[Feedback] and [suggestions] after 10'ish hours of gameplay

Hi everyone, Hi Mr Dev’s (hope you’ll read me :slight_smile:)

First of all i’d say i’m pretty please with the game that you delivered. It look nice and is nice to play with and try different approach.

This being an early access, and open to corrections and feedback i’d like to point out things that itched me and that are really obnoxious and i think detrimental to your very promising game.

That is why my feedback will be solely focus on negatives things that i think must be adressed before going out of EA becauses they are very annoying to toy/play with and drag down an otherwise very good looking future


The AI is really the weak point i think. I see a lot of people mentionning stone, scarcity of ressources mid to late game, sometimes even not finding one particular important ressource.
For me, the most important thing to improve upon is the AI.
Citizens will start constructing a building, then stop it for no reason and go deliver materials to another one, then they will resume their construction at the original building.
I’ve also noticed very weird behaviors from people, like going to a very far away building to get a ressource while this ressource is avalaible in a much closer building.
Or chosing a house that is miles away from their jobs.
They also deliver ressources in a very weird manner, i have a grain silo but my weat end up nowhere except the silo. I had to uncheck every other places to finnaly get it where i want to.

That is also why the game feels pretty damn good for the first 2/3 tiers, and then becomes really hard to grasp on when you attain mid tier 3.


What i mean by that is we have very very little ways of knowing how the game behave.
IE : How much does a house consume in terms of firewood, per year. How much food does a single citizen consume. How long does this, or that food takes to rot. I can’t seem to know how much money does a citizen grant me each year
When the villager is not able to work for some reason, we don’t know why. Same when a building is at a stop.


There is numerous building that you obtain prior to another that only became relevant when the second one (being a tier higher) is built.
IE : The pub (T2) wich need beer, wich you can only produce when you are T3.
Can’t craft weapons until T3 but you start getting raided at T2 it seems.

EDIT : Seems like i overpassed the last patch note on that point and the issue is being treated concerning tiers and buildings


There is too much micro, to a point that it is no longer enjoyable.
Having to constantly move the zones of the gatherers, when you have 1 it’s okay, when you have more and if you play at a faster pace than speed 1 it quickly becomes a chore.
I didn’t saw a way to forbid ressources quickly, you have to manually uncheck every little box.
You should be able to set caps, let’s say start producing firewood when the supply is below X number. Could be for any ressource really. And reverse, no longer produce bread when X number is attained (in order to not overproduce perrishable food).
Having to mannually put items in the building to trade, and take them away is also pretty annoying. I feel like the stockpile from the trader must be shared with your whole town
When one of your people die to an attack, they don’t get replaced in the job they used to do. I feel like that could be something done automatically.


A minimap, as a lot of people have said.
A way to make priority numbered and not just a 1/0
Set up prefered storages
Relocate people manually (if tweaking and messing with the IA is not in your roadmap)
Currency needs some improvement, seems like we have way more things that spend money rather than things that get us money
Trader notification
Scout unit to explore (with weapons and armor) to defend itself when attacked
Improvement on the terraforming tool.
Education should play a higher role late game than just allowing 3 jobs and improving nearby houses
Game needs optimisation as it is ofently mentionned

Seems like i’m making a long list of complain right… ?
Oh well, it’s because it looks really promising and like a really good alternative (if not way more superior) to almost any building sim out there. But for now, theese issues, mostly the first 2 points are blocking me from wanting to play more, wich i really would like to do.

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I love the above.
Small thing to add when someone dies, people go to pick up the dead body, which if it was because of wildlife, they’ll also die.

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