[feedback] FG loot filter

I’ve finally watched the last dev stream and everything is great so far.

But I’ve just had an idea to further improve the new loot filters. Its designed in order to help players weed out trash drops from items of value. I imagine most players will want collect all kinds of purples, blues as well as all MIs of value. And this is where the new system might be found lacking by some advanced players: MIs of value. The new filters do not distinguish between rare and magic affixes on greens.

For me, an MI must have at least one rare affix to have a chance at dodging the vendor. Double magic MIs are always trash. And some people might only want double rares. So I suggest adding two sub options under “MIs”:

  • only with at least one rare affix
  • only with two rare affixes

choosing either would filter out the hundreds of undesired greens. I’m interested to see if other players feel the same. Thanks for reading.

Should have read through the GM #155 thread as well.