 2.jpg
Attachment: boc first floor results 1.jpg
Attachment: boc first floor results 2.jpg

The Royal Hive Run []

Average time per run (out of 10 runs): 264s



  • Loot: green and above, all materials
  • Tactic: focus on killing heroes, bosses. Kill trash when it blocks the path. Due to huge mob density and small tunnels inside the Hive, gapcloser skills are very usefull. Remember to loot Gollus’ chest.
  • Difficulty: Rather easy, except on the way to the hive spawns if you’re squishy and don’t have aether resists, a bunch of heroes can burst for quite a bit.
  • Reliability: 50 runs -> not 100% reliable[/spoiler]

Teleport to Rotten Croplands and make your way to these possible Hive spawn locations (the ones I encountered in 15 runs):

Skip the Swarming Hatchery and make your way to the Skittering Den @ A

3.Make your way to the point I marked, break the wall and enter the hidden cave.

4.Clear all heroes & the Boss inside the cave (remember to open his chest) and then exit the 2 caves on the fastest way until you’re back in the Royal Hive.

5.Then make your way to the queen in her cave @ B, kill her and your’re done.

The BoC First Floor Run []

Average time per run (out of 10 runs): 171s



  • Loot: green and above, all materials
  • Tactic: focus on killing heroes, bosses and the very rare nemesis spawn. Kill trash when it blocks the path. If you die frequently set up a portal in front of the entrance. Be careful with all the chaos aoe damage flying around.
  • Difficulty: Medium. The mobs can deal a lot of aoe damage, cc you and burst you, a solid defense & some sustain can be helpful. The very rare Benn’Jahr spawn might prove difficult, depending on your gear and skill setup.
  • Reliability: 100 runs -> rather reliable[/spoiler]

Teleport to the Necropolis interior Rift and make your way to the BoC entrance

Check your location and find the trove spawn point at the points I marked on the map, starting with the lower/the nearest one(s). After finding the trove, take the shortest way to the boss (marked with a circle), kill him and you’re done.


More runs might be coming when the expansion is released…

Thanks to Flying Potato for starting to collect data.
As always, any feedback is appreciated.
If you want to collect data yourself you can download my spreadsheet here for up to 200 runs of your choice.
However I’m not sure if the file is compatible to other excel-versions than my german one.

Good luck out there,
Have fun!


  • updated results from now 100 BoC first floor runs
  • added results from 50 BoC first floor runs
  • updated results from now 200 Cronley runs
  • added results from 50 Royal Hive runs

Oh god i love statistics.

Thanks for your work, maybe put your exel datasheet up to download so others can use the exact same sheet, send it back to you and you can update the stats more easily

Here you go!

However this was made in the german excel version and I’m not sure if it is compatible to other languages.

Thanks for the info, I enjoy reading things like this. Your Killrian run differs greatly from mine, is there a reason you don’t hit all the bosses and get the trove?

I would love to have a comprehensive guide, including statistical analysis, as to which areas are considered top tier for the farming of gear and components.

I know that Flying Potato has already conducted a number of studies and shared his findings. I subscribe to each thread of this nature so that, once I reach the point where I start farming rather than playing through the game Single-Pass, I will eventually know exactly which areas will reap the most beneficial results.

Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to seeing your findings.


Yes. In fact I only started this run because I wanted to farm Kilrian’'s Shattered Soul parts. However I ended up dropping a bunch of legendaries too, so I started to collect the data because I was interested in how it was going to compare :wink:

Thanks for this post and your data!

One of the best farming route imo is BOC1.

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I definitely have BoC 1. floor on my list.

Any other run that you guys consider possibly competitive? :smiley:

How long does it take you to kill Moose compared to Fab?

