Feed Back Need - TSS/SS Spellbreaker with 100% Lightening to Cold Conversion

Teh Build: Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

So far it’s proven disgustingly capable, glassy, but it carves through Nemesi and Dungeons pretty well. Partly due to having Outfoxed as the movement rune, but the Frostburn stacking means it can actually deal with Kuba pretty easily while running away. I am having fun with Moggy though, but that’s because he’s got stupid amounts of health and I can’t squeeze in moar lightening overcap. Though weirdly sticking on Myth. Curse of the Eternal Haunt did not help with damage output compared to just throwing Cursed Tinctures /shrug

Anyhow, point of this build was to leverage a bunch of synergies in blue gear relating to TSS and SS + use the lightening to cold conversion to get a semi-decent meme build. Which has been met and frankly exceeded somewhat. But it definitely needs something more, mainly on the Devotion set up, maybe in the gear/components/augments. Also I’ve tried to max out OA to get reliable crits, but it’s a bit hard to find a good balance with 2 skill point hungry skill lines in play.

But hopefully I can finally post this an effectively finished build. Currently grinding through SR to reach the fun stuff + need to unlock Crate and kill the gods.


That’s a very nice build, I like it. Some things that come to mind:

  • here’s how you can get Blizzard too: Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

  • play public test for these buffs

    • Dual Blades: increased base % Physical Resist by 2%

    • Nightfall: increased base % Attack damage Converted to Health by 2% and increased Frostburn damage scaling with rank and removed Vitality Decay damage

    • Shadow Dance: increased Defensive Ability scaling with rank to 135 by rank 12, 245 by max ultimate rank, and increased % Melee and % Ranged Avoidance scaling with rank to 22% by rank 12, 28% by max ultimate rank

  • I’d change hand component to Restless remains for more life leech, that Spellwoven Threads is not worth it imo

    • that would be 4% to 10% jump with that Blizzard devo that contains :frog: I linked which is a pretty good jump

Overall, I personally don’t see much too improve, imo you did a very good job.

@The_Mess w8, since Vitality decay is getting removed from Nightfall, do you need conversion for anything?
Would you change something in that case (I mean belt or ring)?


please 1pt Merciless, it’s a free extra 37% cold/frostburn dmg for 1pt :sweat_smile:


Good eye but hard to pull from somewhere, everything is 1-pointed - well overload has 2 points invested maybe that :laughing:
We don’t want to ruin 12/12’s , hard caps etc for aesthetic purposes of course - lowering OL from 4 to 3 doesn’t do that.

has 9pts in dual blades
which gives like 4% cold for 1pt, and not even frostburn :sweat_smile:

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yep, and Phys res is optional :laughing:

9th point don’t give phys res, break is at 8 or 10


I put that point in there for moar OA. Because I don’t have that many sources of it gear wise and need more OA to get crits for Hand of Ultos to proc on high DA enemies (hello Moggy). And given how squishy it is, more physical resistance is something I need and don’t consider optional given how hard certain enemies can hit you with physical damage…

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Redid the devotion to get moar OA: Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Now has over 3600OA :3 And only looses some pierce resistance, which is easy to patch and a minor 100% drop in cold damage. As dropped Leviathan to get a path to Torch of Uluzin’s +5% OA node. Plus it adds more elemental RR via Viper. Keeping the Spellwoven Threads though, as the OA + casting speed+ is highly valued.

The new path also improves Frostburn dps though, as it increases duration, which I didn’t notice. Hmmmn. Might be worth taking.

Are you sure about this whole OA stacking? You don’t have much Crit or Frostburn duration.

You say

yet these minor things on Spelloven Threads are important for you :slight_smile: Restless has casting speed too, even more and improves your Life Leech by 75% (from 4% to 7%). 30% Frostburn is just 1% more Frostburn damage :slight_smile:

You also lost Phys Res by losing Leviathan

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Hand of Ultos only procs on critical hits and given the cooldown on TSS, wait, ah, that’s why I keep having issues with Moggy, right changed skills allocation around + fixed pierce resist and added a bit of health: Spellbreaker, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Should give better RR now. Problem is, is that the time HoU applies is the same as TSS, so the window to exploit it, even with cooldown reduction, is frankly too small. Especially with TSS’s often uneven distro of hits + user error.

As for the loss of physical resist from Leviathan, given I have Ghoul and MoE it should be semi-okay. In theory. Crucible Testing would be required as the campaign isn’t as dangerous. Loosing health is more of an issue, as that provides space for Ghoul and Serenity to proc before I die :stuck_out_tongue:

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if more leech was the issue you could just do this on the devo side

also changed some bindings
ultos on blade spirits will give more dmg than leviathan since it has higher dot, whcih is the stacking part on pets (flat on levi stacks regardless)
unless it’s because you don’t have the blueprint, i think it’s silly to use outfox and not use typhoon, you got full conversion on electrocute, and does more DR

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Oooh, definitely changing from Harpy to Owl for the Leviathan path, forgot completely how useful it is for increased frostburn duration. Thanks!

And yeah, I’m missing a lot of Rune blueprints, mainly because I burnt out getting my Acid melee Witchblade build through to SR75 and finishing Gladi Crucible. Because I ended up drowning in loot.

But I love Outfoxed simply because it gives me a great gtfo ability that has saved my rear on this build numerous times and is why my working title for it is “Torzan’s Chillheart Joker/Troll” Because it looks like a melee attacker, but instead plays more like a caster and trolls enemies by SS in, dropping TSS and RoS, then flying away :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe, I mainly choose those items for their +skills stuff and resistances, not so much the vitality conversion. Which is nice, but not really needed. Also having looked at the PT notes, daaaaaaamn, I’m now looking very forward to 1.9.7. And my acid retal focused Sentinel is going to love the retal buffs :3

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So here’s where it stands now:

Going more for frostburn duration + energy regen and RR. As in SR’s early levels I found I didn’t have energy regen and ran into stupidly over cold-resist enemies. Will fluff around with skill point allocations later. Definitely not the most optimal devotion set up though, but it’ll do.

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And Moggy is down:

Took ~13 minutes, but given his health bar + my total RR + crap piloting skills that’s about what you’d expect. A good pilot could get it done in 10 minutes or less if my modelling’s right.

As for how - Added Viper to the devotion map, which gives RR on SS or RoS hits, put 3 more points in Pneumatic Burst, which gives more healing, more often and was actually awake, so I hit BB at the right time and only accidentality used it once. Still flubbed the 5 and 6 keys, and miss targeted SS and TSS regularly, but I didn’t die and he did.

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Right, - went all in on Frostburn duration + crit damage by moving around points:

SR 20-25 results were interesting, it went from struggling to get +time to easily getting it. Also Blizzard even at level 20 utterly wrecks groups of enemies. Still glassy, but that’s non-melee Spellbreakers for you. And binding Hand of Ultos to Chain Lightening is working stupidly well at applying RR.

But I think this newer fix of the build will the 1.0 for the post!


You had me at Crit + DoT

I need to try this

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Turns out I had the Rune for Typhoon :stuck_out_tongue: Works decently and found I could run in SR pretty well and the current build is easy to topple Nemesi, expect for Moosilauke who in SR ways high cold resistance.

Main road block is Golem’s, especially if they have healers in tow and Gargoyles.


Managed to get to SR 60, but died because I failed to recognised Zantarin’s shotgun attack and failed to use Golem boots for facing Fabius. Which works pretty well when used. Now running into the issues with high cold resistant enemies. Managed to deal with bosses in the 4 shard with Moo and Fabius tho, but fights took a while. Especially when resistances for elemental attacks thing happens >_<

I think I can get to SR75 though with good piloting. But 60-65 is definitely probably the best run for SR for this build.

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