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Hello. I would like to apologize in advance for the English translation, I use of I would like to thank you very much for this wonderful game, which I still enjoy.
However, I would like to make a few suggestions. Since I play on hard difficulty, raids are frequent and so I try to build my village in strategic places. However, there are problems when an army comes demanding a hefty ransom. According to the pictures below, such an army of 165 troops destroyed this entire bastion, reached the town, where it broke into the town under fire from many towers and then through 3 stone gates into the “fortress” where it still had enough forces to do a lot of damage to the town hall. I lost 40 inhabitants there and had to drastically reduce production, which brought serious economic consequences. This army fled as a result of losses and injuries, but 109 of 165 survived. The reason for such destruction was that at least 100 of the 165 units were heavily armored, towers dealt 3hp damage, and at 100 units it was pure carnage.

  • The suggestion would thus be to make these heavily armored units slower than the light ones. After all, running uphill in full armor isn’t as much fun as it might seem. Then the strategic placement would also make sense, as it grants these heavily armored units almost the same damage as a towers on a hill. 4hp +/-. Defending against such an army is not a cheap affair at all.
  • Certain ills would be addressed by terrain clearance modification, such as dense forests, swamps, wetlands. When an army chooses the most feasible route to advance as quickly as possible. In that case, it would be easier to have some control over the territory. Nowadays, terrain plays no role and raiders run from anywhere. Especially from the side where the defences are weakest. For example, they attack from the south, I’ll build a bastion there. they start attacking from the west, and so it repeats, but each of these bastions is too expensive to maintain.
  • The other thing is population management. Moving and so on. An example of the aforementioned forward bastion is that even though there was a small village built for the soldiers with a market and bakery, the game incorporated citizens who lived on the complete other side of the map into these defenses. And it wasn’t so rare for the guard at the tower to supply the dwelling and be gone for practically half the year.
  • Other instances are when a town is attacked and the two tower guards are lounging in the tavern. It’s a nice and humorous element, but it would require some form of punishment or the ability to kick the person out of their job and preferably out of the village altogether if they can’t behave. However, this is not possible at present and if I fire the person and assign a new worker, the same drunkard will reappear.
  • Another thing is firefighting, when the enemy attacks a town and a house catches fire, the soldiers from the towers pick themselves up, leave the towers and go to put out the fires, which is very frustrating when 100 soldiers are beating on the gate and those who are supposed to guard the gate pick themselves up in the middle of the fight and leave.

Other ideas are:

  • If walls could be built in the same way as roads, in arches and such.
  • A forester’s building to take care of the reforestation. Who could for example work on a 3 year cycle, 1 year planting, 2 years planting in another place and in the meantime growing trees and 3 years loggers cutting down the mature forest.
  • Further, bridges either manually or automatically generated along the way, to be able to build along the coast or even over large lakes where strategic resources are on the other side from the village. Possibly some ferries.
  • Faster movement of carts.
  • Add 2 lvl to the fishermen, where they could add a boat to fish in deeper depths further from the shore…

Now the aforementioned pictures.

Bastion before completion:

Thank you for your time in reading and once again I am very sorry for the translation.

Maybe use some of the summery dots / numbers for your ideas, then your post will be easier to read I would think.


Thank you. I’ll take another look.

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Way better!

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