So you only killed 1 of the 3 other bosses in AU? Did you happen to stop and collect any treasure troves along the way when you found them? Looks like your route did not take you along all spawn locations. Just curious if you at least opened the ones you did run across as they are a great source of loot (and rare mats). I think it would be worth the time to pick those up on your way, specially not with the increased drop rates of epics and even being able to get legendries from them… You would have also be able to pick up in your 50 runs, roughly 40-44 rare mats (50*.85=42.5). That would equate to another 5 legendries…

I do like your path! I usually come in from TF (partly because I like to clear TF/hive on the way) so I can check the front spawn point for moose (my AAR sorcerer can take him down fast). Plus it is an easy route with no back tracking for the first trove check point and the hero (there is also a sarcophagus that can drops epics there). Here is my primary route… Lots of different blocked paths, but you should get the general idea…

The first boss might add too much time (more on time below in your Cronley run) but not if you fine a trove… But on the second floor, grabbing that boss and possible troves shouldn’t add too much time. Here is that route…

M=Moose spawn, T=trove, B=Boss…

Your Cronley run is interesting. Was trying to compare your rates with Flying potato. He hits some of the extra wasp heroes which would explain why his epics/run are so much higher (1.04 vs 1.70). Your TF run is still a little slower than his, but you also cover more ground so looks like your clear speeds are similar. So I’m going to make the assumption your time following his route would also be similar… not sure how much your two kill speeds of Fabius factor in (plus he found him at a little higher rate) but your per run speed is almost 40 seconds faster than Flying Potato when doing the Cronley run. Your two Legendary rates per run are similar (0.32 vs 0.30), but you can see the difference the 40 seconds makes in the per hour rate for legendries (8.06 vs 5.85). I think I would trade 10 epics for two legendries… So maybe skipping the wasps would be a good thing…

Very good Data!

ps, sorry for the large images, tried to hide them in spoilers but don’t know how to do that…

Just make sure you hit the treasure trove!! That is what makes this run so good! Get the trove and then go straight to boss at the gate (killing any heroes along the way of course).

Log might be a decent one too as there are two boss on the way, relatively short run (compared to BoC/SoT) and a chance for multiple legendries from Log himself (well his chests)! Very small chance to run into Benn as well…very small chance… if you can kill him fast enough… I will usually run Log then BoC (BoC is tough to pass up…).

Most of the other runs are so long it makes it hard for them to be efficient. The right classes can clear BoC or SoT is under 8 minutes and you get good loot…just not sure it would compare to 2 minute run that don’t require keys to be made too… I’ve heard people mention the Royal Hive in the Rotting Corpse lands, but with its random spawn location, multiple blocked paths and relative distance from the rift game, I don’t think it would be as efficient. But nice if you want some derp slicers…

All farming is done in Elite, right?

No, it’s done in Ultimate.

Fabius takes me about 30-40s, it takes less to kill hims but I clean the trash mobs around him first.
Moosilauke on the other hand doesn’t like me, I believe I might kill him in something like 2-3 minutes but I died to him a couple of times and that’s never efficient.

Whenever I came along a treasure trove I opened it.
That’s right, I didn’t bother checking for all of the trove spawn locations because I felt like it would take too long and lessen the heroe/boss count per hour too much. In addition to that, this adds time to farm dynamite for example by running Cronley (I have not yet included this extra time in any of my runs).

Before posting this data I didn’t know how to do that too. You can use the normal spoiler button and add a 2 behind “spoiler” like this: [ SPOILER2 ] [ / SPOILER2 ]

So do any of you have a particular good path that meets all possible trove spawn points?
And do all of you look for the trove and afterwards go straight to the boss?

How many of the 11 rares you received on your 50 run were from troves?

Flying potato didn’t include his dynamite farming time into his runs (like when he did the shrine of the forgotten god)…I think most people assume if they are going to do those runs they already have enough dynamite. I think he did do some dynamite farming runs but can’t remember if there was a conclusion on the best place for that… I will cut down on your hero/boss count, but it would probably help with your loot count (especially if you equate 8 rares = 1 legendary).

