Feedback - please add option for something more challenging

I understand that game is in EA and endgame is not there, so I assume that:

  1. Food stuff gets balanced (like hunter is way better than fisher and also gives hides and tallow, or that barns are number 1 food makers even while bugged and that fruit pickers are a joke)
  2. Production volumes/effort/consumption gets adjusted - like how some things are so easy to make and there is no demand for them e.g 1 potter can provide for 200 people while you need 12-18 sawmill workers etc.
  3. Trading prices/goods/quanities get balanced - mostly due to previous thing - you can make billions with some easy to get stuff and buy almost everything, e.g. digging clay is max 50 per year, making bricks is ~40 per year, while I can make some other cheep stuff and buy everything.
  4. Random sicknesses actually do something and YOU can do something about it. Currently you just get some herbs and turn off ilness notifications. Build healers house and turn it off at best. and forget about it.

Maybe if all above things are ok, it might be a bit more challenging, but still the biggest miss currently is with raiders - they pose no threat, no challenge. You can even ignore them until level 3, then they start killing buildings. But to kill them takes a couple of towers, very disappointing.

Please make a start option that is HARD, where you have to think about choices you make and face consequences, wehere you have to micromanage otherwise you fail, currently its such a faceroll that choices are irrelevant and it gets boring as soon as you get to level 3-4 and progression stops.

There are some differences between the food stuff, though. Hunters require weapons, arrows, and animals to actually be present. One of my maps I didn’t have a lot of animals and mostly lived off of fish. Fruit trees are basically free and help with Scurvy.

Would be good to have more starting options/maps/difficulty config. I don’t think most people are finding the game faceroll or rolling in billions of money, though.

Which difficulty were you playing on?

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