Grim Misadventure #155: Refined Loot

we get loot filters

Back in my day we could only filter broken and common items and we had to pick all other items separately, holding a key and picking everything by-hand, filtering magic+ items also by-hand.

I just felt like saying that, and I wonder how many people will realize which game I am talking about. I believe everyone knows, but still, I am not cool as fuck because of this post. :cool:

I have yet to see any other ARPG, or even MMO, have such a detailed loot filter. (will not be surprised if some of them will be ripping this off in the future). Bravo! :smiley: Much like how you guys revolutionized the stash in Titan Quest with the transfer stash, now you have done it with the loot filter. :slight_smile:

Titan Quest? Diablo II? I think neither of them had a loot filter apart from using ALT to show either nothing or everything.
Thoughthe loot management in Loki was the worst (then again, most of everything was the worst in Loki but I had to try every ARPG just in case) - it had a system where you equipped items by using a system that was only seen in NES and other old console RPGs by ticking a box and scrolling through a throng of items per category. And selling stuff was equally complicated.

I also have to agree that a double rare affix option is missing. Double rare affix items are some of the most interesting loot drops we can get and with such an advanced loot filter we should be able to look for those specifically.

Otherwise it looks great, I really appreciate that you guys implemented this! Now add the one missing checkbox to it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are the mechanics of filtering item drops available to modders so they can in effect design there own unique loot filters?

We will add a double-rare qualifier before it’s released.

These are very much on the code end, so not easily modded without coding experience and hard mods.

This has made my day.

So the Quality section represents a union of sets rather than an intersection of sets.

I would like a filter that shows only MI ∩ Rare (items that are both MI and have a Rare affix at the same time).

This is a nice QoL improvement for sure. Will it be possible to filter armor type, caster vs medium/heavy in the final version?

Using the filter will reduce iron bits though. Having to pick up gear and mass sell was always tedious and unnecessary. It would be optimal for hero and boss to simply drop a reasonable amount of iron so running with a filter that excludes a lot won’t penalise the player on iron bits.

Blah blah blah break the omlet, keep the egg, not possible …blah. :smiley:

Seriously though, there are plenty of bounties, which reward iron bits, do a couple of those now and then, loot corpses and crates and stuff, and you shouldn´t have to insert filthy sexual thang behind the gas station.

Why would you even want to do bounties when you can just go farm for a lil’ while and already get like 1 million after filling your inventory once (maybe rather more than once).

You do know you have keybinds in your Options (if you would only just look) that allow you to essentially show all at the press of a key? Simply hold it down momentarily and snag anything that’s been filtered out. Alternatively I have been attempting to pressure Zantai to enable multiple “profiles” for the filters and to make them keybindable so that you can easily switch between different filter loadouts. I just need more voices added to the choir so that he can more clearly hear the obvious sense in it.

A better loot filter yes YES YES YAAAAS. With all the green drops, it has been a hell in the crucible after a few times with opening the chests, not sorting them and then restarting. As to not use the rest of the duration of the blessings.
Merely the opportunity to sort MI’s is very welcome. The rest is just lovely. I’m so glad this will be implimented, thank you.

I am aware of those keybinds. Do you realise that using the keybind to show other crap and pick it up undermines the whole purpose of the lootfilter. When adventuring the lootfiltered gear will end up mixed with crap to sell. No one fills their inventory to the brim after one encounter so loot filtered things are clearly separated from crap to sell.

I get something is better than nothing and I am pleased for the QoL of having relevant gear picked up and stored in inventory together but it’s not optimal is all I was saying.

Its unclear how double rare would work with MIs. Good question for Zantai.
The loot filter currently in game counts an item being MI as equivalent to a “rare affix” since an MI with no rare affixes (only magical) will show up as rare.

If the game counts MI = “Rare Affix” then the following would happen with the new loot filter.

  • With Rare & MI filter boxes checked, then checking the Double Rare filter, will show both non-MI items with two rare affixes and MI items with at least one rare affix.

  • With only MI filter box checked, then checking the Double Rare filter will show only MI items with at least one rare affix

  • There would be no way of filtering MI+ double rare only, but since MI+rare are so infrequent on their own, its probably not an issue anyway.

It doesn’t undermine it at all. The filter itself allows you to easily hone in on (and identify) what you are primarily looking for, what is useful to you. Just because you have an initial primary need/want doesn’t mean there aren’t secondary ones as well. Being able to also quickly see other stuff that you would like to grab (for just selling purposes or perhaps to see different quality levels quickly) is also a good thing. To be able to rapidly toggle between different filters is immensely useful for sorting thru the aftermath of a cleared out, loot-filled warzone.

And thus the need to be able to have different filter profiles is born.

Snazzy looking set. My characters will look :cool: in that.

If we turn on this new filter, will the items on the ground be visible immediately, or can we bind a button and toggle the visibility of the items?

It’s visible “immediately”. Currently nothing can be keybound related to the filter (with the exception of the “2” keybinds we already have in Options). Another part of the reason I am pushing for profiles and keybinds.

Loot Filter is a good idea honestly.
But in Grim Dawn, except for Monster infrequent. There is no need for it.

I think it can be a good add-on only if you start a overhaul of the current rare item. Most of them are bad compare to legendary and its really hard to loot item with good affix, because there are too much affix in the game. It’s a pity because i don’t have interest for rare item except MI. I mostly sell all of them and don’t even look at the stats now.