Flying Potato showed the short run to the trove in the SotFG was the most efficient (when equating rares to legs). That was before troves dropped legendries…now they do and seem to drop epics more frequently too. So the extra time maybe worth it…assuming you have the dynamite. :slight_smile:

Before posting this data I didn’t know how to do that too. You can use the normal spoiler button and add a 2 behind “spoiler” like this: [ SPOILER2 ] [ / SPOILER2 ]


So do any of you have a particular good path that meets all possible trove spawn points?
And do all of you look for the trove and afterwards go straight to the boss

your spawn location is random when entering BoC so there isn’t a set route. Typically I’ll run the shortest path to check the bottom three based on the spawn location and then circle back up and to check the other two locations and then to the boss. I will some times run the length of the bridge to check for Benn spawn. Its so rare though, so probably lowers efficiency too much… The boss drops ok loot (normal boss so better than heroes with a chance for epics and occasionally legendries), but drops bloods fairly regularly so that is why I always kill the boss. Does add more time, specially if trove isn’t near him…but getting another blood and chance at more loot, I “feel” it is worth it…but maybe the time isn’t efficient if the trove is in the south…don’t have the data to show if it truly is or not…

this is a link to all treasure trove locations:

Thanks for the stats and info! I’ve had the most luck with Cronley followed by Gutworm runs.

I am very happy that I have inspired all this data gathering… it saves me a lot of effort! Seriously, you do so many runs so fast! I’ve been promising a thread on BoC first floor, but I’m only 40/100 runs in and haven’t progressed in days… I keep getting distracted by new class combinations :slight_smile:

Rambling aside, that’s some nice data you have there! Interesting stuff, and a very high legendary rate from Cronley, but then only 50 runs can introduce some seriously lucky drops that skew the results - I once had a run (undocumented, unfortunately), where 4 legendaries dropped in one 3 minute run… this kind of RNG can really mess up results. Either way, it does give a good approximation for how good the runs are, and it also allows people to compare data with mine :slight_smile:

As for dynamite farming, if you happen to have lots of Searing Embers and Scavenged Platings (and lets be honest, who doesn’t?), then the fasted way is to farm Warden’s Lab, go backwards up to the devotion shrine. That can net 10-20 Aether crystals, sometimes shards too, and if you are willing to pay (considering the money obtained from a trove, it’s definitely worth it), then you can mass craft Dynamite. Now, crafting 500 dynamite for dismantling, that’s another story… :wink:

I really can’t tell, since I’ve done so many Cronley runs after the Kilrian runs, I’m sorry :rolleyes:

And I believe it’s allright not to do so as I got huge amounts of Dynamite from running Cronleys. Due to the fact that Cronleys also seems to be a very efficient run, I guess people could just do some of those if they are short on it. I didn’t actually document the Dynamite rate for this Cronleys run but I believe it should be at around 2.5 - 2.8 per run, as you get a lot from Moneybags and one guaranteed spawn in the last third of the run.

Thank you for your info. This will help due to the fact that I haven’t done a lot of BoC farming before.

Could you please give me some details about your Gutworm run (on ultimate or elite?)? Have you felt like it was more rewarding than your Cronleys runs?

BoC runs look like they are quite time consuming so 40 runs are already quite a lot of work :slight_smile: I’m done with all exams in this current semester so that leaves me with a lot of time - and Grim Dawn is not the worst way to spend it, I guess…:wink:

Yes, Cronley runs were surprisingly efficient and I also felt like there might be something off due to luck etc… Right now I’m at around 130 runs and the legendary/hour rate dropped to around 7,1 after 20 rather “unlucky” runs. I’ll update the info soon.
RNG can have an immense impact on results and “fun”, both in a positive and a negative way, you’re right :smiley:

Thank you for this Aether Crystal route, I’ll give it a try when I’m short on it (however after that many Cronley runs with 2 Aether/run I’m pretty well supplied :smiley:

How long are your BoC runs averaging? Probably a lot more variability in those depending on your spawn location and the trove location… The nice thing about a Cronley run is the rift is at the start of the run and there isn’t much variation to the path. The run from the necro rift to BoC adds a bit of time… Once in a while there is a hero and I’ve heard rumors of Benn spawning on the way but over all, mostly wasted time…

Are you keeping your same path on your Cronley runs? I know you added the tower to your TF runs. Wasn’t sure if you’d add the Wasps in for Cronley. The data was suggesting that would be a hit to your legendries, but add more epics…