Feedback on Deathknight Sword and Board


This is the second toon I’m trying to put together, so I’m sure I’m still missing a lot.
I want to hear what you guys think about the skill set-up and devotions mainly (will of course take any feedback). Not at all certain if Mindwarp is the way to go.

The idea was for a tanky aether damage necromancer.


I’m a bit undecided between Harbinger of Souls and Master of Death. I didn’t take Oleron’s Rage due to the early access to the Soldier skills I really wanted.

[] Warpblade - Krieg DW Aether Cadence Death Knight, Gladiator farmer (9 minutes) look at the shield version here. It is old, but still miles better than yours. For that build, you should use the aether cadence conduit.

Thanks, will use some of that as a reference point.