Feedback & mild rant about the current state of the Shattered Realm

After a break I recently returned to playing some more GD, seeing all the new patches, adjustments and such…
Been very much enjoying my time back in Cairn.
However, after playing hours and hours in the SR (I mainly play in the depth of 75-76) I started to notice alot of very annoying and sometimes even infuriating issues.

To get straight to the point here are the ones I noticed the most:

The Nemesis bosses Fabius “the Unseen” Gonzar (sudden absurd burst damage out of nowhere), The Iron Maiden and to a lesser extent Reaper of the Lost deal way too much damage.

Same goes for a certain group of champion monsters: “Associate” of Riggs.
Not only do these guys deal stupid amounts of dmg. they ontop very often one shot you (looking at you forcewave & blitz variants!)

Champions of the iirc “Blazeheart” or “Burnheart” still posses extrem amounts of res.
So much so that it can take easily over a minute or more of your time and god forbid there’s a healer in the same Pack… which brings me to the next topic:

Chain healing champions.
Not only can these folks spawn multiple of the same in one pack, no… they are also able to chain heal each other so that ur basicly stuck attacking said packs for minutes!
The issue here is these guys even being able to spawn together plus their very low cooldown on the heals.

And to come to the last annoyance: Area Hazards like tornados, chaos spikes, ice spikes, fire spikes, fire fissures and the likes often not only deal ludicrous damage but are also cluttering entire rooms.
Aether “swirls” stacking ontop of monsters making them close to invincible while dealing crazy dmg doesnt add anything either, these last for way too long imo.

That’s my feedback & little rant about the SR.

I would also like to encourage everyone that noticed similar SR related things to share them down bellow so hopefully Crate can make the SR for everyone a more enjoyable and fair experience! :wink:

Cheers, Mergo!

Edit: As requested, some of the builds I currently run SR with.

Trozan Conjurer

Chillwhisper Spellbreaker

Wildblood Archeon

Valguur Cabalist

Black Flame Warlock

Diviners Druid


Applying all these would make the game even easier. Possibly in campaign too.

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I’m just gunna note that if you are doing SR 75+ I suspect you are going to find it exceedingly hard to sway Zantai on the matter. He already considers 65 to be on par with endgame Cruc… meaning if you are in 75 SR you are already pushing beyond even those boundaries.

Just some food for thought for you but I’ve noticed he starts losing sympathy when people start talking about their problems at SR 75 and beyond.


No wonder he does. SR 75-76 is farming range, all above is bragging range :grin:.

The only SR problem is Arcane trash mechanic, the rest is… what else could someone expect when combining non-combinable? Aetherials heal Chthonics, Kymonites fight alongside Death’s Vigil :rofl:. Traps could be less dense, but for now they are still in a fine place, in my opinion.

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Last time I read something on this matter I was told that sr 75-76 is the last instance where proper balance is applied and everything after that is just a “dick measuring contest.”

Everything after sr 75-76 I dont care about.

If you are in 75 he basically considers that you are doing very well for yourself indeed… I’m just telling you what I’ve observed whenever people start whining about 75 and beyond.

But don’t take my word for it if you don’t want. And I’m not saying that he wouldn’t necessarily do anything for it specifically… but my gut says you better come with your A-game and supply him an argument backed up with actual builds, video etc. if you want a real shot at it. Zantai wants actual facts, data etc. If he doesn’t get that then he rapidly starts losing interest (at least as far as high level endgame situations are concerned).

Yeh man, I get ya.
It’s just that: "Why even consider SR 75-76 the last instance of proper balance and then “dont care”?
Seems odd to me. :thinking:
Edit: As for builds, I could add some of the builds I currently run SR with, sure.

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can’t help but echo the area hazard rant :triumph:
the RNG spawn of crystals is super fn annoying, to the point you can get a run fully killed with bad crystal placement in some of the smaller maps or with tight corridors where you can get impassable areas with 5 or more spawning on top of eachother resulting in a “1shot” because you take multiple hits from all or at once
and it feels mega stupid you can have build that can handle everything else sr 75 throws at you, - but you get defeated by pure fn RNG and static traps where the only defence is “go tank or go home”


Would be a good idea surely - and if you can ever acquire video to go along with any of it I suspect that would also go a long ways to helping your case. But I’m pretty sure he likes build info the most because then he can replicate it and try it for himself to see if your claims really hold any water.

Builds have been added.

I recently had run, where I killed mobs with AoE damage (not on purpose) and had left only way too many crystals remaining and no leeching capabilities. So tight corridor, only way to get in that map and my health is drained in two seconds, with no chance to fight stuff, which killed me. Restarted and died again. :blush:

Also I’ve recently talked with newer(?) player who had monster troubles with MadQueen on farmable SR territory. I know she doesn’t spawn on high realms luckily but it’s one of the few bosses, who scales gross in SR. I think SR scaling tends to make quite big difference between bosses.


I can 2nd that as well.
I had a room once that was impossible to get through unless you are part arcanist with mirror.
Even used aether cluster and still died, thats how stupid it was. :roll_eyes:

Also yeh, can confirm that mad queen on high shards is absurd as well, you rly have to pay mad attention to when she is going to fire her vitality barrage otherwise you are dead.

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It does feel weird to get nemesis like Zantarin who is basically padding while Fabius can destroy many builds effortlessly
Not calling for Fabius nerfs, perhaps he has the intended strength for a nemesis at this level, but some others are not on the same tier. If I were to post a build tomorrow, I’d need to put 2 rankings, SR75 w/Fabius, SR85 Fabiusless, that’s how success defining he is


Yeh aside from Zantarins vit barrage at close range there rly isnt anything from him you have to be carefull about (crazy zantarin buffs inc. :rofl: )
As for Fabi I’m saying: Nerf.
The last build that got demolished by him (the trozan conjurer I posted as well) has 15k hp, 2,8k DA & 22% phys res. with good overcaped res. across the board.
Something like this shouldnt suddenly drop dead in 1 sec while I was also sitting in stacked sigils with my 5 wind devils (that have converted bat).

this is also true about Korvaak and Theodin but mostly about the former. 2 phases, HP of 3-4 nemesis combined, hits like a truck.
he can be seen rarely in SR but nevertheless.


What rank of Maivens do you have? Fabius has very high DA reduction alongside substantial crit and physical damage. I don’t know what kind of DA would be advised vs SR Fabius but 2.8k certainly isn’t good. Using nullification on his pneumatic burst helps a fair bit.

Fabby has like “half” the DA shred of some other bosses like Morgo or Ramzul etc, but they don’t hit anywhere near as hard and you can get by with less than 2800 DA in those fights
SR Fabius after the buffs he received hits so hard now you can feel it even on “anti celestial” amounts of DA, and he’s quite singular in this sense

tho i’m not saying he should be nerfed, just pointing out he’s way different/there is more at play than just his DA shred alone

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The builds I’m currently using/playing are all listed bellow the post.
Also you asking for maivens shows me that you didnt even properly read my post at all.

The rest Gnomish already answered.

I did read it. Just because I mistook a conjurer as containing arcanist doesn’t mean I didn’t. You say something like your conjurer shouldn’t drop dead, but it only has 22% phys res and you are doing shard 75+.

No, Fabius has 171 + 320 DA reduction. that is more than half Ramzul’s shred.

22% isnt “only” tho when paired with said other stats but ok, believe what you want. :+1:
Plus it’s not only the conjurer facing this issue.
My point stands, imo Fabi and said others are way over the top.