Feedback - Cataclysm set

Hello, my friends
According to this people mostly agree that Cataslym nerf is undeserved

You think that 0.5 sec doesn’t matter, but let’s suppose that boss room fight takes 2m:

  1. Prenerf Cata procs 80 times
  2. Now Cata procs 60 times

There is 25% DPS loss. This set isn’t OP/popular at all to deserve such things

Also this set has offhand, amulet and belt slots, so it’s hard to use it with another elemental set. You can’t use +1 to mastery from some Beronath/Conduit/Oleron belt.

The only two popular uses of Cataclysm are Fluff’s Deceiver and my Druid. As you can see both builds aren’t very strong at all and far beyond truly powerful builds

So the idea is to buff Cata:

  1. Return old cd on full set proc
  2. Add additional +1 to all skills as a full set bonus

I think you agree with me if I said that more DPS is better then this stun:undecided:

Return old cata or riot!!!

You had to make a separate thread? :rolleyes:

This thread for idea. I saw that not only me can’t understand this nerf and made this thread.
Sorry if I did wrong:undecided:

How much the total dps is from the proc?

  • Return old cd!

The same as prenerf

tooltip filler?

If there’s already a thread providing feedback, no need to start a new one.

aaah, utterly useless stun that doesn’t work on bosses. THAT CHANGES THINGS

Depends on the context. Killing a boss in 6 seconds anyways? Yeah, doesn’t matter much (and neither does the cooldown). New player with the full set thanks to set transmutation? This proc with a 1.5s cd would make you basically invincible against mob packs as long as you were offensive enough.

Again, just a guess though. I didn’t see this nerf coming anyways but it’s so utterly insignificant that the public outcry makes me really quite skeptical to claims of “this set was never used.”

Reading this thread is like listening to a child crying about losing their toy.

Either start doing proper feedbacks, or just don’t feeback at all. “We want old cata back!” doesn’t have anything to do with feedbacks. Instead of crying, because that’s what most of you guys do right now, propose some changes and if you don’t have any good ideas, don’t talk at all.

Wouldn’t reducing the stun duration by 0.5 sec instead of increasing the CD do the trick if that is the reason?

Sure, but it’d be a bigger nerf of 33% than the current nerf of 25%. But hey, if we wanna play hardball, I still think DG is too strong…

But stun doesn’t work on bosses anyway. And the interval between stuns would still be the same. So would it really be a nerf?

Not to you, but to theoretical-new-player, yes.

I said why this is undeserved and what to do
If you think that it’s crying to write feedback on unfair nerfs, so what else I can say
When @thejabrixone made his bonemonger thread, it’s okay. I’m doing the same thing giving facts and examples - I’m crying?

It’s an obvious DPS loss on the unpopular set

Let me help you out here:

Want the Cata change reverted? Go in game with a Cata build and demonstrate why it needs to be so.