Farthest Frontier v0.9.0 + v0.9.0a

NOTE: the new spirituality system requires relics to fully enjoy it. The main method of acquiring relics is through excavating ruins, which are not retroactively generated on the map. In order to excavate ruins for relics, you will need to start a new map.


  • Workers that cannot path to their work building now trigger a warning on the building and the affected villager.
  • Fixed an issue where certain icons would display wolves instead of the correct symbol.
  • Fixed a rare issue where workers cannot be assigned to buildings.
  • Fixed an issue where detail objects could overgrow where Fruit Trees are planted.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shrine upgrade tooltip displayed the incorrect increase in upkeep cost.

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Major New Features


[Major New Features]

  • A new Spirituality system has been added to the game. Villagers now demand spiritual fullfilment, which can be managed through the construction of shrines and the all-new Temple. Relics can be excavated, traded for, and stolen from raiders and combined to create a faith unique to your town.
  • The paper industry has been added to the game. Villagers can now process flax into paper and combine that with leather to create books, a new luxury item. Construct grand libraries to provide entertainment based on the books stored.
  • The Guild Hall has been added to the game. The Guild Hall consumes paper to manage and improve your settlement’s industries.
  • The population cap of 1000 has been removed. You can now set your own population cap in the game settings if you wish.

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  • Optimized Farmer AI for improved framerate.
  • Farmers now prioritize fields more intelligently and will begin their work sooner.
  • Farmers now tend to fields in their spare time, reducing travel time when planting/harvest needs to be done.
  • Villagers now prioritize dropping off carried items at a nearby storage before moving on to other high priority tasks.
  • Fixed an issue guard, soldier and raider health would reset to a lower value on game load.
  • Fixed an issue where inputing numbers into the Trading Post UI could alter the game speed.
  • Fixed an issue where relocating a building would temporarily remove workers from other instances of the same building.
  • Fixed an issue where the Town Center would count homes stocked with luxury items incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the annual report would not track Beer consumption.
  • Fixed an issue where Raiders and Soldiers would hold Crossbows incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Merchants would be missing torsos.
  • Fixed an issue where the Town Center UI tabs could become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where Graveyards and Crop Fields could be built over Fruit Trees and Apiaries could be built inside Graveyards.
  • Fixed an issue where declining an immigration event could result in a follow-up immigration event of 0 villagers.
  • Fixed an issue where town would report needing excessive quantities of clothing, shoes and coats.
  • Fixed an issue where the Structural Integrity tutorial would not trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where villagers would perform tasks with invisible tools.
  • Fixed an issue where villagers end up with soldier portraits, and vice-versa.
  • Fixed an issue with villagers seeking medicine or getting treated indefiniely at a Healer’s House that has no healer.
  • Fixed an issue where the Healer’s House would count more patients than it treated.
  • Fixed an issue where raider notifications sometimes display the incorrect raider count.
  • Fixed an issue where adding 2 workers to a tower if another tower is vacant would not correctly add both to the same tower.
  • Fixed an issue where the work area circle would disappear while trying to move it.
  • Fixed an issue where extended Crop Fields would not generate a honey bonus.
  • Fixed an issue where removing buildings from the work area of a tier 2 Work Camp would not allow trees to be planted in the vacated space.
  • Fixed an issue where the the notification for rotted crops would display incorrect numbers.
  • Fixed an issue where you could relocate a blueberry bush onto another blueberry bush relocation site, causing one to vanish.
  • Fixed an issue where building a crop field over other build sites and then cancelling those build sites would result in a larger field for less work. The field generated now matches the originally placed shape before the build sites were cancelled.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a dead villager could continue to occupy a work slot.
  • Fixed an issue where some building windows did not correctly light up in the winter.
  • Fixed an issue where traps do not get relocated when a Hunter Lodge is relocated or has its work area moved.
  • Fixed an issue where a Hunter Lodge could get stuck in full storage limbo.
  • Fixed an issue where audio settings could reset.

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  • Improved UI scaling of the Town Center windows.
  • The Intro Cinematic is now correctly on the Master audio layer.
  • Resources with no remaining valid storage are now marked in the Resource Window.
  • Hints can now be individually disabled in the interface settings (ex. low laborers warning).
  • Defense buildings now show their Armor value when selected.
  • The Destroyed Building notification now only jumps to buildings that are still not rebuilt.
  • Hunter Traps now have a penalty to how frequently they produce when an excessive number is stacked in one area.

