[Feedback] Tainted Power AAR's transmutor should be reworked

As a lot of experienced players know that Chaos is the weakest damage type in the game. Many reasons behind that and one of them is poor support from masteries. I wanted to draw your attention to “Tainted Power” transmutor of Albrecht’s Aether Ray.


Chaos AAR is a thing and is supported by a dedicated Black Flame set. However, you have to use this transmutor to enable Chaos AAR. And as you can see, it transmutes Lightning damage to Vitality for some reason. It looks like relic of the past. Because it has been long known that builds on two damage types are almost never good. So please, change it to Chaos to. It gimps Chaos AAR builds tremendously for no good reason.

So, should conversion be changed to full Chaos?

    • Yes, change the conversion to full Chaos
    • No, it’s fine as it is

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I’d rather buff the auxiliary skills first. CoF chaos RR (please zantai please), then let’s see what happens. Clairvoyant is superb even with its lightning also converted into vit. So I think the other chaos skills need to be better first before we consider tainted power changes.


I agree with x1.
If this idea is approved, the FoI transmuter should be changed as well.

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Ah FoI, the ugly little duckling version of the beautiful swan called AAR.

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@mad_lee why you hate FoI so much
the same situation
but you don’t write aniting about it

Seems to be a theme Crate clings on to: Very often pairing Chaos damage also with Vitality damage. I cannot see the point / lore background here.

Really… there is nothing in the lore that makes you go hmmmmmmmmmmm? Nothing?

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Yes, some things. One among them would be the mentioned chaos/vitality coupling…

Or you know, this guy…

…perhaps being responsible for your very existence, your very blood, your very… vitality?

Hm, alright. We got the lore here. STill, it´s quite inconvenient. I mean:

  • coupling piercing with physical: Nice, since pierce is derived from physical anyway and can make use of it due to the conversion
  • coupling bleeding with physical: Nice, since Bleeding alone would mean: No AdctH.
  • coupling aether with lightning: Well, at least they share the same -RR devotions
  • coupling fire with chaos: partially same here. Plus the Hellfire Mines and all.
  • but coupling Vitality with Chaos… Where´s the synergy here?

I think the question is where isn’t the synergy here? Considering that it’s everywhere.

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You mean aside from the mountains of gear, shared corner of the devotion map and all of the skills that support both damage types?

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Yeah, maybe I do not think of the gear you´re thinking of, but:
An item or constellation that has both %chaos and %vitality on it does not help much. I need to be able to convert one into another. I played a pyromancer once, converting both those damages into fire. Nice. But Dying god does not help much here and I cannot think of another build synergizing those damages that well. Feel free to enlighten me.

Counter point: make it full vitality instead, and have the black flame + a few MIs (think the new Yugol dungeon) convert it to chaos. Or vice versa.

although, with Lunal’valgoth’s girdle + Leafmane Trophy + Korvan Pauldrons you can get a fancy amount of elemental->vitality conversion going already.

And the hardest damage type to gain RR for combined with the damage type that you need the most RR for because of enemy vit resists. Two RRs also only found together in absolutely token quantities on a couple items and with no shared mastery.

Vit resist yes. But vitality is hard to come by rr for? Around 140 should be possible. I’d give that etiquette to piercing…

It’s not that straightforward imo. But again, Lee (and I) are referring to end game specs

Chaos/vit AAR should be good enough for most content.

Good luck finding sufficent skill points :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s relative. Enemies have much lower pierce res than they have vit res.

You called?


Can someone please share the crucible\sr clear time comparisons for Aether (non devastation preferably) and Chaos (with end game gear ofc)
I don’t have any AAR build with an end game setup to test things out for myself.

Like the 6:30 Tainted Power AAR endgame build Lee himself posted? That ain’t exactly the most compelling argument for Tainted Power being in need of a buff. :thinking: If the Vitality component is that underwhelming, I’d rather see it tinkered with (whether on Black Flame or elsewhere) than outright removed.

you take it up to Zantai. I’ve done too much arguing on the ideas and feedback section already.

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