Feedback & Suggestions

First of i really like the game, it shows its quality. I don’t have much feedback on thighs to change but rather what i like to see in the future :slight_smile:

1: Really like to see some custom settings for map generation, like if you want more mountains or river or deep frost and less resources etc.
More custom options in form of sliders or something alike.

2: The it’s easier to build houses on slopes, so you don’t have to use the plain tool every time. Would like so, you need to plain when building larger buildings, but as in real life many houses are build on slopes.

3: Make more models/Small changes to houses/buildings so there are more variation when build. Same with people.

4: After a few plays i “think” most people play on higher speed settings, and its all cool, but when you do the seasons skip very fast and i think we miss out on some of the season beauty in the game.

So an option/slider to change how long a season/year is in the game.
Personally i really like to FEEL the winter. As its is now, its just something that is there but not really make me feel the impact :slight_smile:

1: playthrough variation, as it is now when you start a new game they are more or less always done in the same way every time. Not much change on HOW you play.

So what i would like to see is more game events and points of interest on the map.

Events like earthquakes that change the landscape a bit, animal dens moving into areas, deers coming and going in deep forest areas, small bandit camps scattered on the map that you need to take care off before you can build near it.
A few hidden chests etc. Something that change the games up a bit and changes in every game.

2: More water things, like maps with rivers, large/deep fishing areas or by boat, sea trading, bridges etc.

3: Exploration outside your valley, and option to send out explorers the search for food/resources/trusses and comeback some time after depending on how long you send them out.

Maybe use same mechanic with barracks/soldiers, so you can send them out to raid and bring back spoilers. That will also make for and interesting mechanic when you keep your soldiers home to defence or send them out. As not they are just there waiting and nothing more :slight_smile: