[Feedback] Can Invoker's PRM damage split be fair now that Lightning damage has been heaviliy nerfed across the board?

I have already made this thread in the past. For those who doesn’t know what the topic is about, it’s about Invoker’s set. Here is the damage breakdown of PRM with the set:

Damage split is uneven despite set being bi-elemental. Here is the PRM’s damage breakdown on a Mage Hunter geared for Lightning damage and with fully Lightning devotions:

From what I have understood it was Zantai’s way of balancing Fire and Lightning PRM archetypes because of how much stronger Lightning was. Now that Lightning damage has been heavily nerfed (again) - RR removed from Corruption and T3 devotion procs nerfed I suggest making the damage split even and making set properly thematical.

    • Yes, make the damage split even
    • No, it’s fair as it is

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Link for background info


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