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  • Increased base water refill rate in Wells and reduced refill bonus from rain. On average, wells should generate more water.
  • Fixed an issue where some workers would go idle at the Blacksmith when making weapons or heavy weapons exclusively.
  • Granary window now correctly displays Barrel UI.

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  • Adjusted the balance between Wheat, Rye and Buckwheat to make each more distinctly appealing.

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That’s a bummer … you could have done a savegame/map patch into the upgrade process so that we could continue our current progress without needing to start all over again :frowning:

You can continue, but there won’t be any shrines spawned onto the map. I read the note as meaning the majority of the new spirituality system should work on old saves.

That’s what I was talking about, the ability to continue with the new features enabled on current save games.

Yes, I’m saying that my reading is that they will work, except a somewhat minor aspect of them. You can presumably still get relics from killing raiders or buying them from traders, which means it will work. You will just miss out on the fun of exploring the map to find them in ruins.

Uma pena ter que iniciar um novo jogo pra ter algumas mudanças

Are there going to be any changes made to the current mining system. The deep mining and standard mines I feel need to be tweaked. Thanks

It’s not possible. Excavation sites are generated when the map is, can’t retroactively populate them or they might pop in places you’ve already built.

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no upgraded cemetary means i need to get started on graveyard mountain!

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Now you ruined the game. I would accept that this path could be optional, but demanding is something I would like to avoid when talking about religion of any kind. The idea I gave while ago would fit better for a true gaming experience, that would be, when reaching T2->T3 player would need to choose a path for his villagers that would be technological or theological. Demanding you build structures that “for you (player)” makes no sense is a game breaking mechanic.

I’m sure you played with the new system before writing this and saw how mandatory it is.


im getting a black screen when opening an old save. altho it will work normally after about 15-20 sec

The notion that people get offended by a game having a religious/spiritual system is hilarious to me. This can only happen in 2023 :rofl: :joy:

Anyway, I’ve had like 100 hours of gameplay on this patch in the play testing server. Some really great changes Zandai, loving the game direction!

Still waiting for the horsemen and the ability to attack raider camps. When is that coming?


I’m excited to try out the new features in my existing game before starting a new one to be able to excavate relics too. I love the ideas of books and libraries, archaeology and relics and spiritual buildings.

Après de nombreux mois de pause (je trouvais que le jeu n’évoluait qu’à la marge) cette mise à jour avec l’introduction de la spiritualité vient de me donner envie de tester ça.
Sur le papier, ça a l’air génial et amusant. Maintenant, reste à voir comment ça fonctionne dans le jeu et si c’est aussi amusant que les mots le font croire. (Pas de panique, je suis un septique qui croit à tout :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Hello, I want to ask about when the horse and sheep update will be added, as well as the new defensive feature


I see no problem with having a religious factor what seems to me to be wrong is the magic stuff. i.e. getting % advantages in production and military powess etc from finding and buying relics just does not seem to fit with the rationale of the rest of the the existing game.
It is the Sorcery that I find irksome not the religion; the later was a real force in the medieval world but owning relics did not increase your harvests.


Owning relics absolutely did a lot of things to boost morale, amongst other things. It could’ve been a placebo effect, but holy relics boosted the military capabilities of the Knights Templar, as they fought for the Holy Land. Vikings and Celts used many relics to boost harvest, as well as pagan rituals. They all believed these things to be real.

And who are you to say what was going on 1000 years ago? Were you alive back then? I can absolutely believe in the possibility of magic existing at some point in time.

And lastly, as Zandai said in the live stream, relics are optional. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.


It would be a good idea to introduce a new way of using gold. Because why extract them when you can get them in larger quantities and in a shorter time from trade. I think a mint should be introduced into the game that will mint coins. After all, no one in the Middle Ages paid in gold bars. Ingots can be used to produce a luxury item, such as jewelry.


This isn’t Stellaris, we don’t need ascension paths to split this late-rennaissance/early modern society into jedi or robomans.

Sounds like something someone who ruined the game would say.

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