Feedback - Cataclysm set

I can’t understand the reason to nerf Cataclysm set
There is only one build after FG release with Cata set, and it’s pretty average. The best Cruci time is 7m, in SR it suffers from lack of RR, boss room takes at least 4m even with easy Nemesis combo due to no RR in Arcanist mastery

+1, already wrote in the hotfix thread. Set was never overperforming. It takes 3 very important slots and it’s always been a mid-tier set for weaker classes like Druid or Sorc or Warlock, because it patches up a lot of stats/resists those classes are usually missing. Proc is good but not really overpowered.

This set will always either be overpowered or just not picked at all. It doesn’t matter what they do with it, you’re losing +1 to all skills in X in belt and amulet. If they buff it, it’ll be way too strong and every elemental build will take it no matter what, if they leave it, no one is going to pick it.

The only possibility would be to add +1 to skills in both, belt and amulet, but then one set will give +3 to skills, which would be insane. If we’re sticking with skills, though, we can remove the +1 to all skills from book (hate wave incoming) and add 1+ to arcanist and occultist to amulet, +1 to nightblade and demolitionist to belt and +1 to shaman and occultist to off-hand (just because pet builds use it :rolleyes: ) and add +1 to all skills in the full set completion.

Eventually, completely remake this entire set.

I haven’t seen any caster build with Cataclysm for several months, and now Cata is OP, then why noone doesn’t use it? Sorry, is it supposed to be fun?
No Cata build clears Cruci less then 7m, in the whole AoM compendium there was only one Cata build

I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny here or what. I never said it’s OP and your message implies I did.

Noone uses it, there is only one Cata build for at least one month, I don’t why Z nerfed it.
So sorry, I’m now a bit disappointment :(:cry:

Man, you should check grimtools before writing stuff like that. Set currently gives only +1 to all skills.

You should read my post three more times. You didn’t understand a single word.

Sets needing minor nerf ( +1 skills in off hand go to bonus fo sets) but proc dont nerf

Cataclysm has always been imo a niche set for Elemental proc builds or a nice complement for caster builds that didn’t have a good and synergetic off-hand. Besides, the amulet slot is usually very important for casters and cata’ would take it.

I really don’t see the reason for this nerf either. Especially when we can see how good casters are in this meta … /s

I honestly read it like 5 times and still don’t understand what you were trying to say.

I actually feel the cataclysm set could use a set bonus completion of +1 to all skills.

I mean, you are denying yourself of skill points from the ammy + belt slot…

This is a hell of a lot of outrage over 0.5 seconds of increased proc time.

Dunno but outrage…but the +1 to all skills is an unvoiced sentiment I’ve always had. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just thinking this.

depends on how you see it: 0.5 second is short but compared to the initial proc, that’s “a lot”. Nonetheless, it’s not the “how it is nerfed” that bothers people, it is the “why it is nerfed”, for a set no one complained about.

It’s actually a big difference for a fast-paced game like this.

People has asked a million times about this nerf and crate still hasn’t answered. Now I wonder if this nerf is a mistake.

Because it was undeserved. Set was never over-performing and was always meant for mid-tier characters. Proc was never that strong really. Why the hell does mid-tier set for Druids and Sorcs gets nerfed? All while ridiculously strong Deathmarked for example remains untouched?

Okay, let’s suppose you fight boss room for 2m
It’s 120 sec
New Cata procs 60 times
Old Cata procs 80 times

25% DPS loss

If I had to guess, this is the reason it got 0.5 more seconds on the CD: