Feedback on My First Build: Chaos Witch Hunter

I’ve max out 10 different classes, and managed to kill all celestials with 7 of them, so even while being on a console - I feel I have a good handle on the game enough to tweak some of the top builds to fit my playstyle.

I was looking to create a chaos phantasmal blade with the conduit of night whispers. The synergies were difficult to figure out and I ended up with a Evil Eye/Doom Bolt witch blade during my theory crafting process.

There’s a lot of conversion going on, and that’s where I’m just not positive I have this correct in the build.

Any feedback on this build before I play and make it would be much appreciated: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Please ignore the resistances, every time I tweak the augments, there’s a new URL. They will be maxed - that’s not a problem.

The phys to chaos conversion for consecrated blade does nothing since you are spamming DEE and DB so you can free up those three points. Solaels Witchfire also does very little for you since you are not using attacks but spells. Second Rite is good though. On your weapons seal of void is not for caster playstyle. Riftstone and Symbol of Solael are what I would use. Build Looks fun Good Luck.

Thanks. I missed that Solal’s witchfire is weapon damage only, mistake on my part.

Thanks for the feedback - trying to do things where there aren’t any builds already.

Please keep this updated. It will be fun to see how your build goes.

I suspect you will have energy problems and will need to chug mana pots. Looks like DEE takes ~130/s when all active (including decreased skill cost). You don’t have too many active skills draining, but with say, hmm…a base of ~3500 and 130/s drain + ~5/s from passives - 30 regen – means about 35s of DEE before a pot chug. It could be even less if using some of the other big energy skills like DB in that window.

This doesn’t take into account energy absorb(40%), but that is subject to where you are and how fast you are mobbing in game.

You may be able to get away with using the Arcanum Dust Augment x3 + Arcane Spark component, but I still think it will be tight. There are other components that can be tweaked, as well (mark of illusions, etc).

Also, I’m not sure that seal of the Void is your best component due to the fact that you are not melee and don’t really have physical to convert. Your % damage is high enough that this extra damage is probably not going to make or break the build. Maybe seal of might or an Oleron’s Blood to be a little more tanky on tough bosses? Or Symbol of Solael for some extra RR and more absorb. (RR is probably much more effect than the % damage)

And this comment may be very subjective and probably just my preference…so just take it with a grain of salt:

I’d be tempted to juggle points so that you add more to the NB base for 2 reasons: blade spirits (great devotions proccer. for say the RR, which might allow more flex for short, fast procs like Torrent) and more health and stat flex. I’m not convinced that you are getting best value out of some of the maxed skills that are not your primaries - even if you lose some damage overall.

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With this weapon damage it is just tempting to go full melee :slight_smile: just try shard of beronath on one of the weapons and maybe give it a try? (You will also need some Nightblade WPS)

@hammyhamster1 Thanks for the insights.

I appreciate the energy comments, the most common tweak I make to builds is adding an arcane spark. I’ll try 2x Symbol of Solael as that should help.

Personally, I find blade spirits can be annoying as they are slow with a short range. For facetanking, they are great. For kiting, I rarely get much benefit from them. I think that’s one where once I finishing leveling and building, that comes in the tweaking/testing phase. However, the additional stats from NB might make the build a bit better, especially since RoS is also a great procing skill.

Curse of Frailty is great for spamming ‘on attack’ devotions for procs.

The build should be solid defensively b/t possession, shadow dance, and healing from blood of dregg, pneumatic burst, ghoul, and 34% lifesteal. It lacks multiple circuit breakers, so that will be figured out during testing. The offense is the bigger question to me as this is my first DEE build, but DB should hit hard.

As this is my first ‘true’ build where I’m not just tweaking someone else’s idea - the feedback is very welcome :slight_smile:

Current version: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator


Your char casting speed (only 150%) and energy reg (40) is quite low for a caster. The debuff from Fang of Chthon is not stack, so better use Fang + another weapon or offhand.

Just to give some alternative approaches to your idea (not necessarily better) for more thinking - because imagining builds is a fun thing:

Grimtools: Same idea with more NB and an alternate devotion path

  • you don’t really need Ghoul if you can keep % phys resist and adcth high enough
  • since you are a casting build (DEE) you want more %CS which also means more energy
  • once you get around ~2k% damage, the returns on % investment are reduced
  • your armor absorb % is a bit low
  • Imho Fang profits more than Torrent from your conversions
  • You can offset much of the WD loss by the added flat RR.
  • Oleron’s might synergizes nicely with Possession for DR on tough bosses imho.
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Interesting devotion path - I’ll have to think about that. The turtle is one of my favorites, and synergizes nicely with scales. I’m up to lvl 65, so maybe by next weekend, I’ll have this figured out :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the -RR% to Veil of Shadow only applies if there is at least 1 point added to Night’s Chill? :thinking:

At lvl 97, and only through Kreig on Ultimate - I decided to try the SR. Made it through 51 with only 1 death, but I feel is going to be very difficult from here as the OA is just too low and bosses like the Iron Maiden take forever to beat. Doom bolt isn’t carrying it’s weight with big hits as it doesn’t crit enough. DEE spam works great, especially on a console where precise aiming can be difficult.

Of course, main game content is quite easy so far and odds are, it will never be an issue.

The ember set seems to require too much Physique to be able to put a lot of points into other skills - even with maxing out both NB & Occultist.

I tried a few devotion paths, and I think finding one where I can reduce physique requirements for armor and boost OA a bit more might be necessary.

Switched out one of the fangs for bloodsworn scepter.
Switched CoF for Sigil of Consumption.

SR 65 is now doable without any deaths. Need to finish the main game for the extra points now. I don’t see any issues forthcoming with Lokarr or Clones. We’ll see how the others go.

I hope you assigned a skill to Eldridge Fire in Solael’s Witchblade.

Yep, it’s bound to the Sigil.

Still tweaking as I play, but here’s the latest version: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Still playing main game and trying to balance NB stats with total skill points - so not done tweaking This version took out Gargabol in just a few seconds on each form and has no problem with SR 65/66. Haven’t tried higher yet since there’s more points to get from other quests.

Good to know. I asked because I have been tweaking more than one character and left a devotion unassigned.

I have only made two characters that can go beyond SR 65 so great job. I am currently retuning a deceiver which I think can run SR65 easily, but I am lacking the time to play enough this month.

Managed SR 75/76 with 0 deaths before work today. It wasn’t easy as on 76 I drew Alekasander, Grava, Kuba, Gonzar.

I still can’t figure out if I want higher Sigal/Blood of Dreeg with less NB/Attributes or the other way around.

Current version: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

RRs from Revenant and Scales are not stack, you better drop 1 to get Abomination.