Feedback in regard to loot-system and drop-rate

I didn’t even want to post this, because it will probably be prejudged as some kind of whiny thread instead of constructive feedback, but thanks to the 3 post silly rule/restriction, I can’t even PM a person for a possible trade… So this is still a decent excuse for my third post…

Now, the Feedback:

It was at some point on Elite (I think) when I stopped being “happy” about legendaries. I saw a legendary on the ground and I knew that it would be probably “useless” for my combination of Masteries/Classes.

They weren’t even that frequent, and yet it wasn’t satisfying to find them. Even with the greater drop rate of legendaries on Ultimate it wasn’t that satisfying. My weapons were still greens even a bit before starting the DLC (Ultimate) I think. Keeping in mind how many classes are there and the amount of combinations, the probability to get exactly what you need is minimal.

Your answer for this would be: you SHOULD be happy for all legendaries (at least level 94), since sooner or later you will play other classes…

Well, I am pretty sure I will only play Nightblade - Inquisitor or Nightblade - Soldier. Not because other classes are bad, but because I won’t even have so much time to play the game.

My suggestion would be to make an option for more specialized loot for your classes. People who play many classes would keep it disabled, people like me enabled.

It wouldn’t make a big difference when progressing through the game, because it’s actually on Ultimate (Nemesis, DLC areas, Challenger or+ Crucible…) where the legendaries are more common. The game would maintain its difficulty in its core. And even if you get an early legendary, it will be probably more useless than some green item that the vendors sell after 5 or more levels.

In this kind of games, once you are in end-game and are able to kill at least some of the hardest bosses, the farming process (polishing your char) should be actually faster… And actually faster, the better you get. You have done already the hardest job… But in Grim Dawn it really feels like a lottery for me at this point. Killing Fabius again and again for a very small chance to get EXACTLY what I need.

Due to the large pool of potential drops I found it difficult to get the BiS pieces without trading and playing with others. Playing all self found is going to be a challenge for all but the least item-dependent builds.

Ultimate starts to be a bit of a gear check eventually.

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The problem with this idea is knowing what an appropriate item is for your class. So you’re playing a Blademaster, but what sort of Blademaster? Sword and Board or Dual-Wielding, or maybe even some sort of caster? Physical, Pierce, Cold or some other damage type?

To me what would be ideal would be being able to choose a damage type and get drops related to that damage type. Sure, they might not always be ideal for your class, but if I’m doing a Vitality Death Knight, an Occultist vitality-based item is still going to be better for me than a Soldier physical-based item.

I thought about that as well, there could be still like a small percent of non-directly related drops to your 2 classes, like 15-20 %, and the rest would be what’s more “standard”. Your idea is another option.

And even if you get a bunch of 2 handed weapons being a dual-wielding nightblade master, for example, it’s still a very small “disappointment” vs getting all kind of stuff that don’t relate to any of your classes.

My point is mainly that I doubt I am the only one who will play mainly 2-3 classes max. And it doesn’t feel “fair” to reach end-game, be able to kill nemesis with your greens or blues, but having to grind so much to “polish” your char.

I admit though, that trading made a big difference… I wanted to avoid trading first, but I realized it’s a grind to aim for concrete drops.

Yesterday in 1 day I completed 2 of the sets I wanted to test (maybe I will go for a third one for a poison-build, but I don’t know). Belgothian’s set and Deathmarkshadow in 1 day vs farming for weeks… (I had already some of the items though; I got like the other half-2/3 trading).

we need drop more often, any legendary/epic but MOAR often

I think it is fine. I thought like you for a long time. Then i decided to use 3rd party tools to store all usefull items i find ( i know it is cheating but i really hate having limited space. GRR ). And after that i have got shit ton of gear that i can use in the future ( nearly 2000 items in database ). Then if i need to get some items, i just look at my database and hunt someone who needs it and have something i need. I know trading is really painfull in this game, but atleast there is some ppl doing it and having long list of stuff to offer. I know it is not for everyone but i am happy with current state of drops, but i really really understand your point of view.

Imo, low level legendaries and epic (particularily epic items! ) need overhaul. So many epic items without even attack speed. For example, this one -
wtf is that shit? :smiley: any rare is more useful. Wait 5 lvls and you get much much better items from factions. For 30lvl is a useless vendor trash. And this list can be continued it is an example only. Those items were good in versions 0.9 - 1.0 when there were no AoM, no good faction gear. But they got obsolete. I repeat - epic items need an overhaul. Too many useless items among them.

I would be against this. The drop rates are already pretty generous in GD and being able to reduce the pool of drop possibilities to only your class with the click of a check box seems absurd/artificial.

I think this kind of thing is best left to mods; if you want enhanced drops there are already mods and tools for this.

You could also use the new transmutation feature to get different legendaries, and just slot it until you get something usable for your character.

How many of the builders here in forum use GDstash to craft their gear, or have already massive off-game storage of Crucible-farmed sets/legendaries/MIs waiting for whatever new toon they start?

How many of them go through the budget build period, where getting anything related to their class is a crapshoot? All this WITHOUT the new and fancy transmute option (and celestial flowers are basically 9% per nemesis kill to get a SINGLE chance to reroll one set piece to a different set’s piece.).

AND how many do this on a non-cheese mastery, aka NO oathkeeper, Inquisitor or Necromancer?

Still generous for you?

In what universe are those cheese masteries?

This one, Inq and Necro for most of AoM’s life cycle, OK right now for FG, with the other two being a little toned down.

so when a mastery gets released with an expansion it automatically becomes the cheese for that content? I think you need to work on your definition on cheese, because even gameplay wise they aren’t cheesy at all. :rolleyes:

For future reference there is a forum section here…
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Not as silly as you think. The restriction does a pretty good job of gimping spam bots from posting malicious links until the devs/mods can become aware of them and remove their posts. It also presumably prevents them from spam pm’ing real forum users during that interim as well.

And yes, the GD forum gets invaded by spam bots from time to time. Sometimes daily. Our mods are pretty quick at rooting them out and squashing them though.

Plus, your initial posts help show that there is a real person behind the name.

unlike medieera,these masteries are authored by cheesy Zantai;)

It isn’t me who oversupports them with gear of all tiers, and overtunes their skills, don’t blame me.

As for the definition of cheese, How is the fact that Fire Forcewave Tactician was for the most of the AoM cycle outshining Fire Forcewave Commando? Or just look at how Purifier outshined pyromancer and elementalist to a good degree, or how vindicator outshined elementalists. Spellbinder outshined warlock, Mage Hunter also after the 1.0.6 (I think it was that patch) panetti buffs.

For the current content, just look at Bysmiel’s Champion pendant!

->Covers critical resists at avg 22% (18-26%) Aether/Chaos
->+2 Blitz, +2 Cadence is a massively focused skill support for a faction item.
->+2 Shattering Smash is icing on the cake
->+avg 103 Phys/IT standard ontier damage boost
->+avg 13(10-15%) phys flat because again, why not, it’s the highest flat of the 2 L90 amulets.
->+5-7% Armor increase.

The other flat ammy is 9-13 aether with Bysmiel Veiled pendant.

That is a Bama/DK/Binder amulet with +2 field command, +2 Spectral Wrath, and +2 maiven’s (pick two at any time), 8-12% phys to aether conversion, some not needed health and a measly 12-18% poison/acid res.

This is discrepancy no matter how you look at it (although the example is more on the soldier side than the OK’s, i admit that).

to a serious degree you are right. I feel guilty of playing as paladin and how stronk it is compared to other classes.

Older classes have been outshined well enough…and hopefully next update they will revisit older class combos and put them in line with the newer ones either through better gear and maybe improve their skills.

The root of problem, rather - some legendaries are BiS for lots of builds, while othere are almost useless for any.

now, neither this day nor this thread should be for class discrepancy. Enjoy your game, and let’s hope we’ll see more pyromancers, sorcerers, battlemages, warders, warlocks, saboteurs and druids in the future.

And not just in endgame sets with nothing inbetween to level them with.

Another problem now that MK turned the thread back to track, is how practically nothing outside of these specific drop legendaries can work reeally well in endgame, thanks to a trend I termed: Z’s “no fun allowed” policy. In a nutshell it involves nerfing the daylights out of non-empowered mythical legendary items, faction gear, and literal y moving power from base skills to those aforementioned Empowered Mythicals (which are just mythicals but with so much power they define builds rather than an official tier).

Eye of Dominion, Elite legion voidcutter (it wasn’t even compensated), Empowered Essence of Beronath… The list goes on.

There’s no such thing as any mastery being “over supported”. Each mastery have more or less the same amount of support.

You mean Purifier being a much better ranged class than Pyromancer because Inquisitor heavily supporting ranged, while Occultist hardly supports it? No shit Purifier is better. Spellbinder never once outshone Mage Hunter in Panetti, Mage Hunter is better than Spellbinder for Panetti. And of course Spellbinder outshone Warlock for Aether, Occultist literally has zero aether support.

Vindicator also outshone Elementalist because mines are clunky to use, while Aura of Censure just requires to be near an enemy. Not to mention having Storm Box, while Demo hardly has any lightning skill (best it has is lightning Canister Bomb). Don’t see you complaining that Conjurer completely outshines Elementalist, but it’s only fine to complain when Inquisitor is involved.

Your arguments are so flawed because they fail to see that Inquisitor and Necromancer supports those build types much better than a mastery that hardly supports it (Occultist with ranged and aether). And also, Mage Hunter is Inquisitor, so you contradicted yourself there.

Last, this is kind of funny coming from the same person that complained that his Vindicator (Inquisitor build by the way) was having trouble killing Alkamos. But i thought Inquisitor was a “cheese” mastery?