Farthest Frontier v0.7.6

I only play this game right now so its good to see the devs working on it. Good changes. Going to boost my Arborists

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Thank you for fixing the death cult and hopefully plants that are in water, find out that when I play next. Sadly you have done nothing about level terrain. I had hoped Crate would have done something with that. Spending 10 ten years to get level enough to put down a school sucks and yes I could but the school some where else but that is not the point. The point is all builds run into this problem and worse if you change the terrain around a building and you move it, like a shelter, the next shelter has to have terrain work done to make it usable. This whole terrain problem just puts this game on the dead game list. Add to the terrain problem is the micro managing selecting multiply objects for prioritization for example. Lastly the changes in cobbled roads and barns sucks, shrugs. Cobble roads at least made up for the lack of work camps in the early stages. Thank you for staying on top of your games.

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I see some people talk about the flatten terrain tool a lot, and expect a lot from it. It’s entirely within the keeping of the game that a vilage of a few dozen to a few hundred people would NOT be up to wholesale landscaping of the countryside, remember they only have shovels! The most I ever use is a few squares at a time, and rarely. I saw someone say they used it to remove an entire hill, I doubt very much their villagers were thanking them for that order…


Are you playing on flat map because Alpine is a very uneven terrain? :thinking:

I just work around the mountains usually, and use the flatten terrain tool pretty rarely. I would use it more if it did more, though.

This makes no sense to me. I should be the one who chooses what and when to upgrade. I dont upgrade my houses to tier 4 or sometimes even tier 3 because of the abandon mechanic, roleplay and because I normally stay within 300-400 pop, so theres no reason for me. That really sucks if they think that way.

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Does toggling the auto button in the top right corner not stop the auto upgrade? I haven’t tried.

Yes, thank you for another great update. The game is more stable now, less hickups. Keep up the great work guys!

Stops all housing upgrades. But does not let you manually choose which house should be upgraded.


If you’re loading a saved gave from a previous version, do the changes to the patch version still apply? Or is a new game required?

It depends. Almost all patch changes apply, with only a couple of map-generation bug patches NOT being retroactive. In otherwords, you don’t need another game.

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Let’s hope not :wink:

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Keep up the good work!

I’m loving it

It´s funny tough. Every time you guys fix or change something, then my current game is about to crash. I run a standard level city , currently in year 110 and 1000 inhabitants and it is not easy to keep it running.

Yes it does, but you cannot upgrade a settlers house manually even if ready (icon above), in the house menu the upgrade button is greyed out, no function.
So when you toggle the auto-upgrade on again, all ready to - houses will start to upgrade all at once.

I don’t like this also, it has something to do with how I will manage my ressources. I then need to deactivate the build on each house I guess, so the ressources do not go there.


I don’t like this change, because cobbled streets increase the speed, now everything takes soooo long.

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So you guys made good head ways in getting the stuff out of the water to be harvest but still not quite perfect… The new map I made after the patch still has stuff in the water that can’t be harvested/moved(blueberries)


This is an Early Access game, a testing phase and often some changes also require that you start a new map, new town otherwise changes will not apply or the game “can” go… wonky… If you still play the same world since befor August - when the previous patch 0.7.5 came, and you did not start all over again with it, well conflicts or problems might increase and you are not really up to date to tell what is a bug.

So start a new map. There have been a lot of changes also for tier 2 -4 which you can’t test until you start all over again :slight_smile:

you can! Just turn off auto-house-upgrades so that you can manually update your houses as needed.

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