[Feature Request] Village Reserve setting for Trader

I would love a feature that allowed me to set an amount of each item to keep in Reserve BEFORE sending it to the Trader. Kind of an opposite of “keep stocked” but meant to work in concert with that setting.

The idea is that when it starts stocking the Trader based on the “keep stocked” logic (I think the “transfer to trader” should bypass this since it’s an explicit order to stock a specific amount) it reduces the amount that it sees as available by the reserve.

I would very much like to send most of my production to stock the Trader, but only after ensuring that my villagers have access to the materials first. Like shoes or clothes - I’d set those to 500 to max what’s kept on-hand for traders, but I’d also like to keep 100 on hand before anything gets sent to the trader, to make sure I have plenty available to the village as the first priority.

[edited to change the subject from “Stock Reserve” to “Village Reserve” because I think Stock might sound misleading]


Respectfully, we would love the game managing everything for us…
But ain’t it the point of this game ? Managing with the tools we are given ? :wink:

Sure but that’s the difference between managing and micromanaging - the level of awareness you need to keep about minor details like whether or not the candle shop has enough candles that we can start autostocking the trader - as opposed to just configuring the trader to start autostocking

I like it and responding to machin: No, you set rules for the citizens to execute. The governor doesn’t go to the trade post themself every time a trader comes to the villiage to handle the details of routine trades. And if something is left there FOR SALE you should be able to specify that anyone willing to pay X amount can drive away with it for that amount without needing to manually go and broker the trade. Maybe have it prompt “Trader 1 wants your grain but is only willing to pay X amount. Accept? Decline? Counter?”


I agree this is a valuable feature to have. It would be the ideal pairing with the “keep stocked”. IE move everything over X quantity to the trading post so it is there to sell.

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I also like the additional suggestion of auto-selling.

yeah keeping so much for the village would be better than the trader taking things when stocks are low on an item.

I think auto buying would also be nice, like if you can set it to auto buy x amount of golds worth if the item is on discount or double discount.
like say you want to keep spices you can put in 1000 gold on an auto buy if spices are on discount so the trader will automagically buy as many spices as they can the next time a trader with spices shows up

I agree that there is a minimum stock system to preserve for the village.

On the other hand, I do not agree with automatic sales. the sale price is variable, as is the quantity of objects not useful to the village and which accumulate in warehouses.
I prefer to keep the decision to sell this or that item to myself.

For example, when you have too many items of one type, you may make concessions on the price to empty the stock.
conversely it happens that the merchant is very rich and you will want to maximize the profit.


oh that’s a good point, automatically selling at the lowest cost could be horrible haha