Favorite set from utility stand point?

Hi guys, wanted to ask you a question, which is your favorite set. But not visually or what is considered strongest but what is your set you’re often playing and wanting to build around it.

There are multiple versatile sets that can support different characters, including one with game mode name(not Crucible or Campaign set) :upside_down_face:

But by personal favorite is Bonemonger

Bonemonger supports three classes(Oathkeeper support is weak) and both elemental and aether damage. Elemental % damage boosts all three elements as we know, so you have tri-elemental, cold, fire, lightning or aether as alternatives. Furthermore Inquisitor have RR for all listed damages and that opens possibilities for all kind of whacky and creative possibilities. So Bonemonger is truly well made generic set.

What’s your favorite set? Write in comments below! :slightly_smiling_face:


You don´t really want me to write anything here, do you? :joy:


Dark One is one of my favorites too. Three classes on very least. And I see draft for Nightbringer build too.

@Rhylthar your favorite set is Bysmiel’s Trinkets and @Maya favorite is Bloodrager, I’ve got this one right? :rofl:


Yes, after we had a brainchange by Dr. Frankenstein. :nerd_face:


No, it’s obviously Avenger. It has %bleed on it so it’s clearly a bleed set.

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Jokes aside:
Bloodrager Set is very good for Bleeding and Physical. It supports three masteries and especially Shaman so you can combine any other mastery with Shaman and the results will be good (when you play Bleeding).

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Obviously Shattered Realm set. Best set in the game. :scorv:

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Has to be Justicar, although i dont play much of it lately. Its an example of a set done right: it can be used in 2, 3, 4 piece combinations in a great variety of builds because its main bonuses are so generic and its flat (fire) is one of the easiest to convert to the one you need.


Pretty sure if I answered this honestly it’d birth a war.

So, uh, at #2 we have Blood Knight!


Now you peak my curiosity :wink:

Maybe you mean Warborn?

@banana_peel I am surprised it’s not Deathmarked given your recent builds.

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So much untapped potential (outside of the common CR circles)

Built right it will clear what we as a group want

I think we collectively have over 8 builds of different combinations that use this set.

Dark ones close second. We only wish the totem healing/damage could get nerfed via a piece of gear in order to have more totems up.

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I build as I level up, so I don’t really build around a specific set, I take whatever seems best after hitting lvl94.
Dark One and Elemental Harmony are the only full sets that I used more than once. I used partial sets quite often, for example I got a few builds wearing 3/4 Justicar.

From a purely utilitarian standpoint my favorite set is probably Bysmiel’s Trinkets, because it grants double Familiars :slight_smile: But if Crate ever decides to introduce a triple Hellhound set, that one will be my favorite :wink:


It’s definitely a Shattered Guardian from a utility point of view. The best and worst set in the game.
It is difficult to simply say the best favorite. All sets with special Proc FX are my favorites.


Judicator seals of course

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Nah, it’s just my most played :slight_smile: Deathmarked has locked weapon slots which limits the building possibilities (and the weapons look ugly btw). But Justicar has to be the most versatile so the utility award definitely goes that way.

btw get this, Deathmarked can play monoclass Crucible :laughing: It’s tricky because the health is so low but the dmg is up there.

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Light’s Defender. I just wish the completion bonus was a proc not an active. And that Crate finally explained why purple and gold should symbolize lightning…

Cheesered Realm. Everyone likes the colorful puzzles for 5-year-olds from time to time.

Dark One is not really an utility set. It supports strong mains to build around.

Pre-nerf Cataclysm. Bonemonger. On the margin, old Clairvoyant and Iskandra (from

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Tough question but I’d have to say Dark One. Runner ups being Infernal Knight, Blightlord, Blood Knight and Diviner (only one out of these I don’t have a character for).

What I like about all 5 sets is how versatile they are whilst being strong sets. E.g. despite Dark One being a Pox/RE/Wendigo Totem set it can easily be tailored to other skills or playstyles, or can fit Ravenous Earth with something else etc…

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On the real though (my post above was just a dumb joke). Honestly, any set that doesn’t have weapons gets a big plus from me. There’s nothing more frustrating than a set being locked into a specific playstyle.

That’s not to say i don’t like a few sets with weapons, but i use those less often for obvious reasons.

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That’s true, weapons(especially couple of them) cuts the opportunities. Although Blightlord have many options both vitality and fire. Sir Spanksalot even have Mortars Shieldbreaker with it. And you could go Defiler, Grenado build, fire or vitality RE, Guardians etc.

The Ulzuin Set because it supports bombs (my favorite playstyle/archetype), and you can mix and match the pieces so many ways, depending on skill bonus and conversion needs and what other item slots you want to use. Even better, it fully supports both fire and lightning